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    Denzel Crocker (seasons 1-8)

    Denzel Crocker
    Gender: Male
    Type: Crazy Disciplinarian and Fairy Hunter
    Age: 40
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Carlos Alazraqui (original show and live action reboot)
    David Lewis (live action films)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Fairly OddParents

    Denzel Crocker, also known as Mr. Crocker, is one of the main antagonists in The Fairly OddParents. Originally, he was just a back-up villain in the first two seasons. Since Season 3 onward, he became one of the main antagonists in the series, and officially the main antagonist by season 7, replacing Vicky from this role. He was also the main antagonist of the first Fairly OddParents special, "Abra-Catastrophe", and the first "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" special. He is also one of the two main antagonists in the Bunsen is a Beast crossover episode, "Beast of Friends". He was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

    Why He Deserves An "A"+

    1. Alongside Vicky, he is one of the most memorable villains from the show as his love for capturing fairy godparents was sort of awesome and he has done tons of creative ways to capture them.
    2. While he is a loner who lives with his mother, he is still competent as a crazy villain, and his fairy freakouts are related out of skepticism and being right about their existence, with the world believing otherwise.
    3. Despite his clumsiness and obsession, he's one of the smartest characters in the show. He has correctly second-guessed Timmy's usage of his fairies a number of times and has invented a number of devices that can actually sense magic and fairies, although they are usually destroyed by either Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda, or even Poof.
    4. When he has anything involved with fairy godparents or suspects that there's one around him, or even says the word, he spasms three times (each spasm spoken with "Fairy," "God," "Parents") while saying "Fairy godparents!"
    5. He is often considered "crazy" due to his constant obsession with fairies and it comes off as very entertaining.
    6. Although originally shown as a cruel, borderline insane megalomaniac, his personality has become more lonely and bitter rather than maniacal, and is shown to want to capture a fairy to prove he isn't a nut-job. In "Cheese and Crockers," when he captured Timmy's fairies, he used the magic to first get great hair, then win the heart of his high school crush (immediately followed by breaking her heart with the same words she broke his with), and then try and destroy Timmy. As such, he is more out to prove himself right, and fix his shattered life, than take over the universe, becoming a slightly more sympathetic character, although still a villain.
    7. Although mean and cold-hearted, he doesn't want to put a baby fairy's life at risk when he had actually captured a fairy (Poof), as shown in "Bad Heir Day".
    8. He was arguably at his best in the first TV film, "Abra-Catastrophe!".
    9. In the episode "The Origins of Denzel Crocker", it is revealed that he was a very kind person when he was a kid, using his magic to help people, before his fairies, Cosmo and Wanda, were taken away. He also had saved Mr. Turner from being hit by a truck as a kid, resulting in him saving Mr. Turner's life.
    10. Carlos Alazraqui voices him very well throughout the series. Similarly, David Lewis portrays him amazingly in live-action films.
    11. He has many memorable and funny lines in the series such as:
      • "GAH!!!!"
      • "Mother!!!"

    Bad Qualities

    1. Unfortunately, he was flanderized in seasons 9 and 10.
    2. Occasionally, he can be a bit of a numbskull when he is not obsessing or hunting fairies, even before he was fully flanderized.
    3. His ear is located on his neck makes him look rather hideous, especially close up.
    4. Along with Mr. Turner, he would become one of the most overused characters in the show due to him becoming the creator's pet for cheap laughs. This trend would begin in seasons 7 and 8 before it worsened in seasons 9 and 10.
    5. Hypocrisy: He was being biased against Timmy and the other classmates, except for AJ, who is Timmy's friend.



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