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    Deb Defrates
    "What?! (Looks at her article) Ohhhhh!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: A Good Kind-Hearted Mother and Partner
    Age: Unknown (probably in her 30s)
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Stephanie Nadolny
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent

    Deborah/Debra Defrates, or Deb for short, is the deuteragonist of the Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent franchise. She is the mother of Ryan Defrates and the wife of her unnamed husband. She used to be a generic mother from the start, but she later became Ryan's partner when she proves her worth to Mr. Bradburn. She is one of the many well-written characters in Christian media, as an unpopular character in comparison to Bob and Larry from VeggieTales.

    Why She is a Good Example of Authority

    1. She is one of the many good examples of well-written parents, or mothers to be specific.
    2. She always cares for her son...
      • She understandably got worried and somewhat mad at Ryan when she reveals his job to her for the first time.
    3. She also cares for others.
    4. She is obviously, a good agent, as she always tries to think thoroughly in every situation.
    5. Her design is passable and is very original.
    6. Stephanie Nadolny did a good job in doing her.
    7. Her impression of the Queen of Roopleooplestein in "The Undercover Queen" was spot on, not to mention that she is the only one that has made a impression on someone out of all the characters.

    MOM! Qualities

    1. In "Mega-moo and The Grumpy Ducks", the color of her lips switches from pink to red for no reason whatsoever, making this an animation error. Thankfully though, she has this mistake only once.
    2. She was flanderized in "The Strawberry Shrink Ray", where she was easily weak from gaining bad-mouthed statements.


    • In "Mega-moo and The Grumpy Ducks", she says that her favorite color is purple. This is shown in what she wears in the episodes so far.
      • For most of the series, she wears her normal purple shirt.
      • In "The Three Ring Disaster", she has a purple acrobat outfit which was provided for her by Pix.
      • When she was assigned to be disguised as the Queen of Roopleooplestein in "The Undercover Queen", she wore her purple gown. Wow!


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