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    Carmelita Fox
    You can't escape me, Raccoon!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Interpol
    Age: 21 (Thievius Raccoonus)
    23 (Honor Among Thieves and onwards)
    Species: Fox
    Portrayed by: Roxanna Ortega
    Alesia Glidewell
    Ruth Livier
    Grey DeLisle
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sly Cooper

    Carmelita Fox is a heroic antagonist turned minor protagonist of the Sly Cooper video game franchise.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is cleverly inspired by Latina actresses Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba.
    2. She is a great counterpart to Sly Cooper. She is a police officer Fox who chases after Sly.
    3. She can shoot enemies with her shock pistol.
    4. Roxanna Ortega, Alesia Glidewell and Grey DeLisle did great jobs voicing her.
    5. She became a playable character in the third game and can mega jump really high.
    6. She sometimes has to team up with the Cooper Gang to stop even greater threats who happen to be enemies of theirs.
    7. She is shown to be an excellent combatant and very capable in a fight. She has impressive acrobatic skills, capable of matching Sly in agility and speed.
    8. She helps out during the final battle in the first three games.
    9. Although she doesn't show it, she clearly acknowledges that Sly is indeed a good person despite being a criminal and clearly is conflicted over taking him in. In multiple instances, she even lets him get away.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her accent is inconsistent in all four games. This could be justified that she traveled throughout different countries.
    2. Ruth Livier didn't put much of an effort voicing her, unlike her other voice actresses.
    3. She took a level in jerkass in the third game, becomes a Knight Templar fully willing to kill criminals instead of arresting them, as seen by her hiring a mercenary unit in Italy, and she's far more hostile to the Cooper Gang than she was in the previous games.
      • Because of that, she is tricked by the Cooper Gang into arresting both Muggshot and General Tsao respectively so that she wouldn't interfere with their plan.
    4. She was flanderized in Thieves in Time, where she gives Sly a hard time because he wasn't truthful about the whole "amnesia" bit and refuses to listen to his side of his story. She even goes out of her way to flirt with some of Sly's ancestors, commenting on what nice gentlemen they are, mainly in order to make Sly jealous as payback for lying to her about his amnesia.
      • She gets better by the game's end, and is deeply distraught by Sly's having become trapped in the past.


    • Carmelita originally had a different Latina voice actress in the first game but was replaced because her accent is too thick to understand.


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