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    Dr. Strangeglove
    Dr. Strangeglove's video game appearance.png


    The doctor will see you now.....
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mysterious Antagonist (in-game)
    Comedic Monger (movie)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ashley Slater
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Moshi Monsters

    "I'll show those Super Moshis! Muahahahahaha! Oh yes, nasty. Today, Monstro City, tomorrow, the world, huhohahaa, the WORLD! HahahahahaHAA!"
    Dr. Strangeglove at the end of his song

    Dr. Strangeglove is the main antagonist of Moshi Monsters series. In the games, he was once a frustrated entertainer and founding member of C.L.O.N.C. (aka Criminal League of Naughty Critters). However, in the movie, he's a tyrannical doctor who was a former Doctor of Moshlingology who served as a Sinister Minister in the gloomy days of the Glunge Age, and he now seeks to turn all Moshlings into Glumps since a Musky Husky bit off his hand, as a result of this horrid event he was subjected to, he now plans to take over the world and conquer Monstro City.

    Why He's Sneaky, Sly, and Shifty

    1. His character design is very diverse and creative, as it stands out from other characters that are basically blobs, shapes, anthropomorphic animals, or resembling realistic animals like puppies for example. He also looks like a potential character that could've been easily added in a classic Rayman game, especially with the proportions of his design, and the way he's animated easily gives off the vibe.
      • His design is also a good example of how a mysterious villain is supposed to look (albeit in a cartoony fashion), where his outfit and lack of physical appearance make him look intriguing by appearance.
    2. In the games, he once worked for the harsh C.L.O.N.C leader, who constantly belittled Strangeglove for his 'supposed incompetence and worthlessness, Strangeglove then quit working for him and went on to start his own career, making him much more resilient and intelligent than being some pathetically mindless servant.
      • After he stopped working for the C.L.O.N.C leader, he's depicted as a temperamental yet mysterious magician who is also a criminal mastermind, twisted inventor, and a frustrated entertainer.
    3. In the movie, he is a humorous parody of stereotypical 'tyrannical mad scientists' from cartoons, movies, and shows from the past, making him very entertaining as a villain.
    4. Ashley Slater did a fantastic job with voicing him throughout. Where his in-game version first had a harsh tone of voice with bombastic laughter, his movie version has a boisterous but elegant (and sometimes subtle) tone and a certain vocal range to his French-sounding voice in comparison to his slightly limited dialogue in the game. You can just tell that he had a lot of fun with the role he was given, especially when he rolls his rs, much like a beloved cartoon incarnation of an iconic supervillain who's also an underhanded mad scientist.
    5. Speaking of WHR#3, his personality in the movie would probably make you view Dr. Strangeglove as an admirable parody of cartoonishly evil villains from the 20th century like King K. Rool from the 90s Donkey Kong Country cartoon and the aforementioned Dr. Ivo Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, the latter moreso. Especially because of their extremely comedic nature in how they speak/act and how much of a sinister threat they really are outside of coming off as goofy, petty, angry, and hammy. Dr. Strangeglove is a much more well-written and less busy version of these lovable villains when it comes to how he's written.
    6. His very own music number in the movie, gives him a lot more personality to work with. As he is proactive, determined, and shows off his dastardly underhanded schemes that are much more than just "schemes" as he puts it, and he has a villainous but zealous drive to turn the moshlings into his mindless slaves in order to conquer Monstro City and as a way to defeat the moshlings.
    7. Speaking of personality, he is also quite sophisticated. As he tells Fishlips the fact that Strangeglove's schemes are Machiavellian masterpieces compared to everyday, typical "schemes".
    8. In the movie; his villainous motive, while a little petty, is understandable. As he hates the Moshlings since a moshling bit off his right hand, making him replace it with a purple robotic hand and he becomes vengeful towards the Moshlings as he seeks to destroy their very species and conquer Monstro City because of this horrible event Strangeglove received, having a personal vendetta against him for this injury.
    9. Despite being a magical, over-the-top parody of a tyrannical scientist who uses fear and terrorism to his advantage, he also has a slightly affable and empathetic aspect to his character. Whenever Furi calls him "Lavender Troggs", even though he dislikes being called by his real name, there were times when he feels ashamed and feels weakness in an emotional context, making him have true emotions and not being completely shady or one-dimensional about it makes him all the more genuine & innately human.

    Bad Qualities

    1. As mentioned above, his excuse for villainy is somewhat understandable and somewhat petty. As he wants to destroy all of the Moshlings and their home just because of a moshling bit off his hand, hence his name "Dr. Strangeglove".
    2. He had one hypocritical moment. Which was when he yelled at his subordinate, Fishlips, for his rambling and slobbering when Strangeglove lambasted Fishlips while also slobbering.


    • He was inspired by the infamous Dr. Strangelove from the movie Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned How to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb from 1964.
    • Although he does not appear in the first mission in the game, in person, you can see his house and a ripped piece of his coat on his costume.



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