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    Character rerailment is the process of regaining the original personality of someone who was previously flanderized and becoming likable again. It is the opposite of Flanderization and Derailment.

    Notable characters who went through character rerailment

    The Simpsons

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    Thomas & Friends

    Battle for Dream Island

    • Gelatin (BFB 17-present); Went back to being an intelligent lovable scamp after being flanderized into an obnoxious prick who causes a lot of trouble for his teammates.
    • Firey (BFB 23-present): Went back to being a cool, calm and collective guy after being flanderized into a massive jerk.
    • Book (BFB 14-16;TPOT-present): Went back to being the voice of reason after being flanderized into an overly-obsessive idiot who accused Taco of abandoning the team.


    • Sakura Haruno (The Lastː Naruto the Movie, episodes after the Fourth Great Shinobi War and Borutoː Naruto Next Generations; went from being a very unlikable and whiny character into a strong, tender hearted hero and a great mother for her daughter Sarada Uchiha).
    • Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 (2016) season 5; went from being a rather annoying hero into a great kind hearted hero who acts more like his classic series counterpart.)
    • Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast (2017)): Unlike Belle and the Beast, he went back into being a likable, smart, charming and funny Frenchman after being flanderized as a perverted jerk in Belle’s Magical World.
    • Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast (2017)): Like Lumiere, Cogsworth fully went back to his original personaltiy by being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold again after being slightly flanderized as an arrogant manchild in Belle's Magical World.
    • Scrat (Scrat Tales and The Last Adventure of Scrat): Scrat recovered from his derailment in the fourth and fifth films, returning to what made him so special in the first three films, specials, and short films, not to mention that in the end, Scrat was finally able to eat his acorn in The Last Adventure of Scrat, closing his cycle.


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