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    Drake and Josh
    "Hug me, brotha!"
    — Josh
    Gender: Males
    Type: Hilarious, Lovable, and Loyal Brothers
    Age: Both:
    13 (Unaired Pilot)
    15 (Season 1)
    16 (Season 2)
    17 (Season 3)
    18 (Season 4)
    19 (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh)
    14 (Season 1)
    15 (Season 2)
    16 (Season 3)
    17 (Season 4)
    18 (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh)
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Drake Bell
    Josh Peck
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Drake & Josh
    First appearance: Pilot
    Last appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

    Drake Jared Parker and Josh Nichols are step-brothers and the titular main protagonists of the TV series Drake & Josh. They are the older brother/step-brother of Megan Parker and the sons/step-sons of Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols. They lived with their family in Alonzo Avenue, California. Drake seems to be a ladies man, however, the dates and girlfriends he’s had always seems to leave him because of the mistakes he makes. Josh on the other hand, is normally the smart one that isn’t a ladies man. Mindy Crenshaw is Drake’s enemy, the only girl he never likes, but is Josh’s former enemy and frenemy, as she is now his best friend and current girlfriend, and he has a crush on her, started the day she came back (in Mindy’s Back), which still lasts.

    Why They Love To Hug Each Other

    1. Despite their sibling rivalry, they love and care for each other very much and they can't live without one another.
    2. They have different personalities from each other. For example, Drake is the cool kid who's a ladies man and a musician while Josh is the smart guy of the duo who likes to play video games and do magic tricks.
    3. The flashback on how Drake and Josh first met each other as kids in the "Foam Finger" episode was pretty well done since it depicts different circumstances from their point-of-views.
    4. While Drake and Josh don't get along with Megan, they occasionally show care for her. In the "Megan's First Kiss" episode, they tried to save Megan from Corey as they told her that he's dating Monica, much to their concern. In the same episode, she tells them that loves and cares for her brothers very much and they love and care for her too.
    5. In "Josh is Done", Josh temporarily cut ties with Drake as the latter admitted that he needs the former more than he needs him.
    6. They have a lot of great moments. Their moment in the last scene of "Really Big Shrimp" is a throwback to The Amanda Show, which was pretty clever. And who could forget the scene where Drake and Josh fought in a pool filled with Chocolate Milk in "The Bet" and where the said duo were stuck in a treehouse? These scenes were also pretty funny too.
    7. They have lots of memorable quotes that never get old like "SPHERICAL!", "Whoa just take it easy, man!", "You callin' me a liar?!", "I ain't callin' you a truther" and the famous "Hug me brotha!".

    Bad Qualities

    1. They get into fights which, while funny to most fans of the show, can get annoying pretty fast.
    2. Drake can be a little mean-spirited towards Josh.
    3. Not even Josh is immune to the bad qualities too. He can be a little cowardly sometimes. For example, in "Paging Dr. Drake", when the barbell crushed his foot, he hid his injury so that he wouldn't have to go to the hospital, much to his fear of hospitals.


    • Drake & Josh are based on their real life counter parts Drake Bell and Josh Peck respectively.


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