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    Caribbean Octopus (Tasty Planet Forever)

    Caribbean Octopus (Tasty Planet Forever)
    ㅤ*devours entire resort impressively*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Impressively Omnivorous Octopus
    Age: None
    Species: Caribbean Octopus
    Portrayed by: None
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Tasty Planet
    First appearance: Tasty Planet Forever


    Caribbean Octopus is a character in the fourth installment of the video game series Tasty Planet, Tasty Planet Forever. He is an octopus with a voracious appetite who grows in size the more he eats.

    He is shown to have a vengeful and determined personality that is present throughout the game as he stops at nothing to eat all the trash (and other stuff) in the ocean, be it cigarettes, golf balls, lionfish, toilets, car husks, boats, palm trees, garbage ships, submarines, or entire resort buildings, feeling no remorse at all no matter how much he eats.


    The fourth installment of the series is Caribbean Octopus' only appearance as of yet. In the game, he is sitting at the bottom of the ocean, minding his own business, when a soda can hits him in the head, and then he looks around and sees trash of many different kinds falling in the ocean around him. He gets angered by this and swims up to the ocean's surface to find garbage boats dumping trash into it. Infuriated, Caribbean Octopus sets out to get revenge by eating everything in and near the ocean.

    Throughout the game, Caribbean Octopus is shown first eating soda can tabs, followed by cigarettes and bottle caps. As he grows larger, he starts eating other fish such as wrasses, lionfish, and groupers. He then starts leaping out of the water to eat seagulls, followed by tiger sharks, helicopters, palm trees, garbage boats, hot air balloons, and then the buildings of an entire beach resort, resulting in him growing so big that his world's last non-bonus level, Octopi the Ocean, truly lives up to its name.

    Why All Three of His Hearts Are Fairly Large

    1. His design is adorable and super huggable, and makes you just want to snuggle him (although that would get a bit wet).
    2. He had good intentions when he started eating things, as all he wanted to do was clean out the ocean.
    3. His endless appetite is hilarious, as he literally starts out eating soda can tabs and then eventually grows large enough to eat an entire beach resort.
    4. His design is pretty funny and detailed.
    5. The noises he makes are pretty adorable as well.
      • He occasionally makes cute bubbling noises when he eats.
      • When he finishes a level, he lets out an adorable "Oupa!" which is super cute.
    6. He once respected the other fish in the ocean by only eating the trash and not them.
    7. He sometimes gobbles things up without even realizing it, which is really endearing.
    8. He saved his ocean's ecosystem from being overtaken by lionfish one time by eating all of them.
    9. He's a creative parody of the grey goo scenario, a scenario where autonomous self-replicating machines create more and more of themselves and eventually take over the world.
      • What makes this even better is that he isn't just a carbon copy of this scenario, as he is just one entity who instead of creating more of himself, replicates his cells to allow him to grow bigger and bigger the more stuff he consumes.
    10. He is somehow able to breathe on land despite there being no water, which is pretty impressive.
    11. Even when he grows to the size of almost 200 meters, he still has his same adorable bubbling noise, which is both hilarious and cute.
    12. He was able to eat all of the garbage boats causing all the pollution in the first place hilariously easily.
    13. Although he has a number of unlikable things about him (see "Bad Qualities"), a number of them are fairly hilarious.
    14. He managed to evade the attempts humanity made to stop him.
    15. He's probably one of the most intelligent characters in Tasty Planet Forever.
    16. Depending on how you look at it, he could be either a protagonist or an antagonist.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His strange abilities, while funny, are unexplained and nonsensical.
    2. He devoured oil drums, shipping containers, dolphins, sharks, helicopters, boats, trees, submarines, hot air balloons, and an entire beach resort, which, while funny, is also super destructive.
    3. It isn't ever actually explained why he grows in size when he eats, why he can eat so much stuff, or why he starts out so tiny at the beginning of a level.
    4. His endless appetite can be kind of annoying to some people.
    5. Sometimes he's kind of mean and eats things just for the sake of eating them.
    6. He's often blinded by its voracious appetite.
    7. Depending on how you look at it, his eyes can look kind of soulless.
    8. He's pretty inconsistent, as sometimes he's doing good things for humanity/animals, but other times he's just devouring everything.
    9. Technically speaking, he did destroy an entire tropical resort killing hundreds of people in the process...



    • The only installment in the Tasty Planet series that features Caribbean Octopus is Tasty Planet Forever.
    • There is a bizarre glitch in Caribbean Octopus' world where in a level with seagulls, if Caribbean Octopus jumps on top of a seagull before he's big enough to eat it, he'll weigh the seagull down and push it down into the water. However, instead of the seagull getting back into its original position like most objects in the game, it simply keeps flying and playing its flying animation despite it now being in the water.
    • In Caribbean Octopus' Tasty Planet Forever cutscene, he is shown to be much larger than he actually is when you start the level.
    • Caribbean Octopus is only featured in the second world of Tasty Planet Forever.
    • Caribbean Octopus' cutscene is the only one with no speech/text.


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