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    Note: This page is dedicated to the late Burt Reynolds (1936-2018), who died of a heart attack. May he rest in peace.

    Charlie B. Barkin
    "Sure, sure you will, kid. You know saying goodbye isn't forever." - Charlie to Anne-Marie before he drifts off to heaven.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Redeemed Con Man with a Heart of Gold
    Age: 60 (As of the TV series)
    Species: German Shepherd/Border Collie mix
    Portrayed by: Burt Reynolds (1st film)
    Charlie Sheen (2nd film)
    Jesse Corti (2nd film, singing voice)
    Steven Weber (TV series and 3rd film)
    Status: Deceased, later reincarnated as an angel
    Media of origin: All Dogs go to Heaven
    First appearance: All Dogs go to Heaven (1989)
    Last appearance: An All Dogs Christmas Carol

    Charles "Charlie" B. Barkin is the main protagonist of the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. He is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix with parents named Burt and Loni.

    In All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, it is revealed that Charlie left home at a young age. He is best friends with Itchy and becomes enemies with Carface within the plot. He meets Anne-Marie in the first film. He meets David and Sasha (becomes romantically involved with) in the second film, along with various other characters throughout the franchise.


    Charlie is said to have "the brain of a con man, but the heart of a marshmallow." Having been on the streets from a young age, Charlie has developed his "gift of gab" in order to survive the harsh streets.

    At first, he is clever, fun-loving, naughty, lively, charming, somewhat money-hungry, a risk-taker, and quite the party animal.

    His character develops throughout the first film into a more honorable and heroic one due to the fact of his guilty conscious of stealing and deception towards Anne-Marie.

    In the first film, he starts off roguish, somewhat hotheaded, and baleful (but not as malicious as Carface) and is not well known for doing much good deeds, but because he is a dog (since dogs are naturally good and loyal like what Annabelle said before), he was allowed access to heaven. But he doesn't mean harm as he has been shown to have a very caring, compassionate side in the first place, and compared to Carface, Charlie was more of a pleaser and was proven to be quite popular amongst the other dogs, an example of when Charlie returned to the casino after getting away from the pound, it is hinted by the other casino goers that Charlie ran the casino better than Carface, giving everyone what they wanted and gained more popularity and success than Carface after running his own newly-built casino. As well, spending the day with Anne-Marie made him began to warm up a lot more, even going far as to sacrifice his own life for hers. Towards the end of the first film, with the sacrifice of his life made, he returns to Anne-Marie with his last farewells with a personality fully channeled and developed into the heart of a father mostly due to his great care for her.

    In the second film, television series, and Christmas special, Charlie's attitude begins to slightly change, becoming more even-tempered and more gregarious than in the first film. Developing from the noble, heroic nature he displayed at the end of the first movie and true to real-world German Shepherds, he has shown to be adventurous and outgoing with a mischievous side and with a variety of skills/tricks displayed (albeit on a much more cartoonish level), from various disguises (both in the first film and multiple episodes of the animated series), operating a scooter, performing with Itchy as circus dogs, skateboarding, fishing, rafting, bungee jumping, parachuting, wilderness survival, in-line skating balancing on a ball while juggling tennis balls and acting. He has used some of these pursuits with Itchy’s occasional assistance to rescue civilians, his friends and other animals which is also true to the German Shepherd’s reputation as a heroic dog breed.

    However, he is still scheming and naughty, as well as selfish, lazy, and dishonest at times as he would prefer to pay no attention to his responsibilities just to goof off and live the life of a normal dog – but whenever it comes to his friends' well being, he always comes around, admits his mistakes and makes up for his naughtiness.

    Why You Can't Keep a Good Dog Like Him Down

    1. He has one of the best personalities of being a likable jerk. Despite his greedy and selfish personality (at least for the majority of the film), he still manages not to be an unpleasant character. On the contrary, he still manages to be incredibly likable due to his carefree nature and the fact that he still cares for those around him despite his brashness and arrogance.
    2. Speaking of which he goes through great character development throughout the first movie. He at first starts out as a jerkish con man who has a greedy side, but as soon as he met Anne-Marie, he eventually warmed up to her and even went so far as to sacrifice himself to save her.
    3. He is a good best friend to Itchy and will help each other out when needed. In the TV Series adaptation, when Itchy and his girlfriend, Bess was being harassed by Manfred, a boxer dog, he confronted him. In fact, due to his character development, their relationship with each other improved throughout the franchise as he treats him more like a best friend than a lackey.
    4. He sang some good songs such as "You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down!", "It's Too Heavenly Here", "Clean Up Your Act" and a duet with Sasha called "I Will Always Be with You". In fact, his singing voice provided by both Jesse Corti and Steven Weber are very good and enjoyable to listen to.
    5. While he is not known for doing good deeds, he is shown to have a more compassionate side and a hidden heart of gold, making him come off as a jerk with a heart of gold.
    6. While he may a con-artist who likes to gamble for a quick buck, betting with friends is where he draws the line.
    7. He has a sweet relationship with his girlfriend, Sasha. And as mentioned up above, the song where they sang a duet with each other is very good and touching to watch.
    8. His design in the franchise is very decent, thanks to the animators of the franchise.
    9. Burt Reynolds, Charlie Sheen and Steven Weber all did great jobs providing his voice.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Even after his character development, he just can't seem to learn that his old ways can catch up to him.
      • This is mostly noticeable in the TV Series, he received some very bad flanderization and lost most of his character development as he went back to his old ways as a gambling con-artist.
    2. In the second film, it is shown that he is friends with Carface and trusts him, despite the fact that he killed him in the first movie.


    • Gary adopted the dog and named him Burt after Reynolds, it was five years later and a move to Ireland before they began “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. Burt the real German Shepherd became the model for the design of Charlie B. Barkin.
    • Many of Charlie’s mannerism were taken from Burt Reynolds himself.
    • Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise were very good friends in real life so Don Bluth allowed them to record their voices together and allowed them to improve and bounce off each other.



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