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    Chris McLean (Total Drama, seasons 1-3; Total DramaRama & 2023 reboot)

    Chris McLean
    "The first three seasons of my show were the best point. I wish the creators left it at that instead of having me go downhill. At least they restored me in Total DramaRama, and my awesome reboot, so I’m quite happy with that, thank you."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Iconic TV Show Host
    Age: 30-31 (as of "Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race")
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Christian Potenza (original show)
    Terry McGurrin (2023 reboot)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama

    Chris McLean is one of the two hosts of Total Drama with the other being Don. He is voiced by Christian Potenza in the original show and Terry McGurrin in the 2023 reboot.

    Why He's the Host With the Most

    This page covers the first three seasons of Total Drama, which were the show's best points, as well as his passable appearance in Total DramaRama and in the 2023 reboot. Please, do not add anything from Revenge of the Island to Pahkitew Island.

    1. He started Total Drama.
    2. His voice actor, Christian Potenza, makes the character more memorable, even when he says, "Last time on Total Drama (season name)", or "This is Total Drama (season name)!".
      • Terry McGurrin also does a pretty decent job at voicing him in the 2023 reboot.
    3. He has some hilarious moments.
    4. He was more famous all around. For example, in the season 2 finale, the guests at the airport admired him for his personality.
    5. He allowed Izzy and Katie to swap teams so that Katie and Sadie can do the cliff dive together.
    6. He showed disgust on Heather reading Gwen's diary in "Not Quite Famous".
    7. He would be shocked at many eliminations, including Justin (when Heather convinced half of her team to vote off Justin) and Bridgette (who was voted off by the boys, thinking she is a threat had she stayed).
    8. He allowed DJ to have a final hug with the other contestants before his elimination in "Hook, Line, and Screamer".
    9. He was disappointed when Courtney sued her way to the show upon her injust termination in the season prior.
    10. He allowed Lindsay to win the costume contest in "Super Hero-ld" because he liked Wonder Woman as a child.
    11. Despite the poor selection of the final two--it was popular character Duncan against the not-so-popular Beth--he did show Duncan's soft side to the audience when reviewing the final two (Duncan and Beth) in the season finale. Duncan's clip was about him tucking the guys in at night.
    12. He forgave the contestants for his "Total Drama Dirtbags" ruse.
    13. Just like season one, Chris allowed Izzy (again) and Sierra to swap teams so they can be closer to their significant others. In this case, Sierra wanted to be on Team Amazon to be with Cody (the team's only boy), while Izzy (who was Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot's only girl) went to that team to be with Owen.
    14. When Gwen took the blame for her team losing in "Newf Kids on the Rock", Chris decided to spare her from a possible elimination since Chris was happy to be home.
    15. In numerous episodes, even the World Tour episodes, Chris wore fashionable clothing to reflect the theme of the episode. More specifically, in "Rapa-Phooey", Sierra even commented how Chris' costume in that episode looked like [Chris] was working out.
    16. Despite his flaws, this is when he did have more moments that depicted him as kind and sociable towards contestants, instead of sadistic lunatic who clearly enjoyed their near death experiences.
    17. He does make a small cameo in The Ridonculous Race episode "A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars", only for a few seconds, which was ok.
    18. He finally reappears fully in the Total DramaRama episode "Broken Back, Kotter", and while retaining his sadistic personality, it is notably toned down.
    19. Unlike the last four seasons, he gets some comeuppance of getting thrown into a lake by Duncan, Geoff, and Owen in the season 1 finale.
    20. He was arguable at his best in Total Drama Action, being the funniest he's ever been. He has an ego, loves to hype up the spectacle as much as possible, and comes off as a jerk without being an over-the-top supervillain, unlike what he would become for a long period of time.
    21. Despite some of his issues, he's back to his original personality in the 2023 reboot.

    Intentional Bad Qualities

    1. He was one of the many characters in any media to be flanderized.
      • Before said flanderization, many of his challenges were actually dangerous, including the 1,000-foot (305-meter) cliff jump in the first episode and the awake-a-thon in the following episode.
    2. Chris had a tendency of killing his interns. A more graphic example was in "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2" when he feeds one of them to scarabs, and it cuts to a skeleton lying on the floor.
      • In "The Very Last Episode, Really!", he told one intern (who by the way, was new to the job) that they were only hired just because all the other interns died.
    3. Chris once eavesdropped on the contestants discussing their fears, a chain of conversation started when Trent and his team visited the Killer Bass after Katie's elimination.
    4. He refused to let some couples kiss when one of their members was eliminated, such as Gwen x Trent in Trent's season 1 elimination (despite how Heather had caused Trent's elimination and somehow get away with it); Leshawna x Harold in Leshawna's season 2 elimination; and Lindsay x Tyler in Lindsay's season 3 elimination.
    5. Speaking of Leshawna's TDA elimination, Chris shoved Harold to the ground when he was mourning Leshawna's loss, even after Duncan kicked Harold with the burrito prank.
    6. If Gwen won Total Drama Island, Chris would take away the prize money that Gwen won. If Owen won, however, he would accept the challenge on his own terms.
    7. Chris always favors bad characters, including Duncan (who already made it far too many times). This was evident when Chris awarded Team Amazon the win in "I See London..." even though Noah and Owen (of Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot) found Jack the Ripper. Additionally, when Team Chris voted for Duncan to be eliminated in "Greece's Pieces", Chris eliminated an intern for the sake of the drama.
    8. While Beth was not finalist-worthy, Chris showed a secret clip of Beth's clumsy and greedy side, the complete opposite of Duncan (for the latter).
    9. When Alejandro manipulated Bridgette, causing her to get her tongue stuck to a pole, he drank all the water leaving little to none for her. He even laughs at this.
    10. In "Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon", during a clip that took place during the events of "Newf Kids on the Rock", he was most likely the reason the polar bear got crushed by the broken helicopter he often uses, wanting to see poor DJ suffer with his fake animal curse, and that was just very cruel of him.
    11. Chris angrily disqualified Sierra for accidentally blowing up Chris' Jumbo Jet with Cody's birthday cake (although some could argue that Sierra had it coming for her behavior against Cody and her bad actions).
    12. Chris delayed the ending to "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles" instead of determining who was the last place person.
    13. In "Hawaiian Punch", Chris replaced the ping pong balls (which were for Heather to decide the tiebreaker for Cody and Alejandro) with golf balls.



    • Chris was voiced by Christian Potenza, who voiced Jude Lizowski in 6Teen and Total DramaRama and Trevor Troublemeyer in Sidekick.
    • Chris, Lindsay, and Chef are among the character to wear multiple outfits instead of just their nightwear, swimwear, and street clothes.
    • Chris is intended to be a pastiche of Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor.
    • It was often rumored that there was something in Chris' life that made him more sadistic than what he was before.
    • In "Super Hero-ld", it was revealed that he likes Wonder Woman back when he's a child.


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