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    “Oh, kay, I'll do this the other "Earthworm Jim" way! Less talking, and MORE mindless mayhem! EAT DIRT! EVIL BANANA SOAKING CUPID! (Sadistic laughter)”
    Earthworm Jim, expressing his method before attempting to defeat his enemy Psy-Crow

    Psst! Young man over here! ... Come on boy a little closer! Closer!! ... Not THAT close! AAAUUUGGHHH!! YOU BLASTED BARNACLEHEAD! (calmly immediately) I mean, Hi!
    Plankton, meeting SpongeBob for the first time in the episode "Plankton!".

    Large Hams (alongside Cold Hams), is a trope where the character has a grandiose, flamboyant, and larger-than-life personality; in other words, they tend to be highly dramatic and over-the-top in how they speak or ACT.

    Meaning that their acts of boisterous speaking, hysteria, overreaction, exaggerated mannerisms, hammy dialogue, and the expressive moments they provide from the bottom/top of their lungs, makes them really charismatic, entertaining and prone to chewing plenty of the scenery. And this alone, makes them some of the most enjoyable and fun characters to EVER EXIST!!

    It doesn't help that many of these characters' hilarious remarks led to becoming Internet Memes due to hamming up their lines and exaggerating themselves in such ways, it's unconventional, remarkable, and even comical!

    THEY are far better and fun to watch than obnoxious Drama Queens/Kings, Overreactive characters, or Ear-piercingly loud characters that are more annoying and loudmouthed than funny.


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