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    Dirty Dog (Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus)

    Dirty Dog
    Dirty Dog from Cool Cat.jpg
    “Hey Cool Cat!! You and your friends stink! So here's something to clean you up!”
    Gender: Male
    Type: Terroristic Buffoon
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Costumed dog
    Portrayed by: Derek Savage (Voice-over)
    Andre Matthews (in costume)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus

    "I'm Dirty Dawg!! And I'm gonna pollute ALL the kids with Coronavirus!!!" - Dirty Dog

    Dirty Dog is the main antagonist of the Cool Cat franchise. Serving as the villain of Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus and the upcoming Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting. He is an evil, over-the-top, and sadistic yet misguided, self-deluded, dimwitted, childish, and ineffective canine that is Cool Cat's archnemesis. His goal is to cause mayhem around him and target Cool Cat after his goal of clearing half the population of the world with COVID-19 had failed. He was voiced by Derek Savage, and he was performed by Andre Matthews.

    Why He's Not That Dirty

    1. He is intentionally mean-spirited, one-dimensional, ridiculously immature, dumb & incompetent for a sadistic scoundrel like him, but he is an entertaining one at that.
    2. He is very much like an old-fashioned, amusingly over-the-top comic-book villain and possibly a Captain Planet type of villain because of his extremely hammy voice, exaggerated movements, and ruthless motives for hurting others. This makes him easily the most entertaining and tolerable character in both, the horrid movie he made his first appearance in, Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus, and the whole Cool Cat franchise as a whole (which is pretty impressive for a character made by Derek Savage of all people).
    3. He's a much more flamboyant, thuggish, and less generic version of Butch the Bully from Cool Cat Saves the Kids.
    4. Even though he failed to accomplish his plans of attacking Cool Cat and his friends because of his stupidity, he somehow managed to create a big Coronavirus atom single-handedly. All by grabbing some random bit of air, pouring his "magic sauce" from a glass bottle of Budweiser he got from the witch dog (who is his mom), and mutating it into a singular airborne Coronavirus molecule sitting on his bare hand (which has the size of a baseball), he then sends out to attack Cool Cat as if it is alive. This comes off as profound and bizarre; all at the same time.
    5. His shirt design (especially the graffiti font spelling out his name) objectively looks cooler than all of Cool Cat's lame shirt designs.
    6. Derek Savage actually did an okay job at voicing him. He has a hammy "cartoonishly evil" tone of voice that makes him sound really goofy and exuberant, especially when he acts underhand and makes evil laughs.
    7. Andre Matthews did a great job at making him incredibly expressive and energetic with Dirty Dog's athletic movements and giving him a lot of energy to make him look exaggerated.
    8. While his rap number is laughably bad and awkward, he does make some valid points about Cool Cat being a "silly cat" to highlight his idiocy, how there are kids that are dumb & easy to scare, and how there are some adults out there that are dumb/gullible enough to believe anything and get tricked because of it; all of which is something we do have to be highly aware of.
    9. Where Dirty Dog threatening to shoot up a school as his next plan to conquer the world was meant to be taken seriously, it can be viewed as hilarious for how over-the-top and bombastic it is to the point where nobody can take him seriously (mainly because of Dirty Dog's childishly goofy dialogue and how much of a failure he is).
      • The scene where he infects a kid is meant to be horrifying because of how gratuitously evil it is, when you know that dogs technically can't infect other people with COVID, it's rather hilarious to see how much he acts like an absolute idiot with this plan he had (especially the way he coughs in a comical manner).
    10. The way he growls, overreacts, and laughs falls into the "so bad it's good" territory, thus making it hilarious.
    11. He has tons of humorous and hilariously stupid quotes here and there, with a few of them being:
      • “So that's where that ugly cat and his rat-haired friends are!! And they're playing with those stupid, sheep, face masks! They're so duuumb!!!!”
      • “I'm so mean!!”
      • “That Cool Cat makes me mad! But look over there!! There's a punk kid!”
      • “Hahahaha! I'm such a mean bully!”
      • “Kids are so dumb! And adults are too! I'll cough in their face, just to scare them, yeah!”
      • “Puah Pah Punk!! Kids are so dumb!! Puah Pah Punk!! Corona-virus is a scam!”
      • 🎵“I'm Dirty Dog, and I'm the baddest there is! You're just a sheep!! And I'll bite you on the leg!!!”🎵
      • “Yeah!! I caught a Corona-virus, and now I need to add my magic sauce!”
      • “Attack! Attack! And get 'em all!! (growls)”
      • “Who cares what you love you UGLY cat!”
      • “But I got a surprise for him! Cool Cat loves school and I HATE school! School is for dummies! I got something for Cool Cat and his ugly friends, I'll get 'em at their school, and I'll get 'em good. This time for Dirty Dog to rule the world! (howls)”

    Intentionally Dirty Qualities

    1. Most viewers tend to have mixed and divisive feelings about him overall. He can be interpreted as a character you love to hate/find entertaining as a ridiculous villain nobody can take too seriously, or he can be viewed as annoying for being a completely one-dimensional antagonist who's not only pathetic, mean-spirited, a malicious jerk with a loud whiny voice, acts like a stupidly unruly 10-year-old with overly cartoonish movements, & being a total joke, but he also causes some provocative and sensitive thoughts on certain viewers because of his recklessly evil actions based on such a serious topic like Coronavirus of all things.
      • Not to mention that the scene where he attempts to infect a black kid was still quite cruel despite the ridiculously cheesy execution. He also called the poor kid "ugly" and a "punk".
      • He is meant to represent the anti-maskers of the COVID crowd at the time. Because of this, he seems to have a shallow opinion of pro-maskers by calling them "sheep" and refers to the pandemic as a "scam" without hinting at irony or self-awareness.
    2. He shares several flaws that are carried over to Butch the Bully from the infamous Cool Cat film. Some of these include being a one-dimensional villain whose goals are immature and troublesome, yet their actions are completely useless and unintimidating.
      • Where Butch the Bully was a harmless little kid whose biggest sin was bringing a gun to school, Dirty Dog's intentions to endanger the lives all around him make him out to be a complete sociopath with psychopathic tendencies.
      • For whatever reason, he tends to refer to two Latino girls, Cool Cat's newfound friends, as "rat-haired".
      • He seems to have contradictory writing to his character. On one hand, he believes that the coronavirus is a scam and doesn't exist, but on the other hand, he appears to have COVID-19 and constantly tries to actively infect people with it.
      • Derek Savage wanted Dirty Dog to be taken seriously as a real threat, but his extraordinarily goofy and ridiculous behavior often makes the viewer think otherwise.
    3. His infamously bad rap number. Despite making make some good points during this song, it is still very cringy and cheesy to watch.
    4. Most of his dialogue is extremely childish, idiotic, and laughable to the point of being hilariously bad.
      • His very introduction is just as laughable and badly written.
    5. He really didn't have an actual reason or an understandable motive to hate & antagonize Cool Cat in the first place (despite Cool Cat himself having every right to be hated alongside the kids, Angela and Britney).
    6. He's so profoundly stupid, clueless, and bumbling, he somehow used his bizarre skills and talents of sorcery to make his own plan easily backfire on himself, making it hard to take him seriously.
      • Despite the magical powers he was given by his own mother (who is a witch mind you), he even manages to screw up miserably at being a potential threat to Cool Cat and the kids due to launching a bloated, easily punchable COVID ball at Cool Cat himself instead of using those newfound powers to one-up Cool Cat in much more imaginative ways like getting big to crush him, spawning any lethal weapon he wants, stopping time and messing with reality to his advantage, spawning overwhelming amounts of enemies to ambush them, and the list of creative ideas he could use just goes on.
      • His moronic behavior is better shown when in his introduction, he said that he wants to "pollute" kids with COVID when the correct verb is "infect". Also, since he's a dog, he literally can't transmit the disease to other humans in the same way a human transmits COVID to others.
      • Another moment of his laughably pathetic actions is "coughing" on a water balloon he pulled from his back.. and somehow missing Cool Cat and the kids, making his lack of aiming skills very ludicrous and easy to ridicule him for it.
    7. Since his character design comes from the same people who designed Cool Cat, Dirty Dog's feet are poorly stitched out (much to the point that you can see the shoes that are supposed to be his feet), his oddly long tail is rather questionable, and his generic "bulldog" face design doesn't match his fur design at all (as if the face design for the actual costume went missing or something). Because of this, his character design comes off as poorly designed and thought out.
      • It doesn't help that he looks like a rejected (and considerably tacky looking) Power Rangers antagonist.
      • His earlier mask design and appearances prior to Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus can be found in both videos on the Cool Cat YouTube channel, is genuinely repellent (the black coloring on his realistic eyes and face don't help any further for how off-putting it looks, and he comes off as incredibly annoying here, even more so than his cinematic appearance).
    8. While he is mediocrely voiced by Derek, some of his audio clips (like his laughing) can be obnoxiously loud because of the movie's poor editing.


    • Dirty Dog is a reference to the YouTuber Mumkey Jones, who was scheduled to play the school shooter in the upcoming film before the controversy regarding the funding for the film Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus.
    • It is confirmed that his mother is a witch dog by a Cool Cat Tweet.
    • On the Cool Cat Twitter account, it's confirmed that Butch the Bully created him.
    • Much like Butch the Bully from the previous film, Dirty Dog is by far the most popular aspect of the film Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus!, being a hilariously over-the-top villain whose awkward rap number is regarded as probably the best part of the movie.



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