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    Dimentio (Super Paper Mario)

    Gender: Male
    Type: Cataclysmic Magician
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Unknown
    Status: Unknown
    Media of origin: Super Paper Mario

    NOTE: 150th page on this wiki!!!!!

    Dimentio is the main antagonist and the final boss of Super Paper Mario. Dimentio is a magical, dimension-bending jester who serves as one of the main lieutenants of Count Bleck (the central antagonist of the game), along with O'Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia. However, over the course of the game, Dimentio eventually reveals himself to be the real villain, using his former master merely as a way to further his plans to obtain the Chaos Heart and use its power for his own agenda. He has another form known as Super Dimentio, which serves as the final boss in the game.


    Unlike Count Bleck and his other minions, Dimentio only cares about himself, having no qualms about recreating the universe in his own "perfect" image regardless of the consequences, and he only tolerates or values people on the basis of how useful they are. Dimentio initially feigns mutual respect for Mario and the others, but he decides to end their games with the exception of Luigi, because at that point he was the only one of any use to him. When he openly reveals his disloyalty to Count Bleck near the end of the game, he appears to be angry at the count's intentions to wipe out the existence and leave it in ruin; it soon becomes clear he was only acting in order to coerce Mario and Luigi into joining him, and because he wished to have the Chaos Heart for himself. In addition, when ultimately defeated, he was perfectly willing to destroy all of the existence beyond repair post-mortem if he could not rule over it out of pure spite, even leaving behind a shadow of his power to ensure the Chaos Heart can exist long enough to achieve this purpose. There are hints that he might have been the writer of the Dark Prognosticus or at least was involved in its creation, meaning that he would be this as everything Bleck did in the game would be traced back to him.

    At first glance, he seems like a somewhat ditzy and lighthearted magician, until he appears to outright murder Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser with no hesitation or remorse, and it all goes downhill from there. If he didn't need the good guys for his convoluted plan, he could just pop in and kill them whenever he wanted to.

    Cold, calculating, cruel, fights with magic, incredibly manipulative, has nothing resembling empathy, constantly smiles when performing horrific acts as well as making cruel jokes when killing and other atrocities, what truly cements his role as an evil genius is that he is a mastermind that manipulates everyone in the game to his own ends. He seems like a decent and polite enough guy at a glance, but beneath the amicable façade lies a true rarity within the famously family-friendly Mario franchise — a cold-blooded killer. Dimentio is rather sadistic, taking pleasure in attacking his enemies and ending the games of Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and even himself (though his game-ending explosions were not truly lethal and had only transported those caught in them elsewhere), as he always maintains that ever-present smile, even when committing horrific acts. He is a completely deranged psychopath, he is always smiling and enjoys speaking in strange similes. He is also very arrogant, never believing there was even a chance of him failing to get his hands on the Chaos Heart. Despite deluding himself into believing that his goals are heroic, he understands that the heroes see him as evil. His nastiest technique and preferred method of killing were to create a barrier around his victim, then set off explosions inside.

    Not much is known about him or his background, although he was hinted to have been a mercenary at some point. His basic goal is to seek godhood by remaking the world in his own twisted image. The reason for this isn't described nor hinted at whatsoever; he's just nuts. Dimentio's past has never fully been revealed and what information we know is conflicting at best. He was either a mercenary with dimensional magic, a descendant of the magician who created the Pixls, or he could be both. Nobody on Bleck's team knows anything about him, and neither Caron nor Garson have any stories to tell about him. He's just this insane jester who somehow got into Bleck's employ.

    Why He's A Hilarious Cataclysmic Magician

    1. Even though he is a psychopathic villain, he seems very lighthearted and sometimes makes various jokes.
      • He's a despicable little sociopath, no doubt about that, but his hilariously hammy antics and bizarre speech patterns all but force you to like him.
      • It's very jarring to find a character who is as insane and murderous as he is in a Mario game, even with his Laughably Evil tendencies. The only ones who could even compare to him are the Shadow Queen, Princess Shroob, King Boo, and the Megabug.
    2. He is easily one of the darkest villains the Mario series has produced, rivaling the Shadow Queen, the Shroobs, the post-Sanity Slippage King Boo, and the Megabug in terms of sheer malice.
      • Dimentio quickly establishes his nature as a darker villain than most by corrupting Fracktail into fighting Mario, despite the fact that Fracktail was just about to let Mario obtain the red Pure Heart without a fight.
      • A case where a villain gets darker as the game progresses. At first, Dimentio is as lighthearted and silly as the rest of Count Bleck's band. But as his plans and motives are revealed, he reveals himself to be utterly psychopathic. And when his plan to remake the universe is foiled, he decides to destroy it all anyway out of sheer spite.
    3. He can be very mischievous and gets most of his information by eavesdropping on Count Bleck and the other minions.
    4. To further describe how hammy he is, everything Dimentio does is done with a theatrical flourish; as he treats his entire plan like it's a piece of theater. And the titles of his theme songs best exemplify this.
      • Half of his dialogue consists of laughing at the heroes and making similes. He's pretty over the top, fittingly since he is a jester. So whenever he appears, expect him to throw out a random simile or two.
    5. Unlike other villains, he likes to hide his psychotic intentions and likes to trick others into believing his loyalty is true, much like Bill Cipher.
      • Dimentio interferes with the protagonists for the purpose of testing out the heroes' strengths, allowing them to defeat Count Bleck, thus freeing the Chaos Heart for him to use.
      • Seemingly a Laughably Evil and harmless jester in line with Count Bleck's other minions, Dimentio eventually reveals himself to be a total psychopath with no regard for anyone but himself and his grand designs. Much like the Joker, his past is muddied with mystery. In the final stretch of the game, he tries to manipulate the heroes into accepting his Floro Sprouts. He succeeds with Luigi no matter what, transforming into Super Dimentio in the process.
    6. He is very intelligent. As he is a skilled actor and trickster, being able to fool all of his peers into believing his loyalty is true, and smart enough to manipulate others into getting the Chaos Heart, and he almost succeeded if Mario didn't manage to stop him.
      • His plan was perfect, except that the Pure Hearts regenerated because of the Undying Loyalty of Count Bleck's minions.
    7. He has a very colorful style of speech, often throwing gleeful insults at the heroes throughout the game, and in the English version, using numerous similes.
      • In the Japanese version, he instead peppers his speech with foreign phrases like "It's showtime!" and "Comment allez-vous?" He also has a tendency to bid people farewell with a "Bon voyage!" or "Au revoir!" ("Ciao!" in the English version).
      • In the original Japanese, where he peppers his speech with French words, such as "bonjour", "bon voyage", and "mademoiselle". This didn't carry over in the English translation.
    8. His character design is pretty interesting, both the usual form and the final form known as "Super Dimentio", which looks creative, to say the least.
    9. His boss battles are pretty fun.
    10. His theme song is also pretty good.
    11. Unlike many villains in the Mario franchise, he goes out of his way to outright attempt to kill Mario & Co. in their own hub world (Flipside).

    Bad Qualities

    1. He often speaks in a mocking or condescending manner, although this can be considered hilarious. And he constantly smiles, only breaking his grin when hit in battle and upon defeat.
    2. He hasn't appeared in any of the games since Super Paper Mario (except for a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).


    • His name is a pun on "dementia" and "dimension".
    • He can flip between dimensions, but he can also manipulate them (an ability he shares with Merloo) and controls Dimension D, which he designed.
    • He is heavily inspired from Kefka Palazzo. Both are magical harlequins/clowns that are considered sociopathic that brainwash one of the main protagonists. In addition to this, they are both very funny while committing their various atrocities while being more and more dangerous as their games go on, which ends with both of them nearly succeeding with their plan as they betray their leader so they can destroy the universe and recreate it so they can become a god, leading them to be the final boss and become the true Big Bad of the story.



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