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    "There's an old saying, 'Revenge is a dish served immediately!'"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Wrathful Jerk With a Heart of Gold
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Curtis Armstrong
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dan Vs.

    Daniel ''Dan'' Mandel is the titular anti-heroic main protagonist of Dan Vs.His main goal in the series is to exact revenge on people, places and things that wrong him during his day to day life. He is loosely based on the co-creator of the same name.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Dan is a short-tempered man with a mission to exact revenge on anyone and anything he deems has wronged him, and he portrays this personality very well.
    2. His revenge plans are pretty clever and enjoyable to watch.
    3. He may come off as unlikable for the most part, but he portrays unlikability the enjoyable way.
    4. Even with his rash behavior, Dan does have a sense of morality and will occasionally do the right thing. In "The Animal Shelter", he decided to adopt a cat and named it Mr. Mumbles, and then he decided to let all of the other animals out before the animal shelter exploded.
    5. His interactions with his friends Chris and Elise are memorable.
    6. He has tons of funny moments that make it physically impossible to watch without laughing!
    7. Even though he typically treats Chris poorly, he has been shown to care about him and has helped him out a few times, if seemingly grudgingly.
    8. His relationship with Hortence is pretty nice as well.
    9. Dan can also come off as sympathetic sometimes, in "Summer Camp", he and Chris were suffering from the torture that Camp Atrocious has given them and the other children when they were younger, and it was also implied a few times in the show that Dan had a bad childhood, which could possibly explain why Dan acts like this.
    10. He can also be intelligent at times, as in the episode "Dan", when an Imposter stole his idenity, Dan disguised himself as "Biff Wellington" and pretended to be nice to his Imposter, then gave him all of his information, and then got the police to arrest him, in which was a pretty smart idea.
    11. His voice acting by Curtis Armstrong is really amazing and memorable.
    12. His design is pretty good.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Although Dan's jerkish, short-tempered, rude, and toxic attitude is what makes him famous in this show, it can make him unlikeable at the same time depending on anyone's view. In fact, he is also bossy and rude to his friend Chris.
      • Depending on your view, seeing him deprive Chris of his own business in his new antic seems unfair and mean-spirited for Chris as some of Chris' misfortunes are caused by him.
      • Dan even attempts to do this by taking advantage of him with many skills, similar to another character from a flash-animated series, but older and rasher.
      • Not to mention his portrayal can also offend those named "Dan."
    2. His and Elise's bickering can get out of hand at times.
    3. In "The Animal Shelter", he accidentally poisoned Chris and didn't care that he was poisoned. After Chris was taken to a hospital, Dan then dragged his unconscious body to places so he can complete his plan.



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