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    An Jerkass is a bad-mannered, hostile, aloof, irreverent, or otherwise unsympathetic character. These characters may seem mean-spirited, obnoxious, or rather, jerkish in manner, but they nevertheless, have likable aspects about themselves or are even fun to be around.

    Even though it's common for bullies, antagonists, or villains to take the role of this trope for being a character you have to hate for committing heinous actions of any kind (and often relishing in them or even faking kindness to do something even more cruel), it doesn't always have center around the bad guys, however. The protagonists themselves (or side characters) can also have moments where they come across as arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic, ruthless, irritable, unkind, intolerant, smug, selfish, or lacking in good manners, but still have honorable qualities we can identify with them or like about them (like having a warm side to themselves in the inside, a la having an Heart of Gold.. Which generally makes them more intriguing and entertaining as a character instead of just finding them completely "hateable" or "annoying". Especially if they have good reasons or motives to behave the way they do, or become more sympathetic as time passes on.

    This is the better counterpart compared to loathsome assholes you'd want to punt in the face for being too unlikable (regardless if they've redeemed themselves or not).


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