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    Category:Beware the silly ones

    “So the next time you think of Goofy as just a chuckling moron who goes (imitates laugh), well remember this! (Goofy: Well take this! *hits someone*) Yeah! Goofy's extreme!!”
    ― Nostalgia Critic, during his analysis of Goofy's more adult-oriented shorts as seen in "Is Goofy Secretly Badass?"; which describes this trope in a nutshell since Goofy was shown to be depicted as violent, angry, abusive, and a comedic psychopath.

    Beware the Silly Ones is a trope, alongside Crouching Moron Hidden Badass (a trope that can overlap), where a character that seems to be comical and harmless in any story, but are shown to be highly capable of committing and causing dangerous actions despite outward appearances. When they get pushed to the limit of what they can take or showcase how badass they can be despite how goofy they may seem, the results will... not be pretty for those that completely underestimated them.

    These range from vast characters. From characters that act like jokesters, to those being extremely wacky and unpredictable to behaving like loonies & nutcases, to those that are depicted as ridiculous or merely eccentric characters like goofballs and buffoons. to being manchildren (or womanchildren), to the most inept and bumbling of people, to the world's biggest punching bags ever, and at worst, the dumbest people around. The silver lining on their humorous personalities is that this category proves that even the silliest of people, can have the most impressive and incredible traits and skills that make them very badass and formidable, even more than how their behavior makes you think of them. This becomes most prominent when these moments have the characters be taken seriously outside their comedic presence, given the situation that follows.


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