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    Chicken Little
    "The sky is falling!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Very friendly and adorable protagonist
    Age: 13
    Species: Chicken
    Portrayed by: Zach Braff
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Chicken Little

    That's it. Today is a new day.
    Chicken Little, Chicken Little talking to himself at the street

    I am the champion, my friend, and I'll keep on fightin' til the end. (imitating guitar riff) I am the champion, I am the champion, but gone is the loser, 'cause I am the champion... of the WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!! YOW!!!!
    Chicken Little, Chicken Little singing a hilarious parody of "We Are the Champions" after winning the baseball game against the Spud Valley Taters

    You're never there for me. You're never there for me. I mean, you were when I won the game, but not when I thought the sky fell. And not at the ball field and not now! You've been ashamed since the acorn thing. We have to talk because Modern Mallard says avoiding closure can lead to molting. I'm already small and I don't think I could handle being bald!
    Chicken Little, Chicken Little finally standing up to his father at the cinema

    Ace "Chicken Little" Cluck is the titular protagonist of the film of the same name. He is Buck and Chloe Cluck's son and Abby Mallard, Runt of the Litter, and Fish Out of Water's best friend.

    Why He Is Far from Being a Crazy Little Chicken

    1. He's another one of Disney's likable protagonists, even in one of Disney's Weakest Films, which is unlike most other Protagonists of Bad/Average Films.
      1. This shows that even Mediocre Films can Have a Likable/Decent Protagonist if Done Right.
    2. He's very sympathetic because of the way most of the town and his father treats him.
    3. He's very relatable because of having a neglectful and cruel father and for being bullied, which is sad but those things do happen in real life.
    4. He's very adorable, which perfectly fits with his nickname, Chicken Little.
    5. He's very intelligent and a genius, as he observes what the object that feel from the sky was and how he figures out that his alien friend wants to go home.
    6. He's also inventive and optimistic, as he makes things to help him get out of tough situations and he tries to stay positive in the worst of situations, like during the 'One Little Slip' sequence, where he uses his ingenuity to get out of certain jams.
    7. He is very clever and level-headed, as he keeps his cool during problems he's come across and finds a way to figure them out.
    8. He is pleasant, nice, good-natured, sweet and caring, especially to his friends and his father.
    9. He is also pretty funny, like when he was accidentally drinking Fish's water during training, and when he was screaming at the end of his "We Are the Champions".
      • The "What are you talking about?" exchange with his dad is quite funny.
    10. Although cringeworthy, his dance in the PSA was kinda funny and pretty cute.
    11. He gives good morals to always believe in yourself and always try your best.
    12. He always tries his best to get the townsfolk to like him, and he did when he won the baseball game.
    13. He cares about his friends very much. He even cares about the town and even loves his cruel dad despite how badly they treated him during most of the film, and he still cares about the town he lives in since he was determined to save it.
    14. He has a handful of heartwarming and emotional scenes, such as him and his dad, Buck Cluck, driving home, him getting ridiculed again as the aliens leave, Abby, Runt, and Fish trying to cheer him up, his reconcile with his father after Chicken Little stood up to him and made him realize the error of his ways, and when he and Abby kissed (though it's spoiled in one trailer).
    15. He Thankfully has a happy ending, where the town and his father became nicer to him, and after all the hard times he's had, and how he worked hard to save them and his home, he really deserves it.
    16. His chemistry with Abby is cute and heartwarming.
    17. Zach Braff does a pretty good job voicing him, despite making him sound older.
    18. He makes a small cameo in Big Hero 6, in the sliding pictures of the San Fransokyo tower.
    19. He appears as a summon in Kingdom Hearts II, who helps Sora fights off bad guys whenever he is summoned.
    20. He has a very good and iconic design that matches his smart and clumsy personality.
    21. He Even made a Cameo in Disney's "Once Upon a Studio" which shows Disney has some Care for this Character

    Bad Qualities

    1. He sometimes worries about everything and can be quite paranoid, accident-prone, and anxiety-ridden at times. His nervousness often requires assurance from friends, such as Abby. Still, Chicken Little is never really as nervous as Runt.
    2. He can be considered a Butt-Monkey during most of the film, as he gets bullied and tortured for no possible reason at all. Sure, he mistakes the sky is falling at the beginning of the film, but that's no reason for him to get tortured and bullied at all, since that was just one small mistake.
    3. While still likable, he is considered to be way too similar to Dib Membrane from Invader Zim, as both are hated and laughed at by the entire town, outcasts, try to warn everyone that they're in danger but fail, have involvement in aliens, and embarrassed fathers.
    4. Before the movie started in theaters, there is a cringeworthy "Turn off your Phone" PSA with him dancing.
    5. Despite doing a pretty good job voicing him, Zach Braff is a somehow questionable choice to voice Chicken Little, as he somehow makes him sound a little older than John Dorian, the character who Braff was playing on Scrubs at the same time this movie was released. Though it kinda makes sense since the titular character is a teenager (13-15).
      • Ironically, Braff was casted because he was said to have made the character sound like a junior high student.
    6. His cameo in "Once Upon a Studio" May Irk some viewers. Sure he is a likable protagonist, And Disney has some care for him, The Titular Movie is still one of Disney’s weakest movies.


    • Chicken Little's inclusion in Kingdom Hearts II has been seen as a way to promote his titular film in Japan, as the film was not yet released in Japan at the time of the game's Japanese release.
    • He makes a small cameo in Big Hero 6, in the sliding pictures of the San Fransokyo tower.
    • Chicken Little was originally a girl and would have been voiced by Holly Hunter.


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