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    Coconuts (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

    Coconuts AOSTH.png
    "You munched your last chili dog yesterday, hedgehog!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bootlicking, Luckless and Villainous yet Extremely Sympathetic Badnik
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Robotic Monkey
    Portrayed by: Ian James Corlett
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

    Coconuts is a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is a monkey-robot created by Dr. Robotnik who was created to hunt Sonic the Hedgehog.

    He is formerly an antagonist to Sonic and Tails, working with Doctor Ivo Robotnik, to destroy the blue hedgehog. Like many other robots Robotnik has made alongside Scratch and Grounder, he fails at doing so and is often tasked to do other tasks such as being demoted to janitorial duty in Robotnik's base, hating this job entirely. Coconuts still make an effort to capture Sonic to try and win Robotnik's favor, in hopes of being promoted again.

    Why He's Bootlickingly Villainous

    1. Considering that he is a literal Butt-Monkey, he makes the viewer root for him as a character even more than Scratch and Grounder themselves. Especially for how sympathetic he really is.
    2. Despite his low status and general disrespect by his peers, Coconuts has proven himself much smarter than Scratch and Grounder, as he is often the only one to see through Sonic's disguises and has even managed to capture him on more than one occasion. However, he often fails either due to Sonic's resourcefulness or his own overzealousness.
      • Speaking of which, despite being an underdog, there are glorious moments when Coconuts did get promoted and earned Robotnik's approval for once, episodes like "Super Robotnik" are the best examples of this.
    3. While he is a secondary character, he can steal the show by his failed attempts to subdue Sonic for a huge reward alongside Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder. Which comes off as very amusing and entertaining.
    4. Like most of Dr. Robotnik's robot minions, Coconuts is a god of durability and can be fixed very easily.
    5. Being the oldest and more experienced between himself and his brothers Scratch and Grounder. Coconuts is usually less prone to fall for most of Sonic's tricks that his "brothers" would blindly step into.
    6. Unlike Scratch and Grounder, who directly appear out of nowhere to attack Sonic. Coconuts is much more sneaky and quiet, preferring to ambush the hedgehog by disguising himself or by setting up elaborate traps.
    7. Speaking of which, there are times when Coconuts can be a rather friendly and well-intentioned character because of his low status, this is better shown when he isn't focused on his motives to subdue Sonic.
    8. With this in mind, he serves as a constant reminder for all of us to be brave, keep searching, hold family close, and never give up no matter how great the odds are against you; in which shows when trying to do his best in many episodes to catch Sonic and pleasing Robotnik, where he is extremely unlucky at doing just that.
    9. In his very introduction, he was smart enough to build a mechanical robot that actually imposes a threat to Sonic, where it is tall enough for him to catch Sonic and has 60 automatic cannons. Which is very impressive in itself.
    10. He has been shown to think up and set his own traps and schemes rather than relying on Dr. Robotnik's plans. Being able to fool even Sonic, he has nearly taken him to his doom several times, proving how smart and dangerous he really is. He also has experience in driving mechs and giant vehicles, which he uses to compensate for his lack of strength, fighting ability, and equipment compared to Scratch and Grounder.
    11. He has a great character design, which is extremely faithful to his Sonic 2 counterpart. Being one of the more recognizable enemies from the Sonic series than nearly every other enemy canon-wise. Especially when Grounder is a blue redesign of himself and Scratch was a anthropomorphized version of Clucker from the same game.
    12. Ian James Corlett does a decent job at voicing him.
    13. "Yeah! Yeah!"

    Bad Qualities

    1. As mentioned before, he is the textbook example of a Butt-Monkey. Literally and figuratively being a mechanical monkey who is the butt of many demeaning jokes (comedically or not) who often takes the biggest abuse most of the time for just existing despite his sheer amounts of effort and enthusiasm, who is always getting demoted constantly for mostly nothing, and nothing, in general, seems to be going right for him despite his best efforts to impress Robotnik. He gets it much worse than Scratch and Grounder, which is really saying something.
      • Especially since he is the ultimate example of being the evil yet hopelessly metallic punching bag in the series.
      • He's a more pitiful case of a fallible schemer than standard examples, but he's still fairly assured of how he's in fact, smarter than Robotnik's other minions and his next plan will definitely get him on his boss's good books.
    2. Alongside Scratch and Grounder, he can get irritating and his shrill voice can be considered to be rather grating towards viewers.
      • His egotism and shortsightedness have done more bad than good to his own team.
        • He sometimes works as a villainous trio with Scratch and Grounder, but more often desires to make his own solo missions to prove his superiority, even to the point of sabotaging theirs so he can take full credit sometimes.
        • In "Momma Robotnik's Return", he along with his brothers have betrayed Robotnik, their creator and practically their father, over Momma Robotnik of all people. At least he honestly admits to Robotnik about having his understandable dislike for Robotnik's obnoxious mother since Coconuts was put in sewage control.
    3. While he is a whole lot more clever than Scratch and Grounder, he is still somewhat dumb and does anything to gain Robotnik's approval, which is a bit sad all things considered.
      • He's slightly more savvy and crazy than Scratch and Grounder, though still very much a pitiful bumbler. And even at that, all he wants is Robotnik's approval.



    • His name and design are lifted directly from the "Coconuts" badnik of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992).
    • In the Hispanic American version of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Coconuts is named "Coco Loco" (Spanish for "Crazy Coconut").
    • Coconuts was featured in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. And his level was rather challenging to beat (although not nearly as hard as Scratch, Grounder, and Robotnik's levels).
    • He appears in the opening, but stars in only 17 episodes, roughly a quarter of the series. Which still makes him the most recurring of the secondary characters.


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