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    This page is dedicated to the first voice actor of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins (1956 - 2022)

    Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown.png
    "Good Grief!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sympathetic Protagonist
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Peter Robbins (1963–1969)
    Chad Webber (1972–1973)
    Duncan Watson (1975–1977)
    Gaston Scardovi-Mounier (2018–2019)
    Jack Fisher (2019–present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Peanuts

    Charlie Brown is a character created by Charles M. Schulz for Li'l Abner in 1947. He later became the major star of the Peanuts comic strip in 1950. Depicted as a "lovable loser," Charlie Brown is one of the great American archetypes and a popular and widely recognized cartoon character. Charlie Brown is characterized as a person who frequently suffers, and as a result is usually nervous and lacks self-confidence. He shows both pessimistic and optimistic attitudes: on some days, he is reluctant to go out because his day might just be spoiled, but on others, he hopes for the best and tries as much as he can to accomplish things. He is easily recognized by his trademark zigzag patterned shirt. There is only one exception: whenever he's a costumed character, he wears a red baseball cap on top of his head most of the time, rather than just wearing a white one during baseball seasons in comic strips and animation. He is the titular main protagonist of some Peanuts movies.

    Why He Doesn't Have A Grief

    1. He is one of the most recognizable characters in American cartoons.
    2. He has both a pessimistic and optimistic nature to his character.
    3. He is a meek, kind, innocent, gentle-hearted character with many anxieties, and is depicted as being shy.
    4. He is also very generous, like on one strip where Lucy took all of his caramels when he lets her get one, he easily forgives her and offers her the sack he was carrying the caramels in
    5. He's a very relatable character because Charles M. Schulz once said about his character "[He] must be the one who suffers because he is a caricature of the average person. Most of us are much more acquainted with losing than winning."
    6. He gave us memorable quotes such as "Good Grief!", "Augh!", and "Rats!".
    7. He is the only character to be part of the Peanuts strip for 50 years, along with Snoopy, unlike any other character.
    8. His famous gag involves him trying to kick the football from Lucy.
    9. He has some good chemistry with his family and friends alike.
    10. His voice actors did an great jobs for voicing him, especially Peter Robbins (Sadly, he passed away in 2022)

    "Good Grief" Qualities

    1. The baseball gag where a ball makes Charlie Brown left only in his shorts is pretty unfitting for a kid's comic strip.
    2. His losses are overused in the comics.


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