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    Coop Burtonburger (Kid vs. Kat)

    Coop Burtonburger
    "Fine, here's something you can handle!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sympathetic Kid Hero Protagonist
    Age: 10 (Season 1)
    11 (Season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Erin Mathews
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

    Cooper Davies Burtonburger is the main protagonist of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. He is the son of Burt Burtonburger and older brother of Millie Burtonburger who tries to stop Kat from world domination. He is one of the likable characters in the series and was voiced by Erin Mathews.

    Why He Doesn't Deserve To Be Blamed By Everybody

    1. For reasons overall, he was one of the likable characters in the series, followed by Dennis and Fiona.
    2. His relationship with Fiona Munson was cute.
    3. His design is decent, despite being a watered-down version of Timmy Turner.
    4. Erin Mathews did a decent job voicing him.
    5. He is very cunning.
    6. Despite how unfairly treated he was most of the time, we'll always feel sorry for him, as he's considered to be innocent.
    7. He had some moments where he had won most of his fights with Kat by foiling his plans, notably being "I'm Okay, You're a Kat", where he gave Kat a comeuppance for his actions by throwing him into an electrified pool.
    8. Many of his moments are likable where he spends time with Dennis to foil Kat's plans, or even saving his father, Burt from impending doom caused by Kat.
    9. His alternate persona, Bad Boy Coop is pretty cool and badass, where he had also called out Old Lady Munson for her actions and her behavior in the same episode as shown in WHDDTBBBE#7, despite his unlikable moment in BQ#3.
    10. He did have some moments where he had teamed up with Kat for some time, despite his rivalry conflict with him.
    11. He does occasionally make mistakes in a few episodes, but he always acknowledges them, and he tries to make up for what he did wrong. Furthermore, whenever he does make mistakes, it's never to the point of being too mean-spirited or painful to watch.
    12. Coop is generally a good kid who is very kind and loyal to his friends. He's well-intentioned and tries his best to do the right thing.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He was constantly treated as a Butt-Monkey by other characters, notably being Mr. Kat in almost every episode.
    2. His design, while decent, looks like a watered-down version of Timmy Turner.
    3. He had a few unlikable moments in the show, which are not limited to.
      • Also in the same episode as shown in WHDDTBBBE#7, he tries to kill Burt, Millie and Dennis when he turned evil. Though, he did stop his attempted murder and redeem himself at the end.
      • In "Fat Kat", he makes Kat fat to the point where he couldn't go to the vet.
      • In "Stall That Jazz", he along with Millie, torture Kat with sound which are Coop's drum set, Millie's stereo and even Millie's speakers.


    • Rob Boutilier states that Coop is his favorite character in Kid vs. Kat.
    • Despite the unfair ending, Rob stated on Twitter that Coop and Kat are now friends.
    • He is quite similar to Dib Membrane from Invader Zim as well as Beanie from My Goldfish is Evil, despite sharing the same traits to both of them, where the only difference is Coop being the main protagonist and Dib being the heroic main antagonist. With the other being where Coop has to deal with an alien cat from taking over Earth and Beanie must prevent his pet Admiral Bubbles from spreading terror through the city.


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