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    Duck the Great Western Engine (Thomas & Friends)

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    Generic Pointers

    Duck the Great Western Engine
    "There are two ways of doing it, the normal way, or the Great Western Way".
    Type: Fan Favorite T&F Character
    Species: Sentient Train
    Portrayed by: Steven Kynman (US/UK)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Thomas & Friends

    Duck is a Great Western Engine from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. He is a green pannier tank engine. Duck runs his own branch line with Oliver. He holds great pride in being Great Western and this results in him having a strong work ethic.

    Why He Does things the Great Western Way

    1. Along with Thomas the Tank Engine, Edward the Blue Engine, Percy The Small Green Engine, and Emily the Stirling Engine, he is not only one of the most Iconic Engines, but he is a major fan favorite.
    2. The reason why fans like him is because he is (the original) number 8, and he has a quirky personality.
    3. He always wants to prove himself to be a really useful engine on Sodor.
    4. Steve Kynman does an amazing job voicing Duck.
    5. He has had his share of unforgettable crashes on the show, including the infamous crash in "A Close Shave.”
    6. Like Henry and James, he has crossed the goodness zone a handful of times.
    7. The name “Duck” truly fits his name as he waddles whenever he moves on Sodor.
    8. His rivalry with Devious Diesel in the early days of the series during is very good of having them, what with them being archenemies (though it's a shame that it wasn't shown in the Andrew Brenner era as both engines didn't interact together in the CGI era).
    9. He returned in the series in season 17 and would stay. This made fans very happy as he was never seen at all in previous seasons.
    10. As pointless as his cameos were in season 12, it was nonetheless great to see Duck animated in CG for the first time after being absent from Season 8-11, Calling All Engines, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
    11. He has an amazing engine design with a good color of green painted.
    12. He is a great representation of autistic characters.

    Not-So-Great Western Qualities

    1. He was never seen at all in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, seasons 8-11, or Seasons 13-16 at all. He just made pointless cameos in season 12 (and one in season 8).
    2. He is occasionally a punching bag.
    3. There are some times when he can be a an arrogant stickler for doing things the Great Western way. This was thankfully fixed as of season 22 (though it was a bit too late).


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