Dave (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island (episodes 1-6)

Dave is a contestant in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and this page will focus on the first 6 episodes only, where he was a decent character.

"The first six episodes of Pahkitew Island were the best point. I wish the creators left it at that instead of having me go quickly downhill."
Gender: Male
Type: Funny Germaphobe
Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Daniel DeSanto
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Total Drama

Why He Was the Normal Guy

  1. For the first 6 episodes, he was one of the Pahkitew Island contestants that were actually likable.
  2. He did have a crush on Sky, but he does have a lot of common sense overall, which was accurate for his label "The Normal Guy", unlike in the recent episodes.
  3. We can sympathize with him for wanting to stay clean, especially when a show like Total Drama is known to have gross-out challenges, where the contestants are most likely to get dirty.
  4. He did have a reason to be frustrated with most of his team, as Beardo is very useless, Leonard is very annoying and delusional, and Sugar is an extremely unlikable teammate.
  5. He did give some of his better teammates a chance though and work together with them, which were Ella, Shawn, and Sky.
  6. He also likes to help his teammates, like when he helps Sky forage for food, and when he helped Ella after she fell in the water in "A Blast from the Past".
  7. He's one of the good members of his team.
    • In episode 1, he agreed to Sky’s suggestion they should build something for shelter, even if Leonard’s idea was stupid.
    • In episode 2, he got through the greasy part of the challenge with his team’s pig.
    • In episode 3, he hit both Rodney and Topher during the doom balloon challenge.
    • In episode 4, he did try to kiss Sky to get his team a point in the Truth or Scare challenge.
    • In episode 5, he did get his team 2 dueling sticks during the challenge, completing an X.
  8. He also helps motivate his team to do the challenges, like in episode 5, when he lied to Shawn when he believed zombies were out there, so that Shawn could do the challenge.
  9. He has some funny moments, like his overreactions to being clean, and when he got hit with Itching Powder in episode 3 by Sammy's Balloon.
  10. Some of his dialogue can be pretty clever, mainly from "So Uh This Is My Team" and "I Love You Grease Pig."
    • "Yep. Feathers. I get it. Funny."
    • "Soup? He grabbed soup? You can't make a house out of soup!"
    • "Why are you running in slow-motion?"
    • "Can I vote for four people?"
  11. He was a good friend to Shawn, Ella, and Sky, and managed to get used to their weirdness and work together with them.
  12. His character design is pretty good and is also passable.
  13. Daniel DeSanto did a good job voicing him.
  14. "Mo Monkey, Mo Problems" is the last episode that he is still likable, despite the unlikable scene (explained in Bad Qualities), as that was the last episode prior to his flanderization.

Bad Qualities

  1. His voice (while good) can get obnoxious sometimes, mainly when he's yelling.
    • Speaking of which, his yelling can be very annoying to listen to.
  2. While his desire to stay clean can be funny, it can be too much of an obsession sometimes.
  3. While his lie to Shawn did help his team win the challenge in episode 5, it also put a strain on Shawn and Jasmine's friendship because of this. What the heck, man?
  4. His arguments with Beardo, Leonard, and Sugar can be annoying, but at least it's understandable since they aggravate him.
  5. In "Mo Monkey Mo Problems", while he wasn't flanderized yet, this indirectly started his demise, as Ella had started liking him, since he rescued her and got her slipper back to her, and she genuinely liked him, instead he became desperate for his crush on Sky to the point of acting insane and immature in a future episode, and turned down Ella and accidentally made her cry because of this. This was his only unlikable moment in that episode.
  6. He was quickly flanderized during the rest of the season.
    • However, even before said flanderization, most fans found him boring and uninteresting, to begin with.


  • Dave is one of the seven males to have more than one girl attracted to him, the others being Harold, Duncan, Justin, Trent, Alejandro, and Mike. In his case, the girls are Sky and Ella.
  • Dave is the second shortest male contestant of the third generation, being only taller than Max.
  • He shares the same name as Staci's alleged great-grandfather.
  • Dave wears the same shoes as Harold, recolored in a black color scheme.


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