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    Dr. Robotnik (SuperSonicJoseph)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Swearing and more

    Dr. Robotnik (SuperSonicJoseph)
    “Shaddup! I'm trying to relax here by the Masters of Science!”
    Gender: Male
    Type: Egotistical Nerdy Scientist
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017), SSJ Series (The 2017-19 Era)

    Dr. Ivo Robotnik, otherwise referred to as Eggman, is a secondary main character, anti-hero, and the main antagonist of The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017) and the SuperSonicJoseph series from the web channel SuperSonicJoseph (currently named Joseph Sanford).


    He is an obese, skinny-limbed, bald nerd with glasses, an unkempt brown mustache, and a red and black bodysuit who is known for his obsession with science and often loves causing trouble and striving to be fearsome despite how pathetic he is, he is Sonic's arch-nemesis and has become a frenemy of his.


    He is a ridiculously lazy archenemy of Sonic that always has a plan that strives for "Universal Domination" towards the Animal Kingdom (or even the universe), but always fails every time because of his endless overconfidence, reckless habits, and his clownishly nerdy nature for anyone to not take any of his villainy seriously. Despite this, he has two henchmen who still continue to serve him and put up with him.

    Robotnik himself is naturally lazy, carelessly insensitive & ruthless, and impulsively belligerent whenever he is short-tempered (often because of being annoyed by Sonic's trespassing friends who poke fun at him and often bug him a lot). While he is an evil genius by heart, he can be very ditzy, clumsy, bumbling, prone to anger, irrational/childish most of the time (though not to Mickey's or Bowser's extent of sheer idiocy), and one of the biggest punching bags of the series, although there are a fair amount of times when he can come off as a true threat as he did strike back at other characters with violence done by some good timing or because of Eggman's moments that shined with being cunning & aggressive.

    Why He Rocks

    1. His personality feels like a cartoonishly villainous, vicious, lazy, ineffective, silly, and eccentric obese "mad-scientist" embodiment of both, Chef Pee Pee and Squidward Tentacles as an evil-personified sadist character. Especially since they both share strong similarities with being unfortunate, having plenty of extremely sarcastic/sassy moments in a comedic context, being subjected to tons of humiliating events due to having the worst luck, often getting angry at others for bothering him & making fun of him, being easily irritated about the messes and problems Sonic & friends cause to the point of expressing his complaints & feelings about it, and always being pestered by other characters he finds annoying for their sadistic and provocative behavior; Sonic T. Junior, for example, is a kid whom Eggman calls a "chain-sawing bastard" because of his often destructive and mischievous antics.
      • He also has some shades of Plankton and Boom Eggman as well, as they share a similarity of slowly becoming frenemies because of their ineffectual status despite their single-minded goals and having jerkish traits because of their lifestyle, environments, and whatnot.
    2. His extremely memorable obsession for science can be very entertaining to watch, especially for how over-the-top and insane he can get.
    3. He is often fond of villainy since he often has many plans for defeating Sonic, and he has strong pride in technology & hedonism because of his zeal and power-hungry nature; all to the point of referring to himself as the "king/lord/master of science" like an entitled little kid. Despite this, he is often so inept for anyone to take him seriously as a villain, and his levels of incompetence & humiliation are often played for comedic value. This is all done in a yet entertaining fashion.
    4. His accident-prone and fallible traits are also entertaining to watch. Especially since his luckless and bumbling yet ridiculous, energetic antics can be pretty fun to watch, which can sometimes reach Wile E. Coyote's levels of being a comedically ill-starred antagonist.
      • His failed inventions and/or unintentional mistakes that'd create fun situations for other characters can be considered to be a charming aspect of his failures and shortcomings.
    5. Despite being a completely pathetic failure for a villain, his moments of being comedically a threat or being competent as a villain are often glorious and satisfying to watch.
      • Examples of this include videos like "SSJ Plush Adventure: Robotnik's Laboratory!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Trapped!" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Plan E-Vision!" (the latter having many scenes of him getting back at Mickey in many violent & intense ways aside from Eggman toying around with Sonic & the gang from his own tv).
      • There were also videos when it shows how Robotnik can get very wrathful and aggressive to the point of being somewhat menacing on occasion due to his violence and aggression as seen in videos like "Eggman gets Necked" and "Eggman's Complete Rage" (kind of like Dr. Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog).
    6. His nerdy, short-tempered, egotistical, sarcastic, and clumsy tendencies can be very comical to watch, especially since he is very much a goofy "villain-wannabe".
    7. Many of his humiliating defeats and comeuppances are very funny, over-the-top, and cartoonish in terms of energy and action sequences that of a wacky slapstick cartoon seen in Tom and Jerry and/or SpinDashPro, for example.
    8. He can be viewed as relatable sometimes, especially when his pitiful nature can make him somewhat sympathetic to an extent (i.e. "Eggman the Unlucky Genius" is a video that has an implication of Eggman having nightmares & manic delusions over his titular arch-nemesis and "Eggman gets Necked" has everyone slapping him on the back of his neck for little to no reason as he gets more infuriated by the fact that the concept of "necking" other people even exists).
      • He has an entire video dedicated to himself on RobotnikZentric titled "UnEGGceptable", which is a comedic SSJ-styled short that further shows how much of a grouchy and reclusive person he is since he views Sonic and friends' pestering nature as merely unacceptable to what his preferences are, which makes Robotnik wrathful of them. This can possibly show where Eggman's villainous and malicious motives come from since he just wants to enjoy his day doing nothing but sleep whereas Sonic and his friends would continue pestering and bothering him for no good reason, making him complain a lot about what his lifestyle is like.
    9. Despite being the main antagonist, he often joins in the fun with Sonic's activities whenever he doesn't feel miserable or does anything malicious. This makes him likable as a frenemy to Sonic, especially in videos where he is depicted as an anti-hero or a genuinely supportive person despite being an extremely lazy villain. Videos that include "SSL Short: The New House! Part 1-2", "Where's Sonic?", "SSL Movie: New Year's Eve!", and "SSL Short: Back to California!! Part 1". As these episodes depict him as a genius who is on the side of Sonic & friends, who also promptly warns them of the situation and uses his levels of intelligence to keep everyone safe and at ease.
      • Whenever he's not being incredibly antipathic, competitive, power-hungry, sadistic, evil, and villainous, as well as being moody and unexpected with his villainy or being scapegoated by everyone, he used to, and still has; an underrated frenemy-style relationship with Sonic throughout both shows he starred in. From episodes like "SSL Short: Sonic and Eggman Play Ping-Pong!!", "SSL Short: The Sleepover!", "SSL Movie: The Room!", "SSL Short: Another Sleepover!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Teleporting!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: A Secret Coincidence!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic and Robotnik's KINDA Stressful Day!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Teleporting!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Secret Room!", and "SSJ Plush Short: Let's Tennis!". All of which shows that he doesn't think of Sonic as a pest, but more of a worthy frenemy on the outside and quite a faithful friend on the inside.
    10. Despite being a very sociopathic attention-seeker and a crime lord, the episode "SSL Movie: The Rat Problem!!" shows how much he actually cares for his pet rat, as he went through the efforts of beating up Sonic senseless for attempting to kill it, and for Robotnik to perform surgery on it; which worked and Robotnik treats it with such love and care, this oddly heartwarming scene makes him seem strangely endearing and cute, all in a good way that makes you like him more than needed.
      • He even went to the effort with taking care of Sonic in the episode "SSL Short: Robotnik the Nurse!". As he is seen nurturing Sonic, his own arch-nemesis that we mind you, when Sonic got ill while in Robotnik's lair. This, in fact, makes him seem like Robotnik is more than just some "ruthless scientist", and something of a tsundere.
        • He does this again in the episode "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic's Voice Problem!", where Sonic and Sonic T. Junior both get hiccups, and they come to him as the only person they think would help them with the predicament.
        • In fact, it's shown that in the episode "SSL Movie: Robotniks New Life!"; suggests that Robotnik, if he wanted to remain on the side of good, he needed to be amnesiac and then he can potentially be a heroic person that is purely selfless and supportive from the heart, it's his sense of thinking that makes him out to be the person that he is today.
    11. He provides lots of enjoyable quotes, these include:
      • "Robotnik, Mmmadness!"
      • "You messed with the wrong piece of science fool!"
      • "Yeah! I'm still alive due to the masters of science!"
      • "That chain-sawing bastard!!"
      • "Impotent oafs, welcome, to my world of pain. Such as; The Bad Puns: That's How I Roll Show. I can torture you as good as my sight of an eagle, definitely!!! Get ready for my cavalcade of insanity, while you have little time to survive, 'hasta la vista, dullards!!"
      • "What did THAT mean in the first place?!"

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be unlikeable or bland, often acting like a jerk because of being 'lazy & hedonistic', or being presented as a typically ineffectual 'Saturday morning cartoon villain' in Plushtubing form.
    2. There are times when his obsessions with science make him rather homicidal, psychotic, and delusional.
    3. Despite being a supposed intellectual; he is a "Ditzy Genius" type of villain. This means that he seems to be a genius and also has a "common-sense handicap" since he is so lazy and inefficient that he can be rather impulsive, make idiotic decisions due to arrogance, and is prone to blabbering about his advantages; all to the point of Sonic and his friends interrupting him by cartoonishly pouncing onto him and physically tormenting him for his delusions of grandeur.
      • As revealed in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Plankton The Mastermind!", he happens to have $202,000,000 he was successfully given to by Plankton, and it's a shame that he's an evil genius that mostly lacks common sense since he chooses to stay in his bunkbed fortress, buy a piece of furniture that cost $1,000, and not go anywhere else instead of using all that money for anything else!
    4. He is the series' Butt-Monkey. Especially when many videos depict him as the continual butt of the many jokes about being abused & ridiculed by literally everything and everyone, recurring examples of these include Sonic and his friends' love to (verbally and physically) humiliate him for simply being a villain; which can be the very reason why he antagonizes them from time to time.
      • Even towards others like Bricko (Eggman's henchman who Eggman tends to mistreat for little to no reason) verbally and/or physically, and even Mickey (who has done stuff worse than Robotnik!), examples of this can be found in episodes like "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's 11th Birthday!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Pests from Eggman's West!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic's Voice Problem!" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Stuck'ed", to name a few.
      • His Butt-Monkey status plays out like this:
        • He either deserves what's coming to him for his malicious behavior as the villain in videos like "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Cadre and the Thundery!" & "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Spring!".
        • Sometimes, it would be out of his control like in "SSJ Plush Short: Mario's Stupidness!", "SSJ Plush Short: Eggman gets Necked!" and especially "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!",
        • Or it would just be downright unfair & cruel towards him, as he gets tormented even though he didn't do anything antagonistic yet like the episode "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Laser!" (where Sonic was depicted as a Karma-Houdini type of prankster who instigated the conflict by messing with Eggman in the first place where Eggman was going to kill Sonic for going too far but was protected by Junior and got away scot-free {learning nothing}, as Eggman was getting beaten up by Junior) and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Eggman's Headache!" (where he had to put up with the troublesome shenanigans of Sonic's friends and to have a headache too, which makes him too sympathetic for an "antagonist").
    5. Because of being the series' punching bag and a mostly comic-relief villain, he is hard to take seriously (most of the time) due to how comedic, clumsy, inefficient, and childish he generally is.
    6. While his humorous traits are often entertaining, they can get stale at times.
      • Albeit done for comedic purposes, in 2017-18, he often can swear a lot and sometimes use a lot of slurs in a comedic context.
        • Alongside Sonic, Sonic T. Junior and Scoobo, he can have some dialogue that can be considered outdated (if not cheesy) or just incoherent on occasion (much like many other characters).



    • His eyebrows would sometimes be expressed with a double-jointed thumb that'd bend into a V shape whenever he's angry or giving the brow.
    • Robotnik is one of the many major characters that are considered to be fan-favorites as shown here.


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