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    "I NEED the energy of those creatures! Bring them to ME!"
    Gender: Unknown
    Type: Mutated Successor
    Age: 1,000+
    Species: Unknown
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Mario + Rabbids

    Cursa is the main antagonist of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It was mutated from a small surviving Megabug fragment that fused with stellar debris in deep space.

    Why It Rocks

    1. Cursa is one of the darker characters in the Super Mario universe and one of the darkest in the Raving Rabbids series overall which is matched up to the Shadow Queen, Dimentio, the Shroobs, and its predecessor that is the Megabug.
    2. Despite only having one line in the game, Cursa still manages to demonstrate so much personality through its actions by how it treats others; it cruelly drains the Sparks' energy that it captures and almost crushes two Spark Hunters, Midnite and Bedrock for failing to catch any Sparks for it.
    3. Cursa is shown to also be very intelligent despite once being a fragment of the Megabug that fused with stellar debris to mutate to become what it is and gained sentience over time. After Rosalina successfully sent the Lumas and the Rabbids faraway from Cursa which they merged to become Sparks, it took control of Rosalina, but due to her rebelling against the union, it seeks out the Sparks to take their energy, creates its forces along with the Spark Hunters, Midnite, Bedrock, and Daphne, and later revealed that it was behind the creations of Edge and Kanya, who were intended to be leaders, but both gained free will to betray Cursa, with Edge going out to save the Sparks while Kanya stays evil and seeks to destroy Cursa and conquer the galaxy.
    4. Cursa's design is really cool and creepy to match up to how enigmatic and nightmarish it was supposed to be. Her true form after Rosalina is freed is also decent.
    5. Its boss battle is just as amazing and epic as the other good bosses in the Super Mario series and the Raving Rabbids series, with three characters each being on a different battlefield, Mario, Princess Peach, and Rabbid Rosalina on the first field, Luigi, Rabbid Mario, and Rabbid Luigi on the second field, and Bowser, Edge, and Rabbid Peach on the third field where they are given turns on attacking Cursa. It's final defeat in the end is immensely satisfying.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Cursa doesn't get to have any other lines other than the one it got which would have given it more insight on its opinions of many things.


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