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    Chubbs Peterson (Happy Gilmore)

    This page is dedicated to the late actor Carl Weathers who died on February 1, 2024. We will miss you for reals, Chubbs.
    Carl Weathers (January 14, 1948 - February 1, 2024)

    Chubbs Peterson
    "Stop being a damn fool."
    Gender: Male
    Type: African American Golf Pro
    Age: 40s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Carl Weathers
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Happy Gilmore

    Chubbs Peterson is a secondary protagonist of the 1996 Dennis Dugan golf comedy film Happy Gilmore. He was portrayed by the late Carl Weathers.

    Why He's All In the Hips

    1. Chubbs is very supportive of Happy Gilmore and taught him how different golf is compared to hockey.
    2. The late actor, Carl Weathers did an amazing job playing as Chubbs and was considered one of his most notable roles alongside Apollo Creed.
    3. Chubbs had a realistic and good looking fake hand.
    4. “It's all in the hips” is a very memorable quote.
    5. His death, while sad, was very funny when he accidentally falling out of the window after getting scared by the head of the alligator.
    6. Happy decided to play in honor of Chubbs and wins the Tour Championship for him.
    7. At the very end, he is seen at Heaven alongside Abraham Lincoln and a crocodile as they wave to Happy Gilmore.
    8. He reappeared in the 2000 film Little Nicky at Heaven by the end, with Weathers reprising his role.


    • Carl Weathers returned to portray Chubbs in a 2016 skit where Adam Sandler fights off against Bob Barker again.


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