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    Dimitri Lousteau
    "My suit is greasy sweet!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lizard
    Age: 40s
    Species: Iguana
    Portrayed by: David Scully
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Sly Cooper'

    Dimitri Lousteau is a former antagonist turned minor protagonist of the Sly Cooper franchise. He was a lounge lizard turned scuba diver.

    Why He's Greasy Sweet

    1. Dimitri is a memorable minor character for the Sly Cooper franchise. He started off as an aspiring painter who tried using his kinetic aesthetic.
    2. His disco music is catchy. It even got made into a music video for the third game if the player completes the whole game.
    3. He is very quotable. "Show your bling and let me shine you!" “My suit is greasy sweet!” "You cracker box!" "Smokey alert! Freak out!"
    4. David Scully did an awesome job voicing Dimitri and sounded unrecognizable from his other roles.
    5. Dimitri was a great first boss battle for Sly 2. He can swing with his tail and shoot out electricity from a long range.
    6. As with the other Klaww Gang members (except Arpeggio and Neyla), he does radio chatter at the Safehouse.
    7. Dimitri's gameplay in the third game is good, with great controls for the diving.
    8. He upgraded from minor villain of Sly 2 to minor hero of Sly 3 with more screen time and good character development.
    9. He genuinely cared for his late grandfather, Reme Lousteau. His grandfather left his diving gear at the ocean.
    10. He provided hilarious announcer chatter for the biplane and multiplayer levels of Sly 3.
    11. He had a very funny speech pattern because he grew up watching rap music videos.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In Thieves in Time, Dimitri only has a speaking appearance in one of the trailers (despite this, his voice actor is listed in the credits). He is the informant for the Cooper Gang in the game proper, but he doesn't appear outside of cutscenes.
    2. His lips obviously don't move after Sly Cooper told him his suit sucks.
    3. His tongue had a different color in his appearances. It was green, then purple.
    4. His controls in the third game are a little hard to use.


    • Dimitri Lousteau's scream after Sly told him that his suit sucks became an internet meme.
    • Dimitri would have had a second hub world set in Monaco for Sly 2 but was scrapped.
    • Dimitri originally had a pimp style outfit and smoked a cigar but was changed to a disco themed outfit and smoked a cigarette to lower the risk of a T rating.


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