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    Dana Cruz
    "Stay out of my way and out of my stuff and we won't have a problem."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Likable Alpha Bitch Tomboy
    Age: 14 (season 1)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kristin Herrera
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Zoey 101

    Dana Cruz is one of the main characters in the Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101 during season 1. She was the roommate and friends of Zoey Brooks and Nicole Bristow in season 1. Her other good friends are Michael Barret, Chase Matthews, Logan Reese, Dustin Brooks, and Quinn Pensky.

    Dana was only a main character in season 1. As stated in season 2, she was accepted to a European exchange student program to study in Paris, with Lola Martinez taking her spot in Room 101.


    Dana is one of Zoey's season one roommates. Dana is good at sports, particularly basketball. In some episodes it was seen that she also likes to skateboard. She also loves to sleep, hates to wake up, and considers mankind's greatest invention to be the snooze button on her alarm clock. She frequently argued with roommate Nicole Bristow, whom Dana blamed for giving her frequent nightmares about "death by blow dryer." Dana's bad attitude is comparable to that of Logan Reese, whom she cannot stand, although both have quite a bit in common and went to a school dance together. Dana has a strong willed personality and will often try to do things on her own, which is shown in "Jet X," but finds she succeeds more in a group. She tends to be sometimes tomboyish, aggressive, and negative. Dana has two arguments throughout the series with Zoey Brooks, one in New Roomies and another in Jet X. She is a snob but she can be sweet at times. Dana is devious and really knows how to mess with Logan.

    Why She's Sassy In A Good Way

    1. Out of all characters, Dana definitely wins the snarking trophy (and doing it in a charming and humorous way instead of being irritating), even though she only appears in the first season.
    2. As arrogant and sarcastic as she is, she is still a good friend to Zoey and the rest of the group.
    3. Dana and Logan have a cute "belligerent sexual tension" between each other, for instance they would usually insult each other whenever they see each other but also got along on several occasions. In the episode "School Dance", Logan suggested he wanted to make out with her and she almost kissed him on the dance floor, but stomped on his foot as a playful trick of hers. The two made peace after the first season and became friends, thus showing that this was a great way to subvert the typical "childhood friends become romantic because the plot demands it" trope.
    4. Her jerkish attitude can come off as pretty funny most of the time, and is comparable to Logan Reese's usually jerkish behavior, thus making it a little more refreshing in practice.
    5. She has a strong willed personality and will often try to do things on her own, showing that she will bend to nobody.
    6. Even though she is a snob, she can have moments here and there of being sweet and nice at times.
    7. While her tough and fierce appearance frequently leads people to believe that she is "arrogant" and "scary", she does this because she obviously her friends who trust her and are willing to befriend her, will give back in return (which shows how she is still nice to her friends), and thus and she doesn't hold back on both regards, which shows that her heart is in the right place as it should be.
    8. Her and Nicole's frenemy style relationship, can be funny and entertaining to watch.
    9. Dana is devious, sneaky and really knows how to mess with Logan (she doesn't mean any harm and just likes to play around with him), which makes her clever, cunning and still decently entertaining as an "mischievous trickster" and as a bit of a "friendly rival".
    10. The actress Kristin Herrera is portrayed very well in the series as the main role.
    11. Kristin Herrera actually returned to Nickelodeon on an All That episode, despite her being written out of the series, many Dana fans we're happy and surprised to see her in the reunion.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her aggressive and malicious attitude makes her too much of a jerk. While she is funny, she can be annoying and spiteful most of the time.
    2. We never really get to see the sweetest aspects of Dana's potentionally heartwarming traits, due to her being kicked out of the show too soon, making it seem like the show wants to hide how kindhearted and sweet she actually is.
      • Executive Meddling: In real life after Season 1 ended, Kristin Herrera was unceremoniously fired from Zoey 101 so Victoria Justice replaced her for the rest of the series.
      • She has the second-fewest appearances of all the main characters in the series, present for all of Season 1 and not seen again.
      • Despite only appearing in season 1, Dana is only present for all 13 episodes, she does not appear in any of the Zoey 101 TV movies. She never returned in seasons 2-4.
    3. Wasted Potential: After Nicole left in season 2 it would've been cool if they replace her with Dana for the rest of the series as the main role or just keep her in the entire series and having Lola replace Nicole during seasons 3 and 4.
      • She is the only main character to not interact with Lola Martinez. Along with Chase and Nicole, Dana also never interacts with James Garrett.
      • She did have potential to meet Lola and James in the Zoey 102 movie but unfortunately Kristin decided to not return. She revealed in the comments on an Instagram post she was offered the chance to reprise her role, but turned it down to focus on raising her child. However, she admitted it would have been fun playing her again.
      • In the episode ''Little beach party'', Dana barely has any dialogue and is shown very little. Fans of hers got rather upset since this was her last appearance and she did not get a proper goodbye.
      • During the second season episode "Back to PCA", Zoey said that Dana was only going to be in Paris for a semester, but she never returns to PCA, despite the series continuing after this semester.
    4. Lola replaces Dana as Zoey's roommate after the first season. While Dana has her fans, she's a bit of a "Base-Breaking Character" for coming off as a female version of Logan, and most people agree that the show works better with Lola.
    5. She was originally written as Logan's love interest, as hinted by their belligerent sexual tension, but this role was given to Quinn after Dana left the show. While it is a interesting subversion of the the typical trope, some viewers will see this as a shame since it would've been interesting and endearing how these two could've got together as lovers.
    6. She can be quite lazy, and her being a slacker doesn't help much.


    1. She is underrated and a memorable character in the series.
    2. Dana is good at sports, particularly basketball.
    3. She has many outfits that look good on her.
    4. She and Lola are both Hispanic, despite the two never meeting each other.


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