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    Exhibit A: Krillin. A luckless scapegoat whose misfortune is often played for both, storytelling and comedic relief.
    Exhibit B: Also Krillin. A well-written hero who is also a very caring brother figure to Kid Gohan despite everything Krillin had to put up with.

    The "Butt-Monkey" (the word itself being first said by two different characters, Butt-Head and Xander Harris), also associated with terms like The Chew Toy, and is a character who is the series' object of abuse and ridicule. Typically a large number of horrible things happen to them through bad luck or accidents, and the joke of this is that they never catch a break from universal torture, which is often played for comedy or drama.

    Furthermore, not all butt-monkeys are just unlucky characters because they are frequently just prone to accidents and bad things often happen out of nowhere.

    These characters, however, are prime examples that proves butt-monkeys can be good, enjoyable, and lovable characters who are sympathetic and endearing aside from just being schlimazels, scapegoats, and/or schlemiels that serve as the victim of demeaning jokes or being constantly put through hell by having something we should like or identify about them as people, not just their predicaments or supposed incompetence.


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