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    "Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

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    Danyell Radcliff (VRCHAT Spiderman Movie)
    JoedifiedWilder2032's Daniel Radcliffe.png
    “It's me, Dan-yell Rad-cliff! Bitches, Booty and Bacon!! And I'm trying to figure out my quest for that.”
    Gender: Male
    Type: Thuggish Trickster
    Age: His 20s (possibly)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford (JoedifiedWilder2032)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: VRCHAT Spiderman Movie

    "Well, I gotta say; My name is Dan yell Rad cliff. Do you, wanna know how I got these NAILS? They're like scars, but. The story is, when I took THESE slippers. I found, these slippers for free. Then, and when I went to bed, the- some PRICK nailed them, to my guns. And all I could ever do, is EAT and do, anything, with guns while, I can, SHOOT, SQUARES. And now, I'm on the hunt for revenge, and find, the Bitches and Bacon.... and that's what I'm gonna do now." - Danyell, explaining how he got his guns nailed to his hands as his intro in "VRCHAT SPIDERMAN MOVIE"

    Danyell Jakeley "DANNIE" Radcliff, also known as Danyell Radcliff and occasionally referred to as "The Madman" and "Gunman", is a third main character, anti-hero, and former main antagonist of the VRCHAT Spiderman Movie film from the web channel WarmOrb. He is voiced and portrayed by a VRChat user called JodifiedWilder2032 (currently named JoedifiedWilder). His character is an over-the-top, comical version of Miles Lee Harris from the movie Guns Akimbo, who was played by Daniel Radcliffe.



    He is first seen running all over the place and running around town with his guns. He was later then seen antagonizing other people for his incentive of looking for bacon, earning women in his favor, and is very vengeful on his hunt for the sadist that drilled guns onto his very fingers in an underhanded manner. Dan got his hands nailed for just grabbing some orange slippers that were (supposedly) for free at a yard sale, his vengeance is the very reason why he became a troublemaker.


    Danyell is very vindictive, wild, quirky, zany, somewhat outgoing & rollicking, kinda crazy, and a boisterous delinquent who wears a robe outdoors and lion slippers he got for free. Despite causing trouble and havoc all around him out of sheer vengeance, he seems to enjoy being a goofball; spouting out a ton of off-the-wall one-liners and randomly whimsical non-sequiturs that sound completely absurd and goofy, all in a very comedic fashion. This is done to make him viewed as an entertainer in the public in his eyes despite having chaotic and destructive intentions.

    He seeks to achieve his goal of getting revenge over the person who nailed guns to his hands in the first place and earning the "bitches, booty, and bacon" as his supposed benefit to his madness and his primary motive for revenge, which became a obsession of his.

    Despite his outward appearances and his vengeful motives that are akin to a sadistic extremist and a vigilante; he may be a total jokester for a gunner but he is rather affable and laid-back, as well as a thrill-seeker who is seen goofing off, minding his own business or going anywhere as he pleases outside of antagonizing people. No matter what kinds of the crazy stuff he'll be saying.

    Why He Rocks

    1. For how loony, irreverent, and jokey he generally is, he has an over-the-top yet somewhat sympathetic and understandable backstory for how he became the way he is today. As he got guns attached to his very hands for something as harmless as taking slippers that were allegedly for free and that was his primary motive for revenge on top of getting what he wants. Considering that this is told differently from how Miles Lee Haris got his bolted hands from the movie Gun Akimbo, this makes him out to be very original and diverse.
    2. JoedifiedWilder2032 did a great job voicing and portraying the character, it's quite obvious that he's having lots of fun with the role the user came up with himself.
      • His boisterous, manly mannerisms help enforce how comedic and exaggerated this version of Miles Harris is.
    3. Before he got an antagonistic role as the sadistic robber in "VRCHAT SPIDERMAN MOVIE", he was the hammiest, quirkiest, and most humorous user who was assisted as WarmOrb's bodyguard and was a playful dude that seeks to get rid of the thickness from Venom's body as seen in "VRChat SPIDERMEN GO WILD".
    4. His fun-loving attitude and unpredictable personality are very entertaining to watch.
    5. He contributed to some of the funniest moments in the film he starred in and his earlier and later appearances, prior to his role as a vengeful anti-villain.
      • An example of this was the moment when he asked Trixie, Spiderman's sidekick that she was fighting against, to be his girlfriend on the spot since he was so close to Dan when Spiderman was also punching him. This worked as a very ludicrous trick to distract (and possibly entertain) others that were in his words: "bloody hilarious, and there's NO blood".
        • In that same clip; the user that Danyell asked to be his GF in a sarcastic way, Trixie said that he's gonna "die by laughing" because of how entertainingly bizarre Danyell can be; meaning that given the level of wit to his humor, it's shown that ludicrous comedy is Danyell's secret & powerful weapon.
    6. For as much of a psycho he is, he has actual moments of being extremely self-aware in a rational yet astute manner. Especially to the point of going off-script.
      • An pure example of his self-awareness is how Dan claims to be completely aware of his own 'insanity' and intentionally spreads confusion onto his opponents in the style of being a complete jokester to get a skillful advantage. This also shows how incredibly smart he can be as well outside of being very funny.
    7. Despite being an incredibly wacky screwball for such a vengeful anti-villain, he actually achieved at making everyone lose their sanity and intentionally making the plot lack coherence and focus (all on a surprisingly logical and believable level no-less!); all by Danyell having so much fun with his randomness when he fights Spiderman; to the point where everyone started to have fun in a way of being off-character and even running away from the threats, Danyell posed.
      • When everyone disappeared while Dan was fighting Venom, WarmOrb himself even admits that Danyell's plan of causing insanity actually worked.
    8. For the fact that he refers to gunfiring as "shooting squares" is very humorous and creative at the same time.
    9. When he isn't antagonizing anyone, he can be genuinely mild-mannered, laid-back, playful, discreet, affable, composed, and somewhat harmless.
    10. He provides plenty of hilarious and quotable phrases that include:
      • “Get the Bacon!”
      • “Oh boy! You, Robo! You're gonna have to give me all your bitches, booty, and bacon!”
      • “What, are you my girlfriend now or what?”
      • “Isn't that, side-splitting? Apparently, it's bloody hilarious, and there's NO blood!”
      • “I reload- I am SUPERNATURAL. They will come back, and as, as I do that. I, I have supernatural energy with my squares. They look like, yell-ow dots- I mean white dots. But, they're just THAT powerful.”
      • “We are madness! And I just wanna see, what your purpose is! That's what I am looking for.”
      • “At this point, I don't get what's going on.”
      • “I have to say, I'm sweating my balls off!!”
      • “Because, we have lost our sanity at the, same time! And that's why I'm looking for my bitches and bacon! It's ALL MISSING.”
      • “That's what happens, when you don't, when you don't give me ya your bacon, bitches and, money.”
      • “Okay, but I got, I got guns of bacon, and, squares you're gonna have to deal with that.”
      • “Apparently holding onto his back made me fly, this is, that is what happened! It's absolutely crazy, but it's normal.”
      • “Well apparently, closage made sense! Especially uh uh, spua SPIDEY BOY, GIVING me something I dunno.”
      • “I'm just that, I'm-I'm that, KIND of guy apparently...”
      • “That serves them right, THAT serves them right!! FOR tooth-brushes! For toothbrushes!!!”
      • 🎵“Trying to shove a gun, in a folder, not workin'- Perfect!”🎵
      • “I will get the THICCNESS outta here! GET out of here with you, thick ass!”
      • “And your tongue is making things worse! Now, I would, want you to back off but, well... you have too much bacon so I'm gonna have to keep, shooting all that, laser jizz over there so.”
      • “I made everything LACK, sssstructure and focus! That is my powers, as "The Madman". Making everyone lose their sanity.”
      • “You got some nice bacon, on the face but that's pretty cool.”
      • “Little did they suspect, that I still have my squares, and I'm gonna bring; sanity AGAIN, and then not only that..”
      • “Everybody's gonna get LUSTFUL, that is, what they did not suspect.”
      • “I thought we were going on the Ferris wheel but, macaroni tells me something else.”
      • “And Yoshi's his sidekick. His, THHICK budd ah tha tha (breaks down to chuckling)”
      • “I'll, I'll be the TEFF, DEFININ, MADMUN”
      • “The guy stalking you, behind you? Oh, wait, behind you”
      • “You will, you will def inspect the MACARONI.”
      • “Man... I have to say, I'm sweating my balls off”
      • “G-Right Sure, Captain!”
      • “I got the bricklets in fricklets!!”
      • “You forgot your favorite sociopath: Joe! You forgetting it but I'm pretty sure's that what happened. But, what did I miss?”

    Bad Qualities

    1. Even though it's intentional, there are times when his dialogue is all over the place. Understandably, it was all done in one take.
      • For how much strange (and sometimes clever) dialog he spouts out, he can sometimes be very random and say some bombastic things on occasion.
      • Given how mostly spontaneous the voice performance is, there are times when you can literally hear the voice of Danyell, holding in the laughter from the hilarity of Dan's crazy & goofy one-liners with no retake as well as him nearly stuttering at times. However, this is justified since it was all a part of the act, and the actual movie has been put on a hiatus (or was presumably canceled at one point).
    2. He is so eccentric, erratic and extremely ridiculous, it's easy to laugh at him and not take him seriously as a threat despite his many talents and skills, prior to Danyell's lunacy and playful attitude.

    DAN's Videos


    • He was originally created on a whim by JoedifiedWilder2032 to have this persona as the 'gun-holding madman' version of Daniel Radcliffe's Miles Lee Harris from Guns Akimbo with a similar sounding name of the actor who portrayed Miles to make it more familiar (which is what the avatar is based on).
    • The user JoedifiedWilder2032, made Danyell's character exclaim the fact he shoots "squares" from his guns, because in the Oculus Quest; his VR avatar's controller triggers that are supposed to shoot bullets are shown to be black squares, but when the avatar is seen shooting on the PC, it looks like realistic gunfires.
    • The user that portrayed the character, JoedifiedWilder2032 (who is also Joseph DiAngelo Sanford btw) also uses the same type of cartoonishly gruff voice he also did for a random side character, Bill Grucks from SuperSonicJoseph.
    • A part of Danyell's slogan of earning the "bitches, booty, and bacon", claims that he seeks to earn the ladies as a benefit for his madness among many things like bacon. But on the other hand, the moment of him randomly asking Trixie to be his girlfriend, who was actually played a male despite Dan understandably mistaking him to be female at first glace, somewhat created the implication that Dan is bicurious. However, Danyell was right about Robo's sidekick being female since WarmOrb did confirm at the end of "VRCHAT SPIDERMAN MOVIE" that the role of RoBo's sidekick done by a male user named user_843652594377993, is also a female character revealed to be named Trixie as of Feburary 23rd, 2023.
    • Danyell has jokingly referred to himself as a sociopath two times, one time he said this when he says that "nobody dies yet" in "VRChat - Exploring"; which often sounds more like a psychopathic remark than sociopathic.
    • Danyell mentioned that he happens to be gifted and was somehow granted some supernatural energy because of the incident that his hands being nailed to guns. And as Trixie (played by user_843652594377993), Danyell can reload his energy with his own guns.


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