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    Chyna Parks
    🎶 Everybody's got their thing. Something different we all bring. Don't you let 'em clip your wings. You got it, you got it. 🎶
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Friendly, Talented Protagionist
    Age: 11-12 (Season 1)
    12-13 (Season 2)
    13-14 (Season 3)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: China Anne McClain
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A.N.T. Farm
    First appearance: transplANTed
    Last appearance: the New York experiANTs

    Chyna Anne Parks is a musical prodigy and the main protagonist of the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm.


    Needless to say, she can play several instruments including the guitar, violin, and piano. She is a talented singer and surprises people with her strong, beautiful voice. Her other talents are dancing, cheerleading and drama. Never afraid of a challenge, she sees high school as an exciting place. Unfortunately, she needs to drag her new friends, Olive and Fletcher, out of their shells to experience it. She is teased by Lexi because Lexi sees her as a threat. Chyna is usually playing instruments or being mischievous. She is basically a clone of Tori Vega from Victorious. Surprisingly, however, compared to Tori, she's actually a pretty likable and well-written character.

    Why She's Exceptional

    1. For being a clone of Tori, Chyna is actually everything that Tori should have been.
    2. Unlike Tori, she always helps out any student, even ones with lower status.
    3. She is never self-absorbed, and lets other people take credit for what they worked on, which shows respect.
    4. Unlike Tori, she always works hard to succeed in life, and never tries to take the easy way out, as she knows it could lead to disaster.
    5. She always solve situations with creative solutions to help her friends, like when she got Fletcher’s painting back from Zanko, and when she got Cameron a date with a famous model. And unlike Tori, she doesn't always save the day by singing.
    6. She would never kiss any of her friend’s boyfriends, like how she respected Olive being with Fletcher.
    7. She has some funny moments, like when she's is an over obsessed fan of Sequoia Jones, and when she played the accordion with her.
    8. Even when she does wrong things, she at least gets punished for them, unlike Tori. One example is when her dad grounded her for sneaking out to Lexi’s party.
    9. At times when she hurts her friends feelings, she always learns from her mistakes and makes up for that, to be a better friend.
    10. She stays calm when going for auditions and roles, and keeps cool, even if she doesn't get the part.
    11. She has equal parts of singing in the show, giving her friends their fair share of vocals in many of the songs.
    12. She shows that show business isn't always easy, and that facing tough situations is a part of it.
    13. She has a good chemistry with Olive, and even when they fight, they always make up and fix their mistakes to strengthen their friendship.
    14. Unlike Tori, she consistently goes above and beyond the standards to aid people, especially her best friends.
    15. Whenever her friends ask her for help, she always does everything she can to get them through their problems.
    16. She can play a lot of instruments, showing she's really talented, and she doesn't just sing.
    17. She cares about her friends very much, like Olive and Fletcher, as she is always there for them.
    18. She also loves her family very much, especially her brother, and they all help each other out at times.
    19. She, along with the rest of her family, are considered the only likable characters throughout most of the show.
    20. She was a very popular character when the show was on back then, and even without a cult following, many viewers would see her as a good character.
    21. She adds charm to any song, and making decent/good songs, like "Calling All the Monsters", "Dynamite", and "Do Your Own Thing", even better.
    22. She also got a slight character development in season 3, making her even better, if only slightly.
    23. She was at her best in "The New York ExperiANTs", as she helped Hudson discover that he can do other good things to help out his life, and when she was supporting her friends, saying an emotional goodbye to Fletcher, and comforting Olive during and after Fletcher’s goodbye to the group.
    24. China Anne McClain did a good job playing as her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While still a good character, she is a clone of Tori Vega. But at least she’s more likable than Tori.
    2. She's also similar to Carly Shay from iCarly, as both have an older brother who acts a little childish and is oblivious to one of the main character′s crushes. (Freddie for Carly and Fletcher for Chyna.)
    3. She can be unlikable sometimes.


    • Her locker is filled with sparkles and purple things as seen here.
    • Her favorite color is purple on the show and in real life.
    • She likes joining clubs with her best friends and is shown to be joining lots of them.


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