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    Gender: Male
    Type: Honest Predator
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Saber-toothed Tiger
    Portrayed by: Denis Leary (2002-2016)
    Skyler Stone (2022)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ice Age

    Diego is the tritagonist of the Ice Age franchise. He used to be part of Soto's pack before he reformed and joined Manny's herd.

    Why He's Up for Round Two

    1. He is very mature and usually serious, unlike Sid.
    2. Despite starting off as an antagonist earlier, he was very thankful for Manny saving his life from falling into lava on the first film. Because of that, he has a change of heart and grows to respect Manny.
    3. When Soto tries to attack Manny near the end of the first film, Diego sacrifices himself by getting injured by Soto in order to save his mammoth friend's life.
    4. He's one of the most intelligent members out of all the herd along with Manny and Ellie.
    5. Despite being the more serious members of the herd, he can have a fun personality every now and then.
    6. Denis Leary did a great job voicing him. Skyler Stone was also decent and makes good impression of Leary in Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild.
    7. He has a really cool design.
    8. His chemistry with Manny and Sid is awesome and believable.
    9. He can give us funny moments such as "Move sloth!", "Who's up for Round Two?" and the "Where's the baby?" bit.
    10. Unlike his two best friends, he wasn't flanderized in Continental Drift and still had his original personality.
    11. Unlike most of the characters in Collision Course, he wasn't flanderized and still had his original personality despite being sidelined and not doing much in the movie.

    Intentional Bad Qualities

    1. He can be temperamental at times.
    2. He often picks on Sid despite their friendship, and is usually the most antagonistic on their rivalry.
    3. He was heavily sidelined in Collision Course, and barely did anything to move the plot forward.



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