Cranky Kong (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)

Cranky Kong is one of the supporting characters in The Super Mario Bros. Movie franchise. He is Donkey Kong's father, king of the Jungle Kingdom, the Kongs, and the ruler of the Great Kong Army. He is voiced by Fred Armisen.

Cranky Kong
"Enough with the showboating!"
Gender: Male
Type: The original Donkey Kong who is king of the Kongs and the Jungle Kingdom
Age: Elderly
Species: Gorilla
Portrayed by: Fred Armisen
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Why He's the Ruler of the Kongs and the Jungle Kingdom

  1. Unlike the games, he is Donkey Kong's father, is the king of the Kongs and the Jungle Kingdom, which is really interesting and pretty cool.
  2. Similar to his game counterpart, he is shown to be cranky, although very less cranky than his video game counterpart.
  3. He is shown to have a bunch of funny moments in the movie, thanks to Fred Armisen's performance and Cranky Kong's crankiness.
  4. The scene with him and the others driving on Rainbow Road while battling Bowser's minions is awesome.
  5. Similar to his game counterpart, he has a bunch of hilarious/memorable lines such as:
    • "Oh, by all means, come in."
    • "So, I heard you want my army."
    • "What makes you think you're worthy of fighting alongside the greatest army in the world!?"
    • "Okay, fine."
    • "No, that's not it."
    • "The answer is no."
    • "Goodbye."
    • "Who is this guy?
    • "Oh, he makes me laugh!"
    • "All right, tough guy. You want my army so badly?"
    • "Are you two done whispering?"
    • "It's a little rude."
    • "No, no! Don't do that!"
    • "Enough with the showboating!"
    • "Now... Since I want the fight to last more than 5 seconds, I put Power-Ups around the arena."
    • "You're welcome, Mario."
    • "Alright, simmer down!"
    • "I said, 'SIMMER DOWN!"
    • "That means you, Diddy Kong!"
    • "Guess you're not getting my army!"
    • "I guess he got the wrong mushroom."
    • "ENOUGH!"
    • "Get inside!"
    • "We've located Bowser's ship."
    • "He's gonna arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom by sundown!'
    • "Luckily for you guys, I've got a shortcut!"
    • "Yeah, I know."
    • "That's why we're gonna need karts!"
    • "Well, what are you waiting for? Pick your karts!"
    • "Well then, you better step on the gas and buckle up!"
    • "Defensive position!"
    • "No! NO!"
    • "Get your clown claws off of us!"
    • "Who's this ray of sunshine?"
    • "You did good, kid."
    • "Make your pecs dance. You deserve it!"
  6. He watches the fight between Mario and Donkey Kong in the Great Ring of Kong.
  7. His design is awesome and may be even considered better than his video game counterpart, as he wears an outfit, a red hat, and even lacks his wrinkles.
  8. The concept of Bowser's minions kidnapping him is very interesting as it had never been used before in any Mario media.
  9. His dynamic between Donkey Kong is extremely faithful to the games.
  10. Fred Armisen does a great job voicing him, as he sounds overall similar to his game counterpart.

Cranky Qualites

  1. He refused to help Peach stop Bowser and Save the Mushroom Kingdom at First Until Mario Beats Donkey Kong.
  2. He is never shown going back to the Jungle Kingdom after getting saved by Tanooki Mario and going back to the Jungle Kingdom.


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