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    Crash Bernstein
    Crash in Pranksgiving Promo.png
    Crash animated.png
    “You've been crashed! Happy Pranksgiving!!! AHHAHAAH!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Waggish Prankster
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tim Lagasse
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Crash & Bernstein

    "It's PRANKS! Giving!" - Crash

    Crash Bernstein, better known as Crash, is the titular main protagonist of the 2012 Disney XD series, Crash and Bernstein. While he is a fun but flawed main character, he is also given a new personality as the anti-villainous prankster in his own Disney XD bumper series titled Pranksgiving.

    Why He Rocks

    1. His role as the series' mischievous trickster is very well-written. In fact, Crash contains the best qualities he contains from the original show, as well as containing little of his immaturity; except with massive improvement and consistently keeping his humorous "trickster" personality the same in each Pranksgiving episode.
    2. As always, Tim Lagasse still does a great job at portraying the character despite sounding way too mature for a teenager, as well as doing an amazing job at puppeteering him like before. This time, Crash is given a little more dramatic flair to his voicing than before, and it fits Crash's thrill-seeking personality trait in the series.
    3. Even though he is treated as a sassy and quirky character, in this show he's no longer treated as a complete imbecile who was shown to be largely incompetent, mentally ill, and crass for the show's comic relief moments to poke fun at him. Now he's given a lot more intelligence, wisdom, sass, and common sense for him to work with as a hyper-competent prankster for nobody to mess with or underestimate.
    4. Many of his goofy pranks are actually quite clever, creative, unpredictable, strategic, and well-timed, as well as his harmless pranks of retribution to get back at others, who attempt pranking him, are incredibly hilarious to see the many ways Crash inflicts them onto his opponents that underestimated him at several points.
      • The setups for his pranks have rhyme or reason for the prank to work, especially when he uses his charisma to distract others as Crash planned out many of his pranks very carefully without anyone knowing he did until the last minute, making him a talented genius of pranks. Best examples include episodes like "Turkey Ball", "Different Drumstick", and "Bombs Away" for example.
      • The episode "Bullhorn", was one of the most inclusive episodes. As Alex Christian Jones and Leo Howard (two actors from Kickin' It) and Ryan Ocha (A actor from Pair of Kings), are seen pranking everyone with Crash and his bullhorns, then have the sudden twist of Crash pranking them all since Crash's strong profession of pranks is proven to be solid and palpable of the exaggerated type; where he got them to have fun with Crash pranking others and then pranked them to teach them what the rules are of a prankster (one of them being "never trust a comic").
    5. He gets to have many fun, humorous interactions with many of the Disney XD cast. Even interacting with actors from other Disney XD shows that were all popular for the time it was airing like Lab Rats, Kickin' It, Pair of Kings, and even Randy Cunningham; all of which demonstrate how enjoyable these crossovers are with Crash involved in them. Since the majority of the episodes play a "straight-man and wise-guy" structure that works very well in the show's short comedy sketches.
      • This is the only time you get to see Crash animated as a cartoon character, something you don't see anywhere in the original show or in Disney XD history. As in this crossover he has with Randy Cunningham, he turns himself into a cartoon with his gadgets and then hides in a locker for Crash to quickly prank Randy by replacing his ninja balls with Crash's Prank Ninja Balls; containing chickens, snot, goats, a sentient banana, candy, and gravy to prank him in Norrisville High while Randy was chasing after a robot lizard, as Howard finds a plate of flies in the bathroom for him to enjoy the day (all of which were planned out by Crash himself).
      • He even invites big-name basketball NBA stars to be on his show like Kenneth Faried (Player #35 of Denver) and Deandre Jordan (Player #6 for Los Angeles) in the episode "Turkey Ball".
    6. The way he sometimes opens up to the viewer with humorous dialogue about what he plans of doing before beginning his prank like a wacky supervillain would do. As well as revealing what he did before he made the prank happen in the episode "Turkey Ball" for example, has shown that Crash has become far more cunning, sarcastic, deceitful, and witty than ever before. Especially since he's sometimes even shown to remain in a hidden surveillance room nobody knows of, done to mask how calculating and underhanded he is here despite being a bit of an immature person.
    7. He's provided many hilarious, endearing, and great quotes as always.
      • “Don't count your turkeys before THEY'RE hatched! HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!!”
      • “I'd like to say a few words. Only been here a short time, I'll admit that I, didn't fit in too well, maybe I overcompensated by pranking everyone a little too much, but uh. Truth is, uh, you guys are like family to me. You're like, REAL brothers and sisters to me. Even after I schooled you in the art of, practical jokes you welcomed me with open arms. Naw naw naw! As usual I got TOO carried away. But you made me feel at home! And when you can prank the ones you love.. that's the greatest prank, of all. Now.. LETS EAT!! (Coughs) Ugh!! Hmm, sorry!”
      • “Rule number one in comedy: Louder, Equals Funnier. Watch and learn. YO WHAT'S UP!? Clean up on isle seven!!
      • “HA HA HA HA, Comedy rule number two: Never trust a comic. Oh and uh, YOU'VE BEEN CRASHED!! HAPPY PRANKS GIVIIIING!!!!”
      • “My buddies Randy and Howard, probably think that because, they happen to be cartoons, that they can somehow avoid Pranksgiving- Wrong again boys because for this special prank. I say to be even more, animated, than usual. Let the magic begin!! (Presses fart button) HAAH HAH HAH He- Sorry I'm sorry, wrong button!! (Teleports): I secretly replaced Randy's ninja BALLS, with Crash's Patented PRANK Balls!! ... Deh! Here it comes, geeeee!!!!”

    Bad Qualities

    1. He was fairly mediocre in the original show, Crash & Bernstein.
    2. As discussed on his LCW page; even though his pranks can be very entertaining, he is a sadistic Karma Houdini type of prankster that never gets pranked by anyone else. At least, it makes sense for him to be since in this show, Crash is a true trickster by heart and his pranks are meant to be unexpected since Crash really is meant to be that smart.
      • His design still looks a tad bit like Walter from The Muppets.



    • He was the mascot of Disney XD, until he was replaced by Future-Worm!


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