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    Cat and Dog
    “Cat Diggety Dog!”
    Gender: Male
    Type: Snooty Feline Scapegoat and a Dimwitted Canine
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Multi-being Hybrid
    Portrayed by: Jim Cummings (Cat)
    Tom Kenny (Dog)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: CatDog

    Cat and Dog, better known by their collective nickname CatDog, are the titular main protagonists of Nickelodeon's 1998-2005 animated series of the same name. They are brothers that are conjoined from the hip, meaning that they're (literally) attached to each other.

    Cat is the more stuck-up, snooty, smarter, and sophisticated one of the pair, often coming up with hare-brained get-rich-quick schemes and being literally dragged around by his absentminded brother, Dog, who is the younger of the twins. Dog is a happy-go-lucky dimwit who loves food and chasing vehicles, often to the frustration of Cat.

    Cat was voiced by Jim Cummings and Dog was voiced by Tom Kenny.

    Why CatDog Rock


    1. They are rootable protagonists who we want to succeed in their endeavors due to their countless setbacks and conflicts with their mean-spirited environment.
    2. Their character design is extremely creative and unorthodox, especially since their design makes them very memorable and iconic.
    3. Their voice actors, Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny, both did a good job voicing them.
    4. The duo is the over-the-top, conjoined Nickelodeon embodiment of Rita and Runt, as they both stick together and are always put into conflicts they resolve together despite the dog's idiocy causing trouble for the cat.
    5. They were even legendary enough to become playable characters in Nickelodeon's All-Star Brawl.


    1. He's the most sympathetic between the two. In fact, he predates Squidward's sympathetic qualities of being snarky, intelligent, enlightened, and conceited yet having the worst luck and shows to have good intentions (most of the time).
    2. Even though he can be full of himself and a neat freak, he cares for Dog. As he seeks to do noble acts by instinct regardless of how greedy and self-absorbed he can be sometimes.
    3. His vulnerability, bad luck, and comedically arrogant traits are very reminiscent of Tom Cat and Sylvester Cat, although, in less villainous ways and a more humorous anti-heroic way.
    4. He has a ton of hilarious one-liners and retorts, which are often done in sarcastic yet relatable ways.
      • "Terrific! We'll discuss it in the morning."
      • "Dog Dog Dog! You're a canine, they named teeth after you."
      • "You're a meat-eating, flesh-ingesting, carnivorous beast! What else are you gonna eat?"
      • "I'm going to chase down those greaser dogs, get what's mine, and tie him to a, tree!"
      • "I'll eat those punks for breakfast!"
      • "H-h-how can it be? I do all the work, he gets all the bulk? Why why why? It's not fair!"
      • "What? Nononoo, of course not, you kidding? I'm just talking about a, peaceful deterrent, like our nuclear arsenal."
      • "You got plenty of muscle, but I got what it takes, up here!"


    1. His stupidity is very entertaining and funny to watch.
    2. Even though he's brainless, oblivious, goofy, and immature, his heart is in the right place.
    3. He even has his badass moments, as he won't give up fighting for himself or for the greater good. As he defeated an antagonistic childish mailman of the west.
    4. "Garbage day!"

    Bad Qualities


    1. Their personalities are cliche, especially since the "luckless smart jerkish cat" and the "well-meaning dumb dog" tropes are considered archetypical in fiction nowadays.
    2. They both are subjected to once too many predicaments that can get too mean-spirited for a duo in a sadist show, even when they solved an issue like getting rid of fleas and they still torture them both.
    3. Even though they're animalistic brothers, their fights and arguments tend to be extremely petty. They even throw hands or snap at each other. Which can get tiresome to watch sometimes.
    4. How their body works are pretty confusing. And it also sounds insufferable and painful by the concept.
      • Especially since their bodies are attached to each other and the duo was constantly theorized by other people on how their body functions work. Most of these were conclusions of the both of them spitting out what one of them would eat, having the food disappear without any exiting from the body, or they'd have their privates would be on their chests as seen in an episode Cat using a litterbox and Dog using a fire hydrant to go potty. The latter was a question fans were asking about CatDog, where they came from, and how they use the restroom.


    1. He has his jerkish moments.


    1. His stupidity can get really obnoxious, especially when he comes off as insensitive and senseless. Often causing trouble for everyone around him like Cat for example, who has to deal with Dog's reckless antics 24/7 on a daily basis since Dog is attached to Cat.
      • Examples of this were him not caring about Cat's teeth being affected by Dog and eating so much that Cat gets all the fat while Dog stays healthier.



    • It's unknown who their parents are, but they both get their personality traits from their adopted parents. Dog gets his traits from his motherly yeti, and Cat gets his traits from his fatherly frog.


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