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    Draq (F-Zero)
    "Is there anyone who doesn't want to become an F-Zero racer?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Fan of F-Zero
    Age: 137
    Species: Goblin creature
    Portrayed by: English:
    Walter Roberts (F-Zero GX)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: F-Zero

    Draq is a minor character Nintendo's F-Zero franchise. He is a large goblin-like creature who is a huge fan of F-Zero. He is pilot #27, and drives the Mighty Typhoon.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Draq has an interesting backstory for his racing career; he and Roger Buster discovered two F-Zero machines with no delivery tag on them, so Draq had the great idea of using them in the F-Zero races so they can find the owners. He also plans to share any of his victories with Roger.
    2. If Draq was to win the F-Zero Grand Prix, he plans to sign autographs, shake hands, and give lectures to others. He also mentions that he forgot to get Captain Falcon's autograph.
    3. Even to his rivals, Draq is willing to go one more lap with them, anytime.
    4. He plans to use his prize money to buy F-Zero machines, and make an F-Zero museum.
    5. Draq practices F-Zero races on his computer game, which is his method of training.
      • His profile video also shows his playing a race on his TV, but he loses to James McCloud.
    6. Draq is known to idloize other racers like The Skull and Silver Neelsen (despite being older than Silver himself).
    7. Being a large fan, he might take up F-Zero racing full time.
    8. His [theme song] is decent.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His voice is very gruff and bad sounding.
    2. The Mighty Typhoon has poor Grip stat.
    3. He plays no true role in F-Zero GX's Story Mode, only appearing briefly with Roger Buster.
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