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    D.W. Read (Arthur, seasons 16-25)

    D.W. Read
    Gender: Female
    Type: Well Behaved Aardvark
    Age: D
    Species: Aardvark
    Portrayed by: Jake Beale
    (seasons 16-17)
    Andrew Dayton
    (seasons 18-19)
    Christian Distefano
    (seasons 20-21)
    Ethan Pugiotto
    (seasons 22-25)
    Nissae Issen
    (All Grown Up)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Arthur
    First appearance: Arthur's Eyes
    Last appearance: All Grown Up

    Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is a major character from the PBS Kids series Arthur. She is a preschooler who is Arthur's younger sister and Kate's older sister. She got character growth and became a good character from season 16 to 25 (the final season of the series).

    Why She's Not So Bratty Anymore

    1. She has received some good character development, enough to make her a good character. This can be called "reverse flanderization".
    2. She is still admittedly cute, and we see that more now that she's throwing less fits. Also, she's not a Mary Sue.
    3. Speaking of which, she no longer has the tendency to be overly dramatic and bossy, becoming nicer.
    4. She also no longer has the tendency to throw fits when things don't get her way, showing how more mature she has become.
    5. Her love for her brother deep down is more shown now, and she has grown out of annoying, complaining, and getting him into trouble.
    6. Her hatred for her full name is rarely shown now, which is good, since most people call her D.W. anyways, which she prefers to be called.
    7. She's grown to not believe everything on TV and is less gullible.
    8. Her voice has gotten better and is more peaceful now (except when she cries but happens sporadically now).
    9. She tends to follow orders more often now, especially reasonable orders from Arthur.
    10. Even if she still does something bad sometimes, she is now mostly getting punished during those times, instead of rarely. Also, when she still does something bad, she really learns from her mistake.
    11. She also has quite a big imagination.
    12. Her fondness for unicorns is still kind of adorable.
    13. She is shown to be quite intelligent for her age and is now more shown.
    14. She does get moments where her growth really shines through, such as when she learned to not blame others from getting the part, she wanted in school plays.

    Bratty Qualities

    1. She didn't have a good start during the first 15 seasons. The first 15 seasons where a character is bad? Well, that’s a record, but it’s thankful that her character growth eventually helped her out.
    2. Sometimes she holds some of her original personality. Examples are:
      • Bug Arthur sometimes.
      • Be bossy and overly dramatic sometimes.
      • Her hatred for her name is still shown, but rarely now. It still can’t excuse the fact that hating your own name is something else.
      • Sometimes, her gullible traits and believing stuff on TV are still shown.
      • Her voice is still grating sometimes, especially when she cries.
      • Throws fits sometimes.
      • Gets away with her bad actions, but it’s very rare now.
      • Disobeys orders sometimes.
    3. There are still some episodes where she's not at her best (although, this happens less often than in the first 15 seasons).
    4. Like her family (and even other aardvark characters like Amanda Hulser), she still barely resembles an aardvark.


    • D.W. is based on Kim Brown, the sister of Marc Brown, who is the author of the Arthur books and the co-developer of the cartoon.
    • According to the episode "D.W. All Wet", D.W. is cephalophobic, as she refuses to swim in a lake because she thinks there may be octopi in it.
    • D.W.'s birthday is on March 1, 1992.
    • Despite considered one of the worst characters in the show, she was the star of many memes like "Tired D.W." (a photoshop of a frame in Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider), "Sign Can't Stop Me Because I Can't Read" (D.W.'s Name Game) and Yo Mama! (which can be heard in the season 6 end credits).


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