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    Crazy Steve (Drake & Josh)

    Crazy Steve
    Gender: Male
    Type: Easily Enraged Screwball
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jerry Trainor
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Drake & Josh

    Crazy Steve is a recurring character in Drake & Josh, a mentioned character in Victorious, and a character who makes two cameos in an iCarly spin-off named Sam & Cat. He is a mentally disturbed employee of The Premiere Theatre.

    Why He's Anything But Crazy

    1. He's mainly famous for his supremely hammy, goofball-like behavior and the running gag of him getting angry.
    2. He has a lot of funny quotes like "COCKA DOODLE DOO THE COW GOES MOO!" from Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp.
    3. He is shown to act normal when he talks to some characters like Audrey for example.
    4. He's not always angry. There are times where he can calm down.
    5. The show might not be the same as it is now without him, as he's actually a fan favorite in the show.
    6. Him watching Dora the Explorer in "The Storm" is hilarious to watch.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Much like Spencer Shay, he has a habit of yelling when he's angry, shocked, or upset, which can get on your nerves over time. Then again, this can mostly be excused since he wouldn't be called "Crazy Steve" without that habit.


    • In the movie Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, he drove a DeLorean with a license plate that said CRAZY! at the Christmas parade. When he drove away in it, the license plate falls off and spins before falling flat on the ground, referencing to the 1985 sci-fi movie Back to the Future.
    • Also, he calls prison "heavy", something that Marty McFly would say a lot in the films.
    • He likes Dora the Explorer.
    • Monday is his "bad day".
    • It is unknown what makes Crazy Steve so angry. He may have anger issues or trauma.
    • He was mentioned by Helen in the Victorious episode "Helen Back Again"
    • He likes Galaxy Wars, as seen in "Battle of Panthatar".
    • Coincidentally, his character from iCarly, Spencer Shay, is also a fan of Galaxy Wars.
    • He has the same middle name as his portrayer (Jerry Trainor).
    • He makes two cameo appearances in the Sam & Cat special "SuperPsycho".
    • In the 1986-1990 show ALF there is a minor character of the same name. Dan Schneider who was born in 1966/the writers must have watched this series in the episode "Prime".



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