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    I am the pretty guardian trainee in a sailor suit, Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the future moon, I'll punish you!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Child Heroine
    Age: 14 (Classic & R)
    15 (S & SuperS)
    16 (Sailor Stars)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kae Araki (90's anime)
    Misato Fukuen (Crystal) (Japanese)
    Tracey Hoyt (DiC dub)
    Stephanie Beard (CWi dub)
    Sandy Fox (Viz dub) (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sailor Moon

    Chibiusa is one of the central characters in the Sailor Moon series. She is the civilian identity of Sailor Chibi Moon, and the princess of the 30th Century Earth. She is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru and the daughter of Neo Queen Serinity and King Endymoin.

    Why She's a Cute Small Lady

    1. She's the daughter of Neo Queen Serinity and King Endymoin in the 30th century.
    2. She's usually an energetic, extroverted and outgoing character.
    3. She's basically a successor to Usagi Tsukino, in which she tries to be a brave and independent perfectionist.
    4. Despite their constant bickering, Chibiusa really admires Usagi in secret, as shown in episode 156 or the R movie.
    5. Her friendship with Hotaru is really cute.
    6. While she's initially spoiled, bratty and hostile at times, she still means well.
    7. After her ungrateful attempt of spitefully taking away Usagi's broach causes the Sailor Guardians to get captured by Rubeus, she gets harshly scolded by Usagi for it and eventually decides to become the atoner in order to fix the damage she caused.
    8. She improved considerably from Sailor Moon S, where she became less bratty while her characteristics from the manga were carried over to Sailor Moon Crystal, where she becomes one of the most memorable characters.
    9. While she and Usagi don't get along with each other due to their different personalities, they do care for each other very much and in Sailor Moon Crystal, they get along with each other really well.
    10. As a fighter, especially in the anime. She starts to get a lot more powerful later in the manga, even able to collect her own team of Soldiers and help Sailor Moon fight Galaxia.
    11. She has a very cute and adorable design.
    12. She's well-voiced by Kae Araki, Misato Futen, Stephanie Beard and Sandy Fox.
    13. She doesn't appear until the fourth volume of the manga and the second season of the anime, but quickly becomes a very prominent character and eventually the deuteragonist in Super S.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She was a spoiled brat in Sailor Moon R and she would sometimes bicker with Usagi 24/7 making her seem like quite a handful, which is kind of justified and somewhat understandable since she's a child who doesn't know better and has a lot to learn. Thankfully, she matured overtime in Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, and she fully matured and redeemed herself in Sailor Moon Crystal where she became more level-headed and gets along with Usagi better.
      • On top of that, she was even more unlikable in the DiC dub, where she became even more spoiled, bratty, bossy and hostile and she had an even more annoying voice which made her even more whiny and arrogant. In other words, Tracey Hoyt's portrayal is irritating and revolting to listen to.
      • Because of that, she wasn't well-received by many fans of Sailor Moon in her debut of the anime.
    2. Most of the plot revolved around her in Sailor Moon SuperS, which annoyed several fans since they considered that she was stealing the spotlight from Usagi, the true protagonist of the series. This may be why SuperS is considered the least favorite season by the fandom.
      • In the following season, this situation was subverted with Chibiusa being momentarily erased from existence and only appearing in the first episodes and then not appearing again for the rest of the season. It seemed like the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars writers really hated Chibiusa, making the absence of Chibiusa in this season disappointing for either those who like her or those who started to warm up to her.
    3. She has a strange obsession with her past father Mamoru, seeming to be in love with him. Even though this is mostly for comedy, it's still pretty awkward.
    4. Though not her intention, she caused the main conflict in Sailor Moon R by attempting to steal the silver crystal in order to prematurely become a lady like her mother, causing it to disappear and allowing the Black Moon Clan to attack Crystal Tokyo.



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