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    Cleveland Brown Jr. (Family Guy; The Cleveland Show)
    "I thought that was nice, and being nice is more important than being cool. And maybe this makes me uncool, but I love you Dad."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Formerly Energetic Kid
    Now Sweet and Kind Fat Teen
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Mike Henry (former)
    Kevin Michael Richardson (current)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Family Guy
    The Cleveland Show'

    Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Jr., commonly referred to as Cleveland, Jr., is the only son of Cleveland and Loretta Brown, the stepson of Donna Tubbs-Brown, the step-brother of Roberta and Rallo Tubbs, and is a recurring character in the Fox animated series Family Guy, and one of the main titular characters in its spin-off The Cleveland Show.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He’s a very caring son to Cleveland and Donna, and well-meaning brother to Roberta and Rallo, as he inherits the traits of his father very well.
      • Speaking of Cleveland, both he and Jr. have a wonderful bond as father and son as unlike Peter and his sons, Chris and Stewie, or Stan and Steve's father-son relationship, despite having a few hiccups, Cleveland Jr. and his father truly love each other at the end of the day (though Peter did truly love his children Stewie, Chris and even Meg in the first three seasons, and Stan also truly loved Steve and Hayley in the first ten seasons).
    2. He has shown to be great friends towards his best friend Ernie, and his wife Cecilia.
    3. In comparison to most characters on Family Guy, Cleveland Jr. is usually depicted as exceedingly peaceful, patient, and sweet, and only on rare occasions has he been known to lose his temper and resort to violence. However, it is good that he is not too soft and he is shown to get mad for good reasons such as the fact that his dad, Cleveland, can sometimes push him too far, and in "A Shot in the Dark", where he is rightfully mad at Peter for shooting him because of Peter’s stupidity.
    4. He managed to portray as a funny and helpful cop in Die-Semi Hard.
    5. He had a cute design during the first 5 seasons of Family Guy.
    6. Since The Cleveland Show, while his redesign and new personality were clearly meant to make him more like Chris Griffin (and to a lesser extent, Steve Smith), it ended up being a strangely fortunate decision, since Cleveland Jr. originally looked and acted like a very young Bill Cosby. Had they not redesigned Cleveland Jr. when they did, the producers would probably have been forced to drop him altogether when Cosby's crimes came to light.
    7. He has many, many funny moments such as when he walked down the street dressed as a pancake, and was walking with his dad and his friends dressed as other foods.
    8. Him talking fast was pretty funny, in the first 5 seasons of Family Guy.
    9. He did gain his father’s slow talking attitude since The Cleveland Show, and it can be really hilarious.
    10. Mike Henry did a good and funny job voicing him. His current voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson, did a decent job voicing him, especially when talking slow.
    11. He was decent in season 1 of The Cleveland Show, before improving in seasons 2-4, and getting a unique and lovable personality, which he keeps today, which is unlike other characters of modern Family Guy.
    12. His stuffed animal, Larry, is cute.
    13. He shows his acts of kindness in many occasions, such as saving Cecilia from getting a deportation by marrying her, helping out his friend, Ernie, whenever he’s in a problem, and saving his family in any situation, such as lifting a tree off of his father, Cleveland, risking his life out in the storm.
    14. Even when Family Guy would go downhill in season 8 onward, he alongside his family, as well as Stewie, Meg, Chris, Joe, Adam West, Consuela and Bruce were the only likable characters.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Since the Cleveland Show, not only does he look almost nothing like he initially did in Family Guy, but his voice can get annoying at times, though justified because they didn’t want to be into controversy when it comes with Bill Cosby.
    2. He was kind of a clone of Chris Griffin (and maybe Steve Smith) in the first season of The Cleveland Show.
    3. Even before and after The Cleveland Show season 1, he can have his fair share of unlikable moments, such as "Fore, Father", where he replaced Chris as Peter’s son and hurt his father’s feelings, and at the end of "A Shot in the Dark" where he threatened Peter telling him "Your next."
    4. After the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, Jr. returned to Family Guy, but was completely abandoned alongside his family and never really did much on the show.


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