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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Swearwords

    "I just f**k myself in this sh*t!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Charlie Brown's Brazilian incarnation.
    Age: 9
    Species: "Persimmon"
    Portrayed by: Fernando Peque, Felipe Solari, Geninho Simonetti and Cauê Zunchini (chronologically)

    Rodolfo Mideskaslo (once; as a joke) Thiago Martins (sometimes)

    Status: Alive (Deceased in most of the episodes)
    Media of origin: Fudêncio e seus amigos

    Conrado is one of the main characters of Fudêncio e Seus Amigos. In the first three seasons, he can be considered the true protagonist, as most of the episodes revolve around him. In recent seasons, however, it becomes less recurring, even appearing in some episodes.


    If "there are evils that come for good", Conrado only knows the first stage of this proverb. Conrado can be summed up as "a complete magnet for all bad luck and misfortune". He has a persimmon head, often mistaken for a tomato. To make his poor student life even worse, Conrado is still the favorite target of Fudêncio's misdeeds and is tremendously in love with a "colleague" in his class without suspecting the true sexuality of such "colleague".

    Why He Doesn't F**k Himself Here

    1. He's one of the only likeable characters of Fudencio E Seus Amigos franchise.
    2. He has an iconic design.
    3. Despite being punished with no reasons, he once escaped from the jail.
    4. Similar to El Chavo, he still considers the people who mistreat him as "friends".
    5. Despite being a rivality with Fudêncio, Professora Cudi, Tenente Kevin, Delcídio, Funérea and and Dráuzio Varíola (specially the three first ones), he sometimes demonstrates that he's a good friend with Peruíbe, Neguinho, Safeno, Zé Maria, Baltazar Barata and Popoto (despite the last one teased him time to time).
    6. His iconic catchphrase "I just f**k myself in this sh*t!" when he gets punished without (or with silly) reasons.
    7. The public can sympathizate with him, just like many Butt-Monkey characters.
    8. Fernando Peque, his first voice actor, did an excellent job voice acting him.
      1. Felipe Solari also did a great job voicing him.
      2. Cauê Zunchini did a decent job voicing him, sounding almost identical to Fernando Peque.
      3. Rodolfo Mideskaslo did a funny voice acting with him because after the exit of Fernando Peque, he voiced Conrado with the Brazilian TV presenter Silvio Santos' voice, curiously, he voiced Silvio Sanchez, a parody of the same who appeared in the show.

    Qualities That Make Him Say "I just f**k myself in this sh*t!"

    1. His voice changed many times due to the exit of his first voice actor, turning it a bit annoying, EVEN THE SHOW MAKES FUN OF THIS.
      1. Speaking about this, Geninho Simonneti (who also voiced Safeno since the first season) and Thiago Martins (who also voiced Fudêncio, Baltazar Barata and Popoto) did a weak job voicing him.
    2. Despite being described as a good guy, he can be unlikeable and a bit arrogant sometimes, specially when the series got downhill.
      1. Speaking about downhill, he was sighlty flanderized for being an avenger persimmon due for having get tortured without reasons (but not to the point for getting added for the Loathsome Characters Wiki), although it was likely made by intentional way.
    3. The main problem with him that he's the main Butt-Monkey of the show.


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