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    “I don't think I've seen that sort of character in a long time in this genre because again, there was a time when you could have quirky, strange characters that you grew to love, you didn't quite understand, you know, and then all of a sudden they became almost cardboard cutouts for awhile. You kind of know the guy, what his deal is - this guy's hard to figure out. He has some strange habits, but, you learn to love him and you discover more about him, where it comes from.”
    ― Antoine Fuqua

    Everyone has a quirky side to themselves, and these incredible characters are full of notions, impulses, and quirks that showcase odd or unusual qualities about themselves that stand out from the norm, often with a certain motive or passion.

    Usually, these kinds of characters either behave or have creative qualities about themselves that are unique and in such a way that creates tons of oddities, which sets them apart from other regular characters around them, and they're not afraid to show it! They are eccentric or otherwise, oddball people. (Even characters that are considered "crazy" or "mentally ill" can also be added here since they're often perceived this way by most viewers).

    Another reason why people easily love these characters is for their over-the-top peculiarities, how abnormal & unorthodox they can be, their levels of weirdness, whims, spontaneity, idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, flamboyance, wackiness, insanity, the way they uniquely think and solve problems, how much we could identify with them in a certain way, how imaginative they can be, and for the way they are that makes them come off as intriguing, mysterious, charming, unpredictable, or even enjoyable to watch rather than from what is meant to be expected (regardless if they do have something conventional about themselves like being socially awkward, obsessed, psychotic or having mental disorders like OCD or NPD, or extreme ones like psychopathy or sociopathy, they remain as interesting/entertaining characters nevertheless).

    The best example of this, done by trope, would be the trope: Cloudcuckoolander, and their ideal home (often mentally) being Cloudcuckooland; which is often the best way to summarize or discuss the minds of insane characters. Which has a list of characters that applies to any type of character that lives in their own imaginative world, no matter how common or uncommon it can get.

    Because of how unpredictable these guys are, it can make them out to be charismatic individuals with a fun and entertaining side to their quirky nature.


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