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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

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    Carrie White
    "Jesus watches from the wall, but His face is cold as stone. And if he loves me - as she tells me - why do I feel so all alone?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mistreated, Tragic, and Vengeful Outcast
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Sissy Spacek (1976 film)
    Angela Bettis (2002 film)
    Chloë Grace Moretz (2013 film)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Stephen King's Carrie

    Carrietta "Carrie" N. White is the main protagonist of Stephen King's first horror novel in 1974 of the same name and the film adaptations.

    Carrie is a shy, friendless teenage girl who is the frequent victim of bullying from her school and suffers abuse from her religious mother at home, however, she is shown to have telekinetic powers and manipulate objects by focusing on her mind.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is a very sympathetic girl who constantly suffers abuse from her classmates and her mother Margaret White and can be easy to root for.
    2. She is one of Stephen King's iconic and famous characters and is loved by enormous fans.
    3. She is shown to be kind-hearted and friendly, such as when she heard Tommy's poem, she said it was beautiful.
    4. She has powerful psychic powers which she moves objects with her mind which are very deadly and powerful.
    5. She serves as a great example of a loner who is an outcast to everyone.
    6. The novels and movie posters that feature her are very creative and chilling.
    7. The pig blood poured on her became very iconic.
    8. Her eyes when she gets pig blood poured on her are very chilling, especially when she goes on a rampage and burns the school gym down.
    9. She has a heartwarming relationship with the gym teacher Miss Desjardin who sympathizes with Carrie's problems, and Tommy Ross who takes Carrie to the prom and they kiss.
    10. She stands up to her abusers and murders them: her mother when she discovers her psychic powers and later kills her when Margaret tries to kill Carrie, the classmates who mocked her and laughed at her, and made Chris and Billy explode inside Billy's car for pouring the pig blood on her.
    11. Even though she murdered her abusers, she can have restrictions to her kill list, such as when Sue Snell who threw tampons at Carrie, but later felt remorse approaches her and tells Carrie that she had nothing to do with the prank and Carrie forgives her and Miss Desjardin whom she tries to save from the prom massacre.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her abuse and backstory is very sad and chilling.
    2. The part where she gets the pig blood poured on her is very humiliating.


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