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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Deem Bristow (1947-2005), Long John Baldry (1941-2005), and Chikao Ohtsuka (1929-2015).

    🎵"I am the Eggman, that's what I am
    I am the Eggman, with the master plan!"🎵
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hegemonic Scientist/Mastermind
    Enjoyable Supervillain
    Age: 40s or 50s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: (English)
    Long John Baldry (1993-1996)
    Jim Cummings (1993-1999)
    Garry Chalk (1999)
    Deem Bristow (1998-2004)
    Mike Pollock (2005-present)
    Jim Carrey (2020)

    Chikao Ōtsuka (1998-2015; 2019-2020)
    Kotaro Nakamura (2016-present)
    Kōichi Yamadera (movie franchise)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

    "Ha-ha-hah! Citizens of earth, lend me your ears and listen to me very carefully: my name is Dr. Eggman, the world's greatest scientist and soon to be the world's greatest ruler. Now witness the beginning of the greatest empire of all time!" - Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure 2

    Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, better known by his alias Dr. Eggman, is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He's a human scientist with an IQ of 300 and dreams of dominating the world, but his constant plots to create his Eggman Empire (a.k.a. Eggmanland) are always thwarted by Sonic and his friends.

    Why He's the Greatest Scientific Genius in the World

    1. He is one of the most famous and popular villains in video game history.
    2. His appearance of having a long crazy moustache, a bald head, and a round body is admirable.
    3. His trademark narcissism made him one of the most iconic foes in gaming.
    4. Many incarnations of Eggman over the years treat him in very different forms of the character by personality and motive, ranging from being a villain who is very threatening and competent (like in SatAM) to being a very goofy and comedic villain (like in AoSTH and Boom), which has been carried to the point that his character is very much well-remembered for being an admirably comedic, eccentric, and self-obsessed yet formidable antagonist.
      • At his most threatening, he provides a scale from being the threatening and sinister yet enjoyable villain who fits the bill.
      • At his goofiest, he is at his most hilariously entertaining and over-the-top throughout the whole Sonic series (one who has provided many memes due to his hilarity and memorability).
    5. He's a perfect opponent to Sonic, being the contrary of nearly everything the blue blur stands up to.
    6. He is always a riot, just enough to be hands down, the most lovable character in the Sonic series in its entirety.
    7. He makes every battle he has with his enemies count.
    8. Many of his voice actors such as Deem Bristow, Long John Baldry, Mike Pollock and Brian Drummond are four of the most iconic voices in the series.
      • Additionally, even as the 4Kids cast was replaced in mid-2010, SEGA decided to keep Mike Pollock as Eggman as they believed that his voice was irreplaceable.
      • Jim Carrey does an excellent job portraying Eggman in the Sonic movies. He is also going to return in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
    9. Despite his desire to be a dictating emperor who rules with an iron fist over an entire nation made of nothing more than machines, he can be a gentleman, a wealthy philanthropist, what have you. TL, DR: a man who can be so captivating to the point of fooling others into doing what he wants.
    10. While most villains or anti-heroes in the Sonic series can be interesting and/or memorable (such as Metal Sonic, Merlina and Mephiles), they're usually not as well-developed as Robotnik, as he became so important to the franchise that Sega just can't replace him (not forever, at least).
    11. He's so desired and important to the series that putting someone else in his place may be a crime if it's not executed correctly.
    12. He's been in more games than the titular Sonic himself.
    13. He has such funny, quotable, and unforgettable phrases like "Snooping as usual, I see?", "Get a load of this!" "All systems, full power!", "No way! I can't believe this!", "GAAH! He's not gonna get away with this!", "I pretended I was a bar of soap and gave them all the slip.", "I was just about to consume this delicious banana!", "I'll be back, with a new robot, who has an accurate name! and super laser eyes! and he'll feed me ham! EVIL ham..” and “OOOOOOOOOOOOH, GIVE ME A BIG! FAT! BREAK!”.
      • He also has provided tons of comedic insults and retorts that are flat-out hilarious and entertaining to listen to.
    14. One of Eggman's more admirable, if not dangerous, traits is his courage throughout life-threatening situations. Despite his continuous use of machinery to protect himself and fight his opponents, Eggman shows considerable bravery and rarely shows any form of fear, regardless of who or what he is facing.
    15. He's so intelligent that he can build any machine he wants, from Badniks to a giant Death Star copy with his face on it.
    16. It's unanimously agreed that he's pushed to eleven in Sonic Adventure 2, where he, for example (but not limited to), holds Amy hostage at gunpoint and quickly sees through Tails' plan to replace one of the Chaos Emeralds with a fake replica. This makes him pretty badass as a comedic supervillain, especially when he blows up half of the moon.
      • In Sonic Unleashed, he was so formidable that he provided an enjoyable fight sequence with his technology, his robotic minions, and his weaponry that all poses a genuine threat to Sonic. Also, right after he got defeated and attempted retreat, Eggman was so cunning that he pretended to plead and act pathetic, but effectively deceived Sonic (even as Super Sonic) into his powerful trap that successfully harnessed Sonic's energy. This then leads to sending a laser beam onto Earth, thus creating Dark Gaia, this all makes his levels of competence rather compelling, and his comedic traits make him all the more entertaining.
    17. He actually makes a good and caring father to Sage and she is one of the few creations Eggman has ever cared for since Metal Sonic.

    Egghead Qualities

    1. Despite his high intelligence, Eggman is rather immature, foolish, and childish, doing things like throwing breakdowns Sonic manages to wreck his plans, though it is mostly played for laughs.
      • An example of his immaturity is seen in the ending of Sonic Unleashed, when Orbot begins to insult him over his constant failures and calls him a loser (despite Eggman doing several competent things throughout the game); Eggman gets frustrated and screams "Oh, shut up!!", attempts to kick him only to comically fall on his back, and then chases him through the desert while making agitated noises and violently flailing his arms in an attempt to grab him.
    2. Because of the previous pointer, there are times when he can fail to seem like an actual threat, specifically in games where he's supposed to be the main antagonist, prior to his comedic and ineffectual status.
      • Even though he is proactive enough to create many menacing locations or even pose threats with his gadgets and robot army in later games, several of his contraptions and death traps overall can be too ridiculous, goofy, or laughable to be taken seriously. And it doesn't help that he leaves glaringly exploitable weak spots in his mechs.
        • Said weak spots do have a purpose, however: In the 3rd Sonic Twitter Takeover, he explains that this is a backup plan to avoid getting harmed by his robots in case they go rogue. This can also be seen in Sonic Adventure 2, where he has to fight the Egg Golem after Sonic defeats it, causing the bot to go haywire.
    3. His design from Sonic '06 is poorly made, disturbing, and uncanny as his design wasn't meant to be realistic in the first place.
    4. His goals can be a little inconsistent: While he usually tries to dominate the world, he sometimes just wants to build an amusement park or take over a city. Heck, he even tried to conquer the entire freaking universe once! As a result, he often has his brand of setbacks and inefficiency because of the many silly mistakes that would go into his plans.
    5. Some of Eggman's voice actors do poor jobs like Edwin Neal in Sonic OVA, and Garry Chalk in Sonic Underground
    6. Some of his incarnations like in Sonic Underground, for example, are quite unremarkable and forgettable.
      • Speaking of which; even for Eggman's standards, his incarnation in Sonic '06 is easily one of the worst incarnations of the evil genius himself. Where his personality was watered down into being a straightforward, typical, and predictably (if stupidly at times) fallible antagonist because of being depicted as a very "serious" character who doesn't do much that makes him entertaining because of the story and the game's bad writing, with little to nothing being exactly enjoyable or notable to say about him. Where his excessive levels of seriousness made Eggman rather boring, forgettable, unremarkable, and generic than you'd expect of his comedic and villainous charm.
      • Despite being competent and badass in the SonicSATAM show, this version of Robotnik is rather stereotypical and lacks the charisma of his other portrayals.
    7. In the first season of Sonic X, he's portrayed as a generic Saturday morning cartoon villain, doing stuff such as selecting a random robot to cause havoc and wagering the Chaos Emeralds over a game of baseball. His levels of incompetence pretty much rivals the recurring trio of Team Rocket from Pokemon (luckily, he still has his trademark narcissism and he gets better as the series goes on).
    8. In the Boom series, he often poses little to no threat whatsoever at the end of season 1 and throughout season 2 because of his goofiness and his status as an ineffectual villain, and is often the laughing stock that is treated as a scapegoat because of being a mostly harmless villain towards Sonic, his friends, and the village they live in.
      • However, this can be warranted sometimes when Eggman can be written to be a "karmic-jerkass" type of character where his shortcomings with being a jerk lead to consequences and several setbacks that serve as his comeuppance (comedically or not) for something he did wrong as his supposedly justified acts of villainy in an episode, a good example of this is the season 1 episode "Let's Play Musical Friends".
      • He was badly flanderized in the Sonic Boom games, despite being the only likable character in Rise of Lyric. In these titles, he is depicted as an overly childish, flamboyant, unfunny, moronic, and incompetent villain who always gets himself into trouble and never poses a threat since he makes so many mistakes that he comes off as an extremely pathetic dork who tries way too hard to be badass, all in a rather irritating and boring way.


    Reception to the character has been very positive, with Dr. Robotnik going on to become one of the most well-known villains in gaming. GameDaily ranked him number one on their list of Top 25 Evil Masterminds of All Time article, stating "Out of all the evil masterminds in video games, none are more despicable, more cunning, or more menacing". They also included him in their most persistent video game villains list and their craziest video game villains list. In a later article, they listed the "evil mastermind" as one of the top 25 video game archetypes, using Robotnik as an example. He was featured at number three in a "Reader's Choice" edition of GameSpot's "Top Ten Video Game Villains" article, which noted a massive complaint by fans at his exclusion from the original list. Eggman was also named the 15th most diabolical video game villain of all time by PC World. Game Informer notes that in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, "Eggman's villain ego shows some amusing tarnish after constant defeat at the hands of Sonic." IGN listed him at number nine above Mario-series villain Bowser in their "Top 10 Most Memorable Villains" article, calling him "PETA's videogame public enemy number one", and has also commented that his character is a "pretty clever riff on Teddy Roosevelt" that has added to the attraction of the series. Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition listed Dr. Eggman as 43rd in their list of "top 50 video game villains". In 2010, IGN listed Dr. Robotnik 11th out of their "Top 100 Videogame Villains". Nintendo Power listed Dr. Robotnik as their seventh favorite villain, also listing him as having one of the best mustaches. Nathan Rohe, writing for Odyssey considers him the best video game villain of all-time, reasoning "...he often strikes that perfect balance between silly and sinister. Eggman is often depicted as a bumbling buffoon who gets beaten time and time again by a teenage blue hedgehog and his friends. However, when you actually look at his plans they can be quite vile."

    A macrocyclic molecule discovered by a Harvard University research team to potentially inhibit the protein Sonic hedgehog was named "Robotnikinin" after the Dr. Robotnik character. The researchers felt that after Sonic hedgehog was named after the Sega video game character, they should "adhere to the convention" in naming the inhibiting compound after the character's archenemy.

    The band Intercontinental Music Lab included a song about Dr. Robotnik on their 2008 album, Superheroes of Science. The power metal band Powerglove wrote a song called "So Sexy Robotnik" based on the boss theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and features snips from various other level tunes from the same game. It appears as the first track on their 2007 album "Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man".




    • He heavily resembles Motro from the 1986 anime film Castle in the Sky by Studio Ghibli who's appearence is believed to have been an inspiration for Eggman. A similar design would be carried over to Kamajī from the 2001 film Spirited Away produced by the same company.
    • His classic design was originally inspired by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States. His basic characteristics, such as his clip-less glasses, toothy smile, and mustache are based on the features of Theodore Roosevelt by appearance.
    • The character was originally designed as "Dr. Eggman" for the Japanese audience and adapted as "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" in the English release. Although references to both names, such as the "Eggman-01" designation of Wing Fortress in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or the "Robotnik Winter" level in Sonic Triple Trouble, were present in both Japanese and English versions of the games, there was no unified canon on the naming convention until Sonic Adventure series. Sonic Adventure introduced "Eggman" as Dr. Robotnik's nickname by Sonic, which he later adopted as his own supervillain alias by Sonic Adventure 2 for Western audiences. For Japanese audiences, Sonic Adventure 2 introduced Gerald Robotnik and Maria Robotnik, Eggman's relatives, officially establishing "Robotnik" as his real surname in both canons, along with the words "Robotnik Empire" appearing behind Eggman during a cutscene. The character was mostly referred to as "Doctor Eggman" after that, although references to his real name still appeared from time to time.
    • By the time Sonic the Hedgehog was released in the west, Sega of America had little to no exposure of Eggman's original Japanese design even though it was relatively the same, the notable changes were that his blue glasses were depicted as beady black cartoonish eyes or sinister black eyes, a usual lack of gloves, alongside a curvier moustache. The reason the west didnt use his original design much may be due to the fact that they thought his original design was a bit friendly looking for a villian. They even probably gave him the black eyes to give him a sinister look.
    • An early version of Eggman was originally one of the choices to be the main character and even the hero of the game that would become the first game of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
    • In the games, comics, and anime Sonic X, Dr. Robotnik (also called Dr. Eggman) idolizes his grandfather Professor Gerald Robotnik, and in SatAM, he cared for his robot pet Cluck. To date, Gerald Robotnik and Cluck are the only people he loves apart from himself.
    • In 2D artwork, Eggman is portrayed as having pencil-thin arms, and no chin, but in games, he has a more masculine face, a big chin, and thick muscular arms.
    • Eggman's first name 'Ivo' is simply a backward spelling of the Latin word 'ovi' which means 'egg'.
    • "Robotnik" is an actual word, meaning "worker" or "slave" in the Slavic languages. This could explain his preference for using enslaved animals and robots as his minions. His first name, Ivo, is also a Slavic name.
    • It is revealed in Sonic Generations that before Eggman decided to become a villain, he was offered a teaching degree (which Dr. Robotnik said he was going to try to get).
    • While he has a different design in other media such as the original cartoons of AoStH and SatAM, he still decently represents the features seen on his game counterpart's appearence for having a crazy long moustache, a bald head, and an obese state, along with his attire keeping the colours of red, black, and yellow.
    • Eggman's attire in Sonic Spinball appears to be slightly based off his AoStH design due to the crosses going around his bodysuit with a circle in the center. In the final battle of the 8-bit version of the game, he even resembles his AoStH counterpart.
    • The enormous mustache that Eggman wears in his various incarnations gives him a passing resemblance to the iconic Looney Tunes villain Yosemite Sam, although Eggman's is less huge in size than Sam's.
      • Dr. Robotnik is referred to as "The Master" by his brainwashed slaves who are under a hypnotic trance due to the Mind Pollens derived from Colonel Stench's special artificial flowers.
      • His AoStH version's catchphrase "I hate that hedgehog!" has been said by other incarnations of Dr. Robotnik, such as his SATAM and Boom counterparts.
    • His appearence on the American and European box art cover for the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 slightly resembles his AoStH design for having orange facial hair and sinister black eyes which may very well have inspired the ones seen on the latter. On said art, he even slightly resembles Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes.
    • In the live-action/CGI big-screen adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), Eggman is portrayed by lovable comedian and actor, Jim Carrey.
      • Carrey's portrayal has been indefinitely praised by the fanbase, even being called the "saving grace" of the film, before the redesign of the main character, of course.


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