Dil Pickles (All Grown Up!)

Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles is a character from the Rugrats franchise. He is one of the main characters in All Grown Up!, the Rugrats’ spin-off series, where he appears as an older kid. He is the son of Stu and Didi Pickles, is the younger brother of Tommy Pickles, is the cousin of Angelica Pickles, and is a friend to the main cast. His older self has gotten great character development, which made him a better character now than when he was a baby.

Dil Pickles (All Grown Up!)
"I'm different, Tommy. You know, like how I think. And I guess I was worried that if your gone, there won’t be anyone to, well you know, gets me."
Gender: Male
Type: More likable and hilarious kid
Age: 10
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Tara Strong
Status: Alive
Media of origin: All Grown Up!

"Pickles brothers till the end!"

Both Tommy and Dil in "Brother, Can You Spare the Time?"

Why He's Not Very Yucky Anymore

  1. He has redeemed himself when he appears as an older kid, becoming an older, likable and hilarious kid who has a charming personality and likes to share his ideas with others.
  2. Speaking of which, just like Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy, Sheen from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Pig from Back at the Barnyard, and Rex from Victorious, Dil has become a very hilarious comic-relief character, and has many funny moments, like when he went through his backward phase, and when he makes very funny poses/gestures.
  3. His design as an older kid looks good.
  4. Tara Strong still does a great job voicing him.
  5. He is learning more and more things as a kid now, as he embraces them and helps him grow as a character, and even using them as experience to help with his alien stuff, as well as whenever he hangs out with his family and friends.
  6. While he still causes trouble for Tommy and his friends sometimes, he will often realize what he has done wrong, and will try and make up for them to set things right, and fix his mistakes, since he is now much older now.
  7. Heck, even when he's blamed for something he didn't do, if that person who did the wrong thing is his brother, he will take the blame for Tommy, and Tommy often does vice-versa, showing a great trust between the brothers.
  8. He still cares about her friends and family, and is now more shown as he grows, like when he helped Angelica show that helping other people is good, and when he helped the others get Chuckie and Kimi to make-up, which shows he will often help his friends out in many situations.
  9. His acknowledgement about aliens is interesting, as they could be real, not just because the fact that there are aliens in the Nickelodeon universe like Zim, is also because this show has also shown some signs of aliens existing in the Rugrats universe as well.
  10. He's shown to share his stuff and ideas with others, like whenever he shares his ideas about the existence with aliens, and shares his equipment to help the others in certain situations.
  11. While he still takes the spotlight from others every now and then, it's shown to be more understandable as he reveals that he wants people to notice him and don't mind his weirdness, like when he was afraid Tommy would ignore him once he became famous, and when he feels happy whenever someone accepts his weird nature.
  12. His emotional side is very touching, as whenever he cries, is not annoying like when he was younger, is actually a very emotional moment that shows when Dil is upset and sad, and he can also look touched by some things such as Chuckie’s speech about not growing up too fast.
  13. He and Tommy have an awesome and heartwarming brother bond, as they care and love each other very much, help each other learn from their mistakes, and are always there for each other. Just like when he was younger, Dil always looks up to Tommy as his model, as Tommy teaches him some great things about life, and Dil also helps Tommy in the same way, like when he helps Tommy show what potential he has of being a movie director and how he's made so many people happy with the movies he's made. Their bond was good when they were younger, but it's grown to be at its best in the spin-off as their older kid selves, as they both say "Pickles brothers till the end!"

Qualities That Are Still Very Yucky

  1. His younger Rugrats self was mediocre.
  2. He can be a little bit stereotypical.


  • As seen in All Grown Up!, Dil has red hair, taken from Didi's side, and is known for his unusual interests, including inventing, taken from Stu's side.



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