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    Chris Rock (Everybody Hates Chris)

    Chris Rock (Everybody Hates Chris)
    "1982. That was the year I turned 13. Before I was a comedian, I thought the coolest thing that would happen to me was being a teenager. I was gonna have women, money, stay out late-- I thought it was gonna be the bomb. Boy, was I wrong."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Likable Underdog Protagonist
    Age: 13 (season 1)
    14 (season 2)
    15 (season 3)
    16 (season 4)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tyler James Williams
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Everybody Hates Chris

    Chris Rock is the titular main protagonist of Everybody Hates Chris. He is based on the real life comedian of the same name.

    Why Nobody Hates Him

    1. He is friendly, caring and loyal to his family and friends.
    2. He is shown to be diligent and demonstrates this on many occasions.
    3. He is a responsible older brother to Drew and Tonya, despite how much they get him into trouble.
    4. Whenever Chris finds himself in the wrong, he goes to great lengths to correct his mistakes, even if it means getting no happy ending.
    5. Even though he has a great deal of bad luck, he maintains an optimistic outlook and a strong sense of willpower, which is why he refuses to give up on life.
      • In fact, in "Everybody Hates Homecoming", he motivates Greg to not give up on life when the latter became depressed after being expelled from the Bronx Academy.
    6. Like his real life counterpart, he has an amusing sense of humor and thus has comedic moments.
    7. He showcases his moments of heroism.
      • His most heroic feat occurs in the last episode, when he is late for school for the 30th time, he rescues a baby during a police shootout and gives the baby to its mother, even if it means being tardied and forced to repeat the 10th grade.
    8. He usually learns lessons after realizing his mistakes.
    9. He treats everyone around him with great respect, no matter how much they hate him for no reason or how much they disrespect him.
    10. He is capable of being courageous, as he stands up to Caruso in the first episode.
    11. He is willing to make a difference at his school, as he volunteered to run for school president and he succeeded (though he eventually got impeached).
    12. Chris has his moments of being insightful and wise.
      • In "Everybody Hates Caruso", he advises his bully Caruso to stand up to his bully Yao.
    13. Tyler James Williams did an awesome performance on portraying him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While Chris is undoubtedly still a good kid deep down in his heart and most of his hardships are worth sympathizing with, there are times where he is shown in a negative light, which shows that he is not above making morally questionable decisions.
      • While he is nowhere near as manipulative or bratty as his younger sister Tonya, Chris can sometimes be mischievous, vindictive and rebellious.
        • In "Everybody Hates Playboy", he steals his father's Playboy magazine and brings it to school.
        • In "Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes", he tells dirty jokes at school after secretly listening to his parents' Redd Foxx album.
        • In "Everybody Hates The Last Day", he sets up a prank on Caruso as revenge for torturing him throughout the school year.
        • In "Everybody Hates Back-Talk", he refuses to clean the dishes as Rochelle demands him to.
      • Chris has a large number of insecurities and, as a result, he would occasionally do anything to get approval from others, even at the expense of others and sometimes himself.
        • In "Everybody Hates a Liar", he led everybody to believe that he and Tasha are a couple by saying "Yeah, well, you know..", unwittingly lying to them. This also results in Tasha being humiliated and criticized by others for being promiscuous.
        • In "Everybody Hates Drew", after taking karate lessons, Chris purposely broke Drew's arm out of jealousy and annoyance of being outshined by him.
        • In "Everybody Hates Bad Boys", after adopting a "bad boy" lifestyle in order to impress Tasha, he disrespects a restaurant employee after the latter tells him to get his feet off the table and then he lashes at his mother Rochelle, which results in her putting her slipper in his rear end and landing him in the hospital.
      • Chris can sometimes be selfish and deceitful, usually out of self-preservation or for his own personal benefit.
        • In "Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy", when the writing staff of the school newspaper rejected his story and insulted his writing skills, he decided to make up a story about a serial killer in Bed-Stuy called the Scissor Killer. This lie was eventually taken seriously by the school newspaper and led the residents of the neighborhood into living in fear.
        • In "Everybody Hates Spring Break", after Chris accidentally hits Greg with the school janitor's car, which results in Greg being injured, he and Greg lied to the police about the incident so Chris wouldn't go to jail.
        • In "Everybody Hates Bomb Threats", he made a bomb threat at his school in order to delay his memorization of William Henry Harrison's inauguration speech for history class.
    2. While he is savvy and street-smart, he makes his share of dumb decisions, which is understandable, considering that he is a teenager.
    3. He is treated as the show's primary butt-monkey, as whenever he tries to make things right or do something meaningful, he usually gets into trouble and suffers consequences for things that are not his fault to begin with or things that are out of his control.
    4. As mentioned above BQ#1, BQ2, and BQ3, Chris can be somewhat of a Greg Heffley wannabe at times.


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