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    Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

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    Note: This will only talk about his incarnation from the cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Click here for the page that discusses Dr. Eggman in the games (and other portrayals of Eggman in comics, etc). This page is dedicated to John William "Long John" Baldry, may he rest in peace.

    Eggman (AOSTH)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Egotistical and Wrathful Scientist
    Age: 40s or 50s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: John William "Long John" Baldry
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
    First appearance: Best Hedgehog
    Last appearance: Hero of the Year

    Robotnik is... to me the perfect image of self-love. He's not perfect, he's imperfect... his full-blown belief in himself. He is actually extremely excited by the fact that he exists, and the fact the others do not feel the same way simply spurs him on to greater heights of villainy. He is jealous of the hedgehog -- 'why should he get the applause? Give it to Robotnik!' He really believes in his own romantic self and... I don't know if I'm getting too adult here but in his own sexiness, "Animation's sexiest fat man".Milton Knight describes Robotnik's narcissism as a part of his character.

    Dr. Ivo Robotnik, is the main antagonist of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog series. He's a human scientist with an IQ of 300 and dreams of dominating Mobius, but his constant plots to conquer Mobius are always thwarted by Sonic and his friends like Tails, Professor Von Schlemmer, Professor Caninestein, and many more to list.

    Robitnik has a more comical "evil genius" persona than any other interpretation of the character. Rather than being the sadistic misanthrope that he is in the video games and other shows, in AoStH however, he is more of a comedic foil for Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends to poke fun at for his incompetence and pompous ego.


    He has an abusive mother who raised Robotnik to be a lying scoundrel and to never tell the truth, practically raising him to become what he is today; this was also revealed in "Zoobotnik" as Momma Robotnik spanked Robotnik for telling the truth about what went wrong. As the verbal and physically demeaning abuse he receives from his mother was what raised him to be evil. And he has a mentally unstable cousin who Eggman sent him to the World of Confusion for Warpnik's sheer insanity.

    Robotnik became the villain that he is today ever since he was a teenager due to having a personal vendetta over Lucas being a love interest for Lucidina, a woman Robotnik loved and desired to be married to since he was a teenager, who cared more about Lucas and wanted nothing to do with Robotnik whatsoever. This led to Robotnik trapping him in a cage for thirty years and beginning his villainous career.

    He created a squad of his own called the S.S.S.S. Squad, which has an organization that includes many robots of his own that were "hired" to catch and subdue Sonic the Hedgehog singlehandedly, where Robotnik would destroy Sonic himself. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are his most notable members that are infamous for screwing up at catching Sonic, this is one of the biggest reasons his plans backfire and one of the biggest reasons why he mistreats the aforementioned trio through physical assault and verbal abuse. It's taken to the point where Robotnik's strongest weak points are taken to a fault are his extreme levels of arrogance and his countless shortcomings with defeating Sonic due to his fair share of mental lapses behind his actions like how he almost always places the blame for any failure on his underlings or anyone than himself. It's quite clear that Robotnik is not the smartest character or at the very least, not the most effective character in this show due to how much he is lacking in some level of common sense and showing a huge level of incompetence while still being all-knowing in robotology, wordplay, science, and self-image. Nonetheless, he is a cowardly and childish but still a very evil man, betraying everyone whenever he can yet still trying to lie his way out of situations by promising wealth and fortune for compliance. It is often made very clear that he would do whatever it takes to rule the planet of Mobius, even if it means the suffering of those around him.

    Despite the comedic tone of his character to enforce the series' style of 'absurd fun' like Robotnik's humorous insults, hammy mannerisms, sarcastic wit, and constant failures to achieve most of his plans, Robotnik has demonstrated that he was capable of being threatening despite being inefficient, angry, childish and a very goofy villain. Notable cases of these include the episode "Mass Transit Trouble"; which involved him sabotaging mass transit systems all across Mobius with bombs that'd kill everyone and such to the point that Sonic couldn't save everyone at once. He also has kidnapped plenty of Mobian people, most notably Tails and Professor Von Schlemmer. Robotnik either forced them to create a weapon to use against Sonic, or made death threats to further Eggman's goals. There were times when he can be violent, aggressive, or belligerent when he needs to be as seen in episodes like "Sonic's Breakout" and "Super Robotnik" for example, all because of how wrathful, egotistical and short-tempered he can be, showing how much of a formidable streak he has if he isn't being pathetic or whenever Sonic isn't hindering Eggman.

    Why He Has Every Right to Hate That Hedgehog

    1. As the very first depiction of Eggman to be seen on television, his portrayal as an egotistical, tyrannical, self-serving, underhanded, and humorous mad scientist with a pompous attitude and personal hatred towards Sonic is extremely entertaining, funny, and unforgettable, and is by far, the most memeable/fan-favorite incarnation of Eggman ever made (alongside the more recent Snapcube Fan-Dubs Eggman provided by Alfred Coleman).
    2. He is an entertainingly over-the-top villain who felt fairly dominant, passionate and powerful, yet still human and fallible.
    3. Despite him often being the flamboyant, hotheaded, frustrated, and hare-brained comic foil to Sonic and his friends when Eggman has an "Elmer Fudd vs Bugs Bunny" type of relationship with Sonic, there were episodes that have let Eggman have his glorious moments of nearly succeeding at his plans and being somewhat of a threat outside his generally bumbling, childish and ridiculous nature (i.e. "Super Eggman" is a prime example).
      • Speaking of which, he follows the logic of Yosemite Sam and Daffy Duck in the 50s in a more cartoonish and villainous way in the role of a "humorous evil scientist", which goes on par with their levels of charm. As Eggman is a sympathetic Love To Hate type of villain you want to see what's coming to him, but also want him to overrule Sonic for defeating him all the time.
    4. Despite every one of his shortcomings and flaws, Eggman shows certain degrees of brilliance, as he is known for coming up with cunning plans to torture anyone or getting an advantage over Mobians, such as his somehow perfect disguises.
    5. His exaggeratedly mean-spirited personality perfectly fits Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog’s tone of "absurd fun".
      • He may be greedy and self-serving, but these traits are presented in a really goofy and humorous manner that makes him easy to root for, much like Robbie Rotten or Dick Dastardly. It can also be considered a breath of fresh air from all the "goody-two-shoes" heroes like Sonic and Tails.
    6. Long John Baldry did an awesome and brilliantly entertaining job voicing him. You can just tell that he enjoyed voicing him by providing a comically hammy tone to Eggman's raspy British-sounding voice, making Robotnik incredibly expressive and exuberant whenever he expresses distress, misery, concern, zeal, sarcasm, sass, deceit, fury, joy, excitement, and pensive thought.
      • He has a very unique vocal characteristic, placing a lot of emphasis on his speech, most notably rolling all his "R"s.
      • The babbles, yells, laughs, growls, grunts, and groans he makes are just as amazing to listen to and perfectly fit Eggman's comedic traits.
      • Whenever he sings, it's like he does opera and it makes sense since Long John Baldry was one of the many vocalists to sing the blues in clubs.
    7. He is the only version of Eggman whose design looks very inspired by Wally Walrus from The Woody Woodpecker Show (1957), to the point that his conical head design looks identical to his.
    8. Due to Eggman's levels of charm and enjoyability as a character, he has spawned a lot of memes (even to this day after the PINGAS meme was already overused), and it's all thanks to Eggman himself (and the talented Long John Baldry who will always be remembered).
    9. Even when he's paired with his dim-witted accomplices, he still manages to steal the show due to his humorous personality.
      • It's always entertaining and hilarious to see Eggman lashing his anger at his robotic henchmen for often being complete idiots who can't do anything right.
    10. He single-handedly brought the show alive. His manic, exaggerated, and purely comedic personality made almost every scene featuring him both insanely amusing as a mostly ineffectual yet eccentric villain that shows signs of hilarious egotism. Especially since he is depicted as the comic foil for Sonic to poke fun at, yet he is still intriguing as a character who was given a lot of focus as a secondary main character for how persistently underhanded and ambitious he is (especially with glorious moments of nearly succeeding at his plans and actually imposing a threat for once). His very presence and his ridiculous, campy, and wonderfully hammy moments still make him much more fun to watch than usual.
    11. His blunt, harsh, sophisticated, witty, and silly-sounding insults and retorts are extremely hilarious, quotable, and entertaining to listen to.
      1. Examples of these include "You metallic morons!" & "That blasted hedgehog!" as two examples from his series of insults.
      2. They are always varied as a form of puns, wordplay, alliteration, and word usage can sometimes even be clever enough to the point of teaching different and unusual bits of vocabulary that aren't often said or used for the intended young audience that Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was set on. These range from conventional insults like "twerps", "boneheads", "fool", "brats", "idiots", "nitwits", "nincompoops", "pests", and "incompetent fools". To the much more unique, distinctive, or wackier bits of dialogue like "You metallic morons!", "You dumb-bots!", "You fish-fondling fruitcake!", "That blasted hedgehog!", "That blue brrat-nik!", "You bolt-brained dolt!", "You breakaway bumpkin!", "You clanking cretins!", "You despicable rrruiner of rrromance!", "You dunce-bots!", "Those unsuspecting fogies", "You brrrainless buffoons", "You glorified porcupine!", "That heinous hedgehog!", "You ingrates!", "You insolent junkpile!", "You lamebrrrained, knuckle-drrragging dork!", "That meddling, high-speed hedgehog!", "You metal-brrrained meatheads!", "You miserable mess of micro-chips!", "Nicombots!", "Rapscallion!", "You shrrrimpy sherlock!", "Listen to me you, sniveling tokey robot!", "You steel-headed stupid-niks!", and especially "You two-tailed two-timer!".
    12. Despite being a childish buffoon and an incompetent narcissist, there were a fair amount of times when he can be quite dangerous. As he did manage to keep Sonic (or his friends) captive at times, has terrorized Mobius plenty of times, and has a formidable streak that most Mobians tend to underestimate of him.
      1. There were many implications that Eggman took over Mobius, in episodes like "Musta Been A Beautiful Baby" showcased Eggman his trophies and awards for conquering Mobius, and in the Christmas episode "Sonic's Christmas Blast"; it is shown that he takes over Mobius and turned it into Robotropolis as you see statues of Eggman everywhere and Sonic while making a hoax to trick Scratch and Grounder, claimed that he'd have to pay Scratch and Grounder in Eggman Bucks.
      2. While most of Eggman's schemes are often outlandish and cartoony, he commits outright terrorism in "Mass Transit Trouble", where he and his Badniks attempt to bomb three transit centers. Furthermore, the Badniks are far more competent than usual, Sonic just barely scrapes by with his life after retrieving the bombs, and instead of his typical "slapstick-induced humiliation" scenes, Eggman receives a minor self-inflicted personal injury on himself upon learning that his plan has failed to make the world bend to his feet.
    13. His semi-omnipotent and empowered alter-egos; Super Eggman and Supreme High Eggman, are incredibly awesome and add another comedic layer to his heinousness. As both of these ultimate forms are great examples of making him a good threat to Sonic by using his omnipotence and murderous strategies that nearly allowed him to win, and his comedic traits upon having this power make him all the more entertaining than usual.
    14. He is the only version of Eggman who even got his very own game while the show he starred in was popular for the time. That being Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (1993), which is an addictive and memorable Puyo-Puyo-styled game made by SEGA and the makers of Puyo-Puyo as well.
      1. Of the game, the way he is animated in the 16-bit game is spastic and energetic, making him full of life.
      2. In the 8-bit cutscenes, he may be typically bossy with his henchmen, but enjoyable lines such as his phrase "Now quit smirking and start working.", is pretty cool to see.
      3. Even though in the show all of his droids are hopelessly stupid, his robots in this game are far more intelligent and formidable to beat. To the point where it's surprising how intelligent Scratch and Grounder's AI is, and especially the robots that Sonic easily tricked in the pilot (the final three before Scratch in particular), in a puzzle game no less!
    15. All of his theme songs are pure gold, as it's the most iconic and unforgettable theme for a cartoon villain ever made!
    16. As a matter of fact, this is the most prominent version of Eggman, to ever show some evident signs of being somewhat of a chick magnet despite not being handsome at all and a malicious supervillain who is despised by many Mobians throughout the show. In the same way Sonic has managed to charm several ladies throughout this series, Robotnik had (unintentionally) charmed a gorgeous-looking villainess yandere named Katella the Intergalactic Huntress to fall in love with Robotnik in the episode "Zoobotnik" (even though Robotnik had no romantic interest in her; she was willing to be his girlfriend on the spot), and even in "Sonically Ever After", he managed to get an princess named Snow Height to mistake Robotnik for 'Prince Charming' and still falling in love with him and wanting to chase him out of lust.
    17. His scientific gadgets, interior designing, and contraptions are very creative and extravagant, especially by sci-fi standards.
    18. Despite being narcissistic and a power-hungry megalomaniac throughout the show, he has extremely sympathetic qualities. As revealed in "Zoobotnik", Sonic enjoys making Eggman suffer even though Sonic had several opportunities to get rid of Eggman for good, and Eggman also has an abusive mom who wants him to be evil, always coming back to make Eggman win or to humiliate him for not being a threat. So where his incompetence is often comedic, it can raise a certain level of sympathy. This is carried to the point where Eggman was considered rootable by many fans.
    19. While he loosely resembles his game counterpart, he represents it as he still has the features of a long crazy moustache, a bald head, an obese state, a pink nose, and his attire having the same colours of red, black, and yellow.
    20. In fact, his black and red eyes give him a great sinister look for a villain that he's made out to be.
    21. He also provided many quotable and unforgettable one-liners and dialogue to list throughout every episode, these include:
      • “Snooping as usual I see!”
      • “I've called you all together because you're the worst assortment of low-life mercenaries I ever made! You're mean! You're malicious! You're my kind of rotten!!!!”
      • “Ever since I launched my ingenious plan to conquer the planet Mobius, one trouble-making teenager has made me tear every hair from my beautiful head!!”
      • “No-wa!”
      • “SILENCE!”
      • “True, depressing but true.”
      • “How dare anyone interrupt me when I'm being vicious!”
      • “Sonic fell for it! Tails is ours! I'll have to give myself a prrrrrrromotion!!”
      • “Stop jabbering you, DINGBOTS!! I'm formulating a plan, to take advantage of this, unexpect TURN of events!”
      • “Idiots! I haven't THOUGHT of it yet you, bootlickers!!”
      • “That's true. AHAHA!! I have just come up with a magnificent scheme! Now you may lick my boots!”
      • “You are corrrect, you should've captured Sonic!!”
      • “Five miles of my sewer unplugged with crrudge and sludge, go and clean it out!!”
      • “Hahahahaha how gorgeously grrross! How fantastically frrightful! Now all of Mobius will be in my power!!”
      • “Katella! The Intergalactic Huntrress, has delayed her return home to accept my, dinner invitation. I WANT THIS PLACE SPIC AND SPAN! Clean as a whistle! This dinner is IMPORTANT!! I want to imprrress Katella, so I could USE her special talents for my own, disgusting and loathsome scheme!”
      • “Scare everrybody out of their pants! I want the village cleared! I just live for these mean moments.”
      • “I just love sharing a cozy hot cup of 'LAPSANG SOUCHONG' tea.”
      • “There's no JETS in the days of pirates, you IDIOT!”
      • “Shut up! All of you! You are all incompetent! And you stink of fish!! I haven't seen such lunacy ever since I banned my crazy cousin Dr. Warpnik to the World of Confusion, no more excuses! I want that heinous hedgehog, hammered! And I mean now!!
      • “He's out there STILL! Mocking me with his scarless speed! Standing between me and my dream of total domination of Mobius!”
      • “Yes! That's it! My eyes like pools, my teeth like polished ivory! That's what I look like!!”
      • “Well, if it isn't the BUNGLING Brothers' "Burn out of Bailing Circus"!!”
      • “The most fabulously fiendish of all my fiendish plots is hatched!”
      • “Why am I reaching you at the coordinates of the abandoned space station?! WHY!? WHY?! WHY!!”
      • “The mighty huntress is here at least! Go down and open the door!! Think you can manage that, without falling on your faces?”
      • “I'm ssure glad you don't HATE me.”
      • “Get on with it you pre-fabricated piece of poultry!”
      • “Well, I DO have one SMALL criticism! The ending, it was a little 'eh... PREDICTABLE!!!!!!
      • “What are you doing? You mutinous mutant!”
      • “You metallic morons!!”
      • “Then allow me to repeat myself yet again! YOU! ARE! NINCOMBOTS!!”
      • “Then go open it YOU nincom-bot! You stupor! You miserable mess of micro-chips!!”
      • “HOW many times do I have you, dingbats to something, useful with your spare time?”
      • You insolent junkpile! My plan was foolproof, too bad it wasn't moron-proof!”
      • “Don't just stand there boneheads! DO something!!”
      • “I knew it! I knew you tinheads would find a way to SLIP up!”
      • “I said "shoot" you Dim Bot!!”
      • “I'm surrrounded by, defective circuitry.”
      • “"Partner"!? MY PARTNER?!?! Why you, ungrateful BUCKET of, bolts! I BUILT YOU!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRR!! And I CAN SHUT YOU OFF TOO!!!
      • “Brrrillant deduction! You, shrrrimpy sherlock!”
      • “HOW am I, ever get rid, of Sonic? With such UNRELIABLE help!?”
      • “A rock?! YOU brrrought me a, rrrrock?!?!”
      • “It's my new Eggomatic tunnel-izer and my town terrorizer!! See that ugly empty space in front of my fortress? In six hours that village will be gone!! Vanished! Destroyed! Obliterated!! I'm flooding it! I'm going tunnel into the main Mobius reservoir, steal all of its water, and turn that town into Lake, Rrrrobotnik!”
      • “You two-tailed two-timer! If you weren't duped already, YOU'D be doomed!!”
      • “Of course there's a Robotnik day! I just declared it one minute ago, in honor of myself!”
      • “No one can outsmart me!! For I am Rrrobotnik! Evil genius extraordinaire! How dare you insult me!”
      • “Sonic is kitty litter!”
      • “It's that WRRRRETCHED, RRRRACOON!!!”
      • “TELL ME your choice, you two-tailed little brrrrrat!!!”
      • “STOP YOU Litlle Two-Tailed, RRRRRunt!!”
      • “You're wrrrrrong you, two-tailed trroublemaker!!”
      • “This stuff did something to me! I feel powerful! I feel invincible! I feel pretty!!!! I feel like flying!!!”
      • “RRelax! You're getting a prrromotion, to first lieutenant!! And I'm demoting you TWO dodos!!!”
      • “I'm never in trouble, I make trouble!”
      • “That tears it!! I always say if you can't join 'em, beat 'em!!!”
      • “I thought I was rid of you, you fish-fondling fruitcake!!”
      • “You lame-brrrained, knuckle-drrragging dork! How dare you interrupt me when I'm having a bath with my rrrrubber crrrrrocodile?!”
      • “Relax, you're getting a promotion! To first lieutenant. And I'm demoting you two dodos.”
      • “🎵Merry Christmas to me!! Merrry Christmas to, me!🎵 Ah, hapPINess is always so much more enjoyable! When it's based on the miserrry of millions.”
      • “D'oh! I didn't forget to pull that lever! I'm not supposed to pull that lever!”

    Bad Qualities

    1. He's a genius who has a common-sense handicap towards his card-carrying, zealous, and pompous nature, causing him to be ridiculously incompetent at killing Sonic and conquering Mobius.
      1. It's better shown where he can be so irrational and immature that not only does his behavior cause him many backfires on his countless plans, but he has some truly moronic and questionable moments. The biggest example of this is being easily deceived by Sonic whenever he gets the best of him (to the point of marrying Sonic even! in the episode "Best Hedgehog"). Another moment includes Eggman crying like a baby as his face gets red in "Sonic's Breakout".
      2. In Sonic's Christmas Blast, while the idea of removing the joy from Mobius sounds doable to create his own world the way he likes it, the mere exception with this idea by replacing Santa Claus and calling himself "Eggman Claus" on live television is extremely laughable, and his plans for this turn of events like making his minions get all of the presents in Robotropolis (not Mobius by the way; this episode heavily implies Eggman took over Mobius), while he fakes his act as Eggman Claus as well as ordering his henchmen, Scratch and Grounder, to capture Sonic as Eggman's present, is very absurd and aimless.
      3. Especially since Eggman orders his minions to build countless chimneys on his own fortress, he also got children to sit on his lap as an act to trick the public into thinking Eggman is good as Santa Claus (to the point of resorting to chaining kids in his robot factories if they misbehave) while his henchmen steal the gifts from a local store, Scratch and Grounder are still the idiotic screwups they've always been; meaning that Eggman's proposition for them to redeem their incompetent status is already hopeless, and Eggman doesn't think about what he could really do to prevent Sonic from succeeding in the first place, like making backup plans with sending intelligent robots to kill Sonic after he ordered his S.W.A.T robots (his intelligent robots mind you) to guard Santa's dungeon, all of which are shortcomings of his own.
    2. Because of the first pointer, many of his decisions put into his plans tend to be very problematic, hare-brained, and foolish in execution, it often causes him to be very bumbling and vulnerable to being defeated very often. Despite being condescending and a "genius", his plans always backfire due to his endless egotism, exploitable gullibility, prolonged procrastination, and lack of keen premeditation. As he often toys around with whatever powers he possesses (and not using them to his full advantage) and would make impulsive mistakes towards his underhanded plans of action, sometimes sharing his plans in front of his victims before he does anything.
      1. Despite being a genius with single-minded goals, he doesn't seem to realize capturing his most hated enemy may require lots of physical effort on his part to get rid of him for good. At this point, you'd think he would either step up his game or quit whining about his failures and issues but he still fails at his plans due to his lack of premeditation.
      2. Even though he claims to have conquered half of Mobius, to the point where Robotropolis is a theme in Sonic's Christmas Blast, he doesn't seem to have Mobians that respect him nor fear him unless Eggman terrorizes Mobius. Making it seem like Mobius is as peaceful as it is.
      3. In "Hero of the Year", even though he forced Sonic to surrender or else his friends will be drowned in their ship (as well as planning to sink Sonic's friends to prevent Sonic from succeeding), he did nothing but procrastinate on his conquest for conquering Mobius by making a celebration with nobody but Scratch and Grounder and relishing on his past actions, not realizing that his agreement he made with Wes Weasely would backfire given how much he'd help anyone for cash in a sleazy way.
      4. In episodes like "Sonic Breakout", "Sonically Ever After", "Super Eggman", the entire "Quest for the Chaos Emeralds" saga, and most especially "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted", they all show how he had the potential to turn Mobius into a hopeless planet to bend to Robotnik's will but never uses his mental brilliance and competence to his full advantage in order to do so.
      5. For example, the episode "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted", has him managing to successfully capture Sonic, Tails, and the niece of Throbbin, all of which are chained over a pit of lava, which he chains Sonic with the clever use of double-crossing towards his and Sonic's deal. But instead of killing off Sonic and ruling Mobous like he claimed he wanted to do when he had the perfect chance and opportunity to do so, he decided to sing and dance before killing Sonic, procrastinating with offing Sonic over his endless narcissism and obsession with show tunes. He even complied with Sonic's final request with getting a makeup artist for him, which obviously gives Sonic the opportunity to deceive him and his henchmen, all by replacing Sonic himself with an unfaithful lookalike with a fake nose in chains for Eggman to interview and Sonic gets to humiliate Eggman on live television.
      6. Even though his gadgets and contraptions are impressive, his robots tend to be very useless. As they are either complete idiots (that being Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, and many more to list) or traitors who'd betray Eggman when Sonic gets them to be good (ex. Breezie and Eggman Jr). At worst, some of Eggman's droids can turn out to be disobedient or even worse, good-willed. At best, they are loyal but incompetent fools like Scratch and Grounder themselves. Yet he keeps around his henchmen and does not scrap them for whatever reason.
    3. Sometimes his flamboyance, aggression, overreaction, arrogance, incompetence, bossiness, rowdiness, pettiness, and childishness can come off as a tad bit annoying to some viewers.
      1. His baby voice in the episode "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby", is understandably grating and irritating to listen to, especially when he's whining and wailing. However, Long John Baldry did his best overall.
    4. He's quite the Butt-Monkey for a supervillain (though not as much as Coconuts). Eggman qualifies as this because there were times when he was subjected to some moments of obnoxious slapstick that treat him like a joke when he sometimes didn't deserve the verbal/physical abuse he gets from other characters or shouldn't be receiving it from others to begin with.
      1. His criminally pedantic mother always torments Eggman into being evil, and oftentimes feels like a "Robotnik torture porn" segment despite Eggman himself being the villain of the show!
      2. Katella in the episode "Zoobotnik" (while hilarious and entertaining), has tussled and manhandled Eggman to the point of having pure paranoia, being too shy to speak up to her, and visibly wanting to resist her aggressively love-struck behavior. Resulting in Sonic himself, arranging a fake wedding to free Eggman himself from the situation at the end of the episode. And better yet, Momma spanks Eggman with her umbrella for telling the truth.
    5. Because Eggman is often very incompetent and fallible, this is carried to the point that his failures can get stale and predictable a la Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote territory of "wanting the villain to succeed" after having his many sympathetic moments throughout the show. This can be the very reason why Eggman in this show would come off as a very campy buffoon nobody would take seriously at all despite his villainous, understandable, and sometimes threatening actions.
    6. Not everyone is a fan of his character design. While it's diverse, unique, and brilliantly fits the show's ludicrously campy nature, some viewers feel like his character design wasn't fitting to Eggman's character in the games or a general sense outside of the show. As discussed in Hill Top Terebi's video "WHY did EGGMAN look like THIS for most of the 1990s? The Ghost of Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog", he subjectively shares his opinion on how his design was objectively terrible when it is seen outside of AoStH, as he claims that it wasn't the best idea for SEGA to promote Eggman canonically in the game covers by this design during the 90s and thought it can be quite confusing on why this design was glorified onto other works outside of the show like the Fleetway comics and the action figures other than monetary reasons.
      1. His giant butt with a noticeable crack would enlarge to exaggerated proportions to display his fat body type (i.e. the most infamous example being "Sonic's Song" having him twerk while singing his villain song), even though this always happens with pants on (granted), it somewhat predates The Red Guy with coming off as inappropriate and/or somewhat provocative in displeasing ways, from being put in a bikini in "Hero of the Year", to him showing off his giant buttcheeks at the screen very often (which was also seen in the show's pilot mind you).




    Even though he as a character, was nearly overshadowed by his SATAM counterpart, especially when many fans labeled the AoStH series as "inferior to SatAM" due to the latter focusing on action and stealth rather than cartoonish humor. The backlashing towards AoStH eventually died down when Toon Disney and Pop UK ran the series. During YouTube's infancy, a user named "sonicutie" uploaded most of the episodes, leading to their eventual use in various YouTube Poop, and the show has helped contribute to the crazy/random humor on the internet, which kept the series from fading into obscurity. Nowadays, the series has gained a cult following among fans enjoying its wacky humor and fun villains.

    This was where AoStH's take on Eggman became highly memeable and universally beloved because of his exaggeratedly hot-blooded personality, one-liners, and voice actor Long John Baldry hamming up many of his lines. Mainly because of a line taken from the episode "Boogey-Mania"; where two YouTubers, McMaNGOS and Stegblob, took part in Dr. Robotnik's line "Snooping as usual, I see?", which sounds vaguely similar to the word "penis", and placed it in (in)appropriate places is almost a rite of passage for any YouTube Poop makers. This was taken to the point where the idea for this meme got multiplied three times, though nowhere near as popular as "PINGAS"; one from Sonic's Christmas Blast: "Ah, happiness is always so much more enjoyable when it's based on the misery of millions!", one from Trail of the Missing Tails: "I want that pheinous hedgehog, hammered! And I mean now!!", and one from The Last Resort: "The most fabulously piendish of all my fiendish plots is hatched!".

    Pingas (often mistaken for "Penish") is a famous misheard phrase provided by the voice actor of AoStH's Eggman. Since its emergence as an internet meme in 2007 debuting the YouTube Poop video: Robotnik Has A Viagra Overdose, but wouldnt go viral until THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN. it is well-known as a prominent source in many YouTube Poops and internet memes in itself.

    This version of Eggman was also well remembered (or infamous) for two images of himself. A freeze frame of his face in "Sonic Breakout" when he takes Sonic to Eggman prison has become an absolute internet meme icon for decades (to this very day), and an image of himself wearing a purple-colored bikini is taken from the episode "Hero of the Year".


    • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was the only English-speaking series prior to Sonic X to have Dr. Robotnik be referred to as "Eggman" in the episode "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" by Tails, which was even said before Sonic Adventure introduced this alias for the real Dr. Robotnik.
    • He slightly resembles his appearence seen on the western Sonic the Hedgehog 2 box art cover where his blue glasses are depicted as empty black eyes along with having an orange moustache which may very well have been the reason why this incarnation was given the the two aforementioned.
    • This incarnation's appearence would become a slight basis for his Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) portrayal who is seen as an upgraded and more tyrannical version of the former.
    • In the British Sonic the Hedeghog comic series Sonic the Comic, Robotnik originally had a design closer to his game counterpart until he rehatched himself into an appearence that is completely based off this design. This change was pernament.
    • This design of Dr. Eggman appeared in many counterparts other than Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog such as game covers for classic Sonic games, books, and was used as Sega World Sydney's depiction of him.
    • In the pilot he was voiced by Jim Cummings who would also later voice his potrayal in the next Sonic cartoon under the name SatAM.
    • Milton Knight, the original design artist for this Eggman, was pushing the animators to make this take on Eggman to be "animation's sexiest fat man" by exaggerating his body like the revealing clothing and the size of his buttocks. Such to the point where he was sometimes given random outfits (or polka-dotted underwear) to fit the campy and humorous tone of the show, as it'd be shown played for comedic value (and it became infamous for making fatness, not so sexy as intended).
      • From the original concept art for this version of Eggman, there are many notations that explain his character traits. Several notes describe Eggman's personality such as "the perfect image of self-love" and "Eggman is not a straight villain. He is the object of ridicule." as seen here in a Twitter tweet that shows concept art for AoStH's Robotnik.
      • His catchphrase for every episode, "I hate that hedgehog!", has been said by other incarnations of Eggman, such as his SATAM, Archie, and Boom an counterparts.
      • His line ''Snooping as usual i see?'' was also referenced by his Archie counterpart, and later by his Boom counterpart in "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom".
      • Him rolling the R's in his lines was later referenced by his live-action film counterpart when he is seen playing chess at the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film), and second in the scene where he reunites with Agent Stone.
    • In the storyboards for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film, Robotnik is seen wearing attire suprisingly similar to his signature bodysuit from this cartoon for having a belt going around the waist with a circular buckle in the center and a line going up to the collar. While none of that made it to the final version, Robotnik actually gained visible dark circles around his eyes in the sequel which is possibly a reference to the ones from this incarnation.
    • In "Honey, I Shrunk The Hedgehog", he was shown to be wearing a white glove underneath his gray gauntlet which can be seen as a cute nod to his classic design's white gloves.
    • In the credits scene of the show alongside rare occasions in episodes, he wears a yellow cape similar to that of his classic game counterpart.
    • Apparently AoStH and SatAM were meant to share continuity with eachother,[1] but if this was true, it would be rather ambiguous as to how Robotnik suddenly conquered Mobius and changed from being extremely incompetent and silly to more serious and unsettling.
    • This is currently the third longest page on this wiki among its other contenders.



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