Casper the Friendly Ghost

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Casper the Friendly Ghost
"Hi, I'm Casper, the pleasant poltergeist!"
Gender: Male
Type: Friendly and Nice Ghost
Species: Ghost
Portrayed by: Cecil Roy (1945 and 1959)
Alan Shay (1948's "There's Good Boos To-Night"/1949's "A Haunting We Will Go")
Norma MacMillan (1963)
Julie McWhirter (1979)
Joanna Ruiz (British dub; 1991)
Malachi Pearson (1995 movie/1996)
Devon Sawa (1995 film)
Jeremy Foley (1997-1998)
Brendon Ryan Barrett (2000)
Devon Werkheiser (2006)
Carolyn Hennesy (2000 Playstation game)
Bobby Moynihan (2018)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Casper the Friendly Ghost Franchise

Casper the Friendly Ghost is a cartoon ghost and the protagonist of the Famous Studios' theatrical animated cartoon series of the same name.

Why He Rocks

  1. Like his name states, he is quite friendly, pleasant, and personable.
  2. He is easily one of the kindest, sympathetic and forgiving cartoon characters ever created.
  3. He quickly became one of Paramount's most popular animated characters after Popeye and Betty Boop.
  4. He can make friends with just about anyone of any species after they aren't afraid of him anymore, of course.
  5. He may be "The Friendliest Ghost You Know", but he can be the opposite if pushed around enough.
    • In one short, the Ghostly Trio force-feed him some "Mean Pills" which should make him the opposite. Turning into a literal devil-child, Casper tortures his uncles with destructive pranks, sending them fleeing. After they leave, Casper reveals to the audience that he avoided taking the pills and was just doing that to teach them a lesson.

Bad Qualities

  1. Depending on the incarnation, he is portrayed as generically bland without any personality, or a creepy, pint-sized stalker.
  2. He spawned a bunch of terrible media, mostly live-action, created to solely cash in on brand recognition, without any of the spirits that made Casper lovable and endearing in the first place.


  • Friendly as he is, he does tend to scare people away.
  • Casper's original design was a much chubbier duckpin like shape and had more resemblance to a bedsheet ghost, whereas his later Harveytoons redesign streamlined him into the simpler, big-headed ghost design that we recognize today.
  • The canonical reason ghosts in the Casper stories were designed as they are, is because they are all cartoon caricatures of burial shrouds, a once-common way of burying the dead.


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