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    Cosmo and Wanda (seasons 1-8)

    Cosmo and Wanda
    "Hey, Timmy! I'm Cosmo! And I'm Wanda! And we're your Fairy GodParents!"
    Gender: Male (Cosmo)
    Female (Wanda)
    Type: Witty & Quaint Fairies
    Age: 10000 years old (Both)
    Species: Fairies
    Portrayed by: Daran Norris (Cosmo)
    Susanne Blakeslee (Wanda)
    Jason Alexander (Cosmo, live action film, Human form)
    Cheryl Hines (Wanda, live action film, Human form)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Fairly OddParents

    Cosmo and Wanda are the titular deuteragonists in The Fairly OddParents and one of the main characters of its reboot The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder. They are the fairy godparents of Timmy Turner. They also have a baby boy named Poof, after Timmy wished for them to have a child together. They are voiced by Daran Norris and Susan Blakslee, respectively.

    Why They Fairly Rock


    1. Unlike Timmy's real parents, they are a lot more wiser and smarter and love Timmy and make sure to satisfy and keep him happy, but they will make sure to do what is right and are also strict and will follow Da Rules, so they can make sure that Timmy can't have everything go his way.
    2. They give Timmy good advice about how some of his wishes might backfire and might not work.
    3. Despite their contrasting personalities and their tendencies to argue, they stay married and have a good relationship. Wanda usually acts as the mind (and the bravery) while Cosmo acts as the fun.
    4. Before Poof, they served as father and mother-like figures towards Timmy.
    5. Their designs are pretty great and iconic, especially as they are fairies.


    1. He is carefree and happy-go-lucky and always wants to make sure that Timmy has fun.
    2. Daran Norris does a flawless job voicing him in the original Oh Yeah! Cartoons and the first two seasons of the show, while seasons 3 and 4 can be tolerable, despite your point of view.
      • Speaking of the aforementioned original pilot shorts, he was originally written and portrayed as laidback and intelligent, and spoke in a suave, car salesman-like voice before he was dumb down in the green lighted series, but still kept his overall charm for the most part.
    3. His stupidity is mostly very charming and funny and contributes to some of the show's funniest moments. Despite this, he is still self-aware and proved several times that he can be responsible and tried to help, such as in "Abra-Catastrophe!" where he tried to save Wanda from Mr. Crocker and in "Wanda's Day Off!" where he tried to prove to Wanda that he can be an independent parent to Timmy while she is temporarily away from them.
    4. He always defends Wanda and gets jealous of Juandissimo, Wanda’s ex, and stand up towards those who insult her like Mama Cosma (his mom).
    5. He is noted to be one of the most powerful fairies ever, seeing as he blew up all of Fairy World in the first 5 seconds after he was born, sunk Atlantis 9 times, destroyed Fairy World again 5 more times, caused Mt. Vesuvius to erupt and destroy Pompeii, transformed Xanadu into Pittsburg, summoned up a gigantic three-headed hydra, whom he dubbed "Snowball", with one careless wave of his wand, and was able to accidentally wish away Wanda's wand and make wands in "Wishology", which is something that it is said that fairies cannot do when they say that magic cannot wish away magic. These actions would make the fairies decide not to have any more children until Poof was born ten thousand years later.
    6. He and Poof have a good relationship like a young father and infant son would have. Poof refers to Cosmo as "Dada" and somewhat recognizes his father's stupidity, but loves him with all his heart.


    1. She is probably the most smartest character in the show along with AJ.
    2. Susan Blakeslee does a great job voicing her.
    3. She is also very responsible and won't grant dumb wishes that Timmy wishes for since she knows that those wishes will turn wrong.
    4. She can also use her swirly hair to fight others as shown in "Planet Poof".
    5. She acts like a Mama Bear whenever Timmy, Poof, and Cosmo are in danger.
    6. Wanda is a lot more reasonable and a lot more strict in comparison to Cosmo and will make sure that Timmy must follow rules and always looks after him to make sure that he is alright.

    Fairly Bad Qualities


    1. They were flanderized in seasons 9 and 10.
      • It also varies whether they were in character or not in seasons 6-8. For example, following Poof's introduction, Cosmo and Wanda have became less empathetic towards Timmy in several cases, with the offending episode being "Lights Out", where they repeatedly tried to kill Timmy throughout that episode for a petty reason: because he read Poof a scary bedtime story.
      • Another example is "Bad Heir Day", where it was severely out of character for Wanda to have gotten so mad at Timmy even though it was clear he'd risked his life to protect Poof. However, he again did put his guard down, and try to do fun (and dangerous) stuff with Poof, similar to "Mission Responsible". Yes, Timmy did deserve to be punished, but Wanda should not have been allowed to poof Timmy to the alligators as punishment since fairies have to keep their godchildren safe, not put them in danger on purpose.
    2. Their squabbling can be too much to deal with.
    3. In season 5, the writers often wrote a lot of mean-spirited and unfunny jokes surrounding their marriage, which makes the dynamic between the duo not very charming and loving. Thankfully, once Poof came aboard in season 6, Cosmo and Wanda were revamped into being loving godparents.
    4. Their adherence to Da Rules is very inconsistent where they can't grant dangerous wishes yet do just that when Timmy starts wishing for them in his sleep.


    1. His stupidity can go from charming and funny at best and annoying, unfunny, and troublesome at worst in times.
    2. His high-pitched voice from seasons 4 onwards is kinda annoying as well, since it was either the executives at Nickelodeon or series creator Butch Hartman wanting to dumb Cosmo down as the show progressed.
    3. His stupidity also goes down to negligence, such as when he is supposed to protect Da Rules, he keeps letting Timmy distract him with stupid things, showing that he doesn't really have any sense of responsibility.
    4. He also gets very mean-spirited at times, like when he can't tell when Timmy and Wanda are LITERALLY DYING FROM OXYGEN DEPRIVATION.
    5. He was pretty much responsible for Crocker's personality when he stupidly revealed that his and Wanda's existence not once, but TWICE.


    1. She can be a little too strict and cautious at times.
    2. She can also be extremely hypocritical, like when she constantly tries to KILL Vicky, even trying to hire a gang, just for calling her (in squirrel form) "fat". It's really bad when Timmy's the good guy in those situations.
    3. In another moment of hypocrisy, she pretty much forces Timmy to save Vicky even though she's downright evil and then pretty much convinces him to turn her back.
    4. She rarely punishes Vicky for her heinous actions or does anything to support Timmy in that regard, even though she commits just about the most atrocious child abuse in history.
    5. She outright lies to Timmy sometimes for stupid reasons, like when she tries to convince him that people want him despite all the evidence to the contrary and outright justifying his parents neglect. She even lied about not knowing Juandisimo (very badly, mind you) until Timmy forces her to tell the truth by wishing for it.


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