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    NOTE: Charizard will not be referred to with words like "he" or "she" because Charizards don't have any known sexual dimorphism. Template:CharacterInfobox Charizard is a character from the Pokémon series. It is a combination Fire/Flying-Type Pokémon, and is the final evolved form of the starter Charmander, first appearing in Pokémon: Red and Blue, and a lot of games after that. It is one of the Pokémon from the Pokémon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Ultimate, a stand alone player in Smash 4, and is one of Ash’s Pokémon in the anime.

    Why It's Considered Lit (literally)

    1. Like many of the other iconic fully evolved starters, Charizard is an iconic fan favorite amongst fans of Pokémon and/or Nintendo as a whole. Most notably how cool it looks, Shin-ichiro Miki's portrayal since 1997, and its iconic Flamethrower and Fire Blast attacks.
    2. Out of all Nintendo's cool characters, it is one of the coolest.
    3. Charizard became the mascot of Pokémon Red and FireRed, and is as easily recognizable as his fellow Pokémon, Pikachu.
    4. It is always one of the best part in the Pokémon anime series, and there are very funny moments with it such as its gag of burning Ash out of love for its trainer for instance.
    5. Its designs are so good to look at, especially it’s Pokémon Sword and Shield design, and it’s one of the coolest designs of a final evolution starter.
    6. Speaking of designs, it’s Mega evolution designs for Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y are also pretty cool, as well as it’s Gigantamax form.
    7. It's original card is one of the most valuable Pokemon cards ever, especially in First Edition. If you still have one, you could sell it and become rich.
    8. It’s one of the most well-known Pokémon, seeing that it’s been used by four champions.
    9. In the 105th episode of the anime series, after Ash saved its life, Charizard’s loyalty and respect towards Ash when it was a Charmander has returned, and helped Ash defeat Team Rocket and Tad’s Poliwrath.
    10. It has an awesome friendship and bond with Ash ever since that episode, like when it was a Charmander, and it keeps growing stronger like how Charizard keeps growing stronger.
    11. Ash’s Charizard trained in the Charicific Valley to get stronger, which was awesome.
    12. Ash’s Charizard has helped him many times, and it even helped with the battle against Team Plasma using its full strength it got from training in the Charicific Valley.
    13. Besides Ash’s Charizard, the other Charizard that’s iconic in the anime (outside of any Champion’s) is Alain’s Charizard, which has the same loyalty and bond with Alain that Ash’s Charizard has with Ash.
    14. It has spawned a lot of material such as memes, toys, clothes, and even winter clothes.
    15. It is the only Pokémon that has been promoted from being a PokeBall Pokémon from Super Smash Bros. 64 and Melee, to being a playable fighter since Brawl (alone in Smash 4, and with Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle and Ivysaur in Brawl and Ultimate), which is awesome.
    16. Since it’s part Flying type, it has an immunity, being Ground, making it easier for Charizard to face those kinds of Pokémon.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Ash's Charizard was at first stubborn and kind of unlikable after evolving from Charmeleon and lost respect for Ash without a reason or rhyme than it's just stubborn. The bright side is Ash's Charizard is no longer stubborn, and thanks to Ash saving its life in the episode, "Charizard Chills", Charizard has gained full respect for him.
      • Even after Charizard’s growth, it still has its fair share of unlikable moments every now and then, but thankfully not as much now than when it used to be disobedient.


    • Charizard was the inspiration for the naming of Chilicola charizard, a species of stem-nesting bees.
    • Charizard is the most common Pokémon found amongst Champions, being used by four of them.


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