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    Chloe Corbin (Chloe's Closet)

    Chloe Corbin
    It's another dress up day. It's our favorite game to play!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Young Cosplayer
    Age: 4
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Eleanor Webster
    Status: Never seen again, her real life counterpart evolved into a young woman
    Media of origin: Chloe's ClosetBTVSW

    Chloe Corbin is the main protagonist of the British animated series Chloe's ClosetBTVSW. She is a young Welsh girl with a big imagination. She's created her own imaginary world that she and her friends regularly use when playing dress-up and having adventures in a closet in her room and has designs on being a historian. Chloe has a kind heart and is always up for adventure. Her catchphrases are "Lollipops!", "Pickles!", "Anything is possible in my world.", "Not in my world.", "They are in my world." and "Anything can happen in my world." She is voiced by Eleanor Webster.

    Why She Can Play Dress Up With You

    1. She is a kind, cute, lovable, and gleeful protagonist who does dress up just due to her world.
    2. She never does bad things. Every time she exits her world, she learns from her lesson and only does something the next episode; therefore, she gets her character development, and this can be like Hello Kitty.
    3. She has very good appearances in all episodes, as she is often shown to be a very nice and caring person to everyone around her, and unlike Peppa Pig and Eliot Kid, who both encourage bad behavior towards friends and family, Chloe actually encourages kids to do good things, to be nice and have good behavior to others.
    4. Her design is awesome, and it looks like Charlie Brown from Peanuts. It looks like it has more like to fit in a magic show.
    5. She can appreciate most of his friends either, as for example, she can tell Lovely Carrot "Not in my world." after he tells her any animal can be dangerous.
    6. She appreciates her parents and often gets in their way, and even after making their lives hard for over 50 episodes, she can tell them about her adventures before sharing an epilogue at the end of each episode which makes more sense in the second season.
    7. Her voice acting is amazing, as she sounds like Tara Strong and Grey DeLisle, and it fits her appearance. Her voice in the German dub is awesome, and at least makes her sound cooler.
    8. The concept of her characterization as a girl with her world has potential as a pretty interesting protagonist.
    9. Unlike Fanboy and Chum Chum, she can't cry over things that aren’t a big deal whatsoever.
    10. Her catchphrases, "Lollipops!", "Pickles!", "Anything is possible in my world.", "Not in my world.", "They are in my world.", "Anything can happen in my world.", "Poor, poor (name)!", "Stop! Naughty, naughty (name)" are fantastic.
    11. Her friendships with Tara, Jet, Lil, Mac, Carys, Riley, and Danny are charming.
    12. She is fascinating, and more well written than the other characters.
    13. Her look is good.
    14. Eleanor Webster did a good job voicing Chloe.

    Bad Qualities

    1. With the exception of her counterpart in "A Super Sticky Situation", she can be treated as a Mary Sue for the most part, as the carnival goes wrong for her and she is often seen as a perfect person who never makes mistakes nor does she destroy the carnival, it's even more evident by the fact she has a lack of emotional diversity, since most of the time, Chloe is either scared or fearless.
    2. Her catchphrase "Pickles!" can be boring.
    3. Sometimes she is described as a knock-off of the more popular Barbie.
    4. She was flanderized in the bad episodes "No Body's Perfect" and "Grouchy Pandas, Giggling Dragon", which also featured Lil and Mac.




    • When Chloe plays dress up with her friends, her hairstyle changes at times depending on which suits the costume.
    • Chloe has toys named Wizz, Hootie Hoo and Soggy.
    • Chloe has a friend named Lovely Carrot. He is a security blanket with an edge shaped like the head of a duck.
    • She is named after Chloe Cheshire, the eldest child of the show's creator Sarah Finn (and a granddaughter of Mike Young) who was born in January 2003. Her real equivalent is a student at the New York University and is a professional fashion photographer "that explores the 90s/00s aesthetic through the effects of color theory and light. Heavily influenced by cinematographer Marcell Rév, her work explores new age femininity through a psychedelic lens."[1]
      • It means that Cheshire herself has found her niche since early adulthood immersing into the aesthetics of the period before or during the time Finn got pregnant with her.


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