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    Cole MacGrath
    With time, I'm learning to control it ... master it. Just hope it's not too late.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Electric Man
    Age: 27
    Species: Conduit
    Portrayed by: Jason Cottle (InFamous)
    Eric Ladin (InFamous 2)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: InFamous

    Cole MacGrath is the main protagonist of the Sucker Punch video game series Infamous. He was voiced by Jason Cottle and Eric Ladin. Originally, he was a simple bike messenger who was delivering a package for someone to somewhere in the Historic District of Empire City. In the midst of his delivery however, the package exploded, destroying half the city and killing thousands in the process. However, this event resulted in Cole activating his power of Electrokinesis.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Cole MacGrath has an interesting morality system that can make him either a superhero or a supervillain. This is refined in the second game, where he gains ice or fire powers, respectively.
    2. Cole received powers from the ray sphere, which resulted in the destruction of Empire City.
    3. As a Conduit, Cole gains superhuman strength. Resistance to injury, reflexes, agility, and physical abilities have been enhanced to levels far beyond that of any human.
    4. He is selfless, caring about others and how his powers will benefit the citizens of Empire City and New Marais. He shows concern for those around him, and tries not to destroy things around him.
    5. In the second game, he can use an amp to attack enemies from a close range.
    6. Jason Cottle and Eric Ladin did a good job voicing Cole.
    7. His backpack has a clever Sly Cooper Easter egg with Sly’s icon as a patch.
    8. All of his abilities can be upgraded by collecting Blast shards.
    9. He has a big rogues gallery: Kessler, The Beast, Joseph Bertand III, Bloody Mary and Sasha.
    10. In the good ending, Cole sacrifices himself and thousands of other Conduits to save millions of normal humans.
    11. Cole is a playable character in the crossover fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, alongside other Sony characters like Jak and Daxter, Nathan Drake, and Kratos.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His narration in the first game can sound a little phoned in.
    2. If he has bad karma, he is more likely to cause damage to Empire City and New Marais.
    3. In the evil ending, Cole becomes the new Beast in an attempt to save the Conduits from the plague, sacrificing the rest of humanity in the process.
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